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Road to Nowhere Gameplay – First Look Demo – A Neon Noir FMV Adventure Game

Road to Nowhere Gameplay – First Look Demo – A Neon Noir FMV Adventure Game (PC 1080p 60FPS)

In this video we have some Road to Nowhere gameplay on PC. This is a first look at the demo of this Neon Noir FMV Adventure Game.

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You can get Road to Nowhere here:

Road to Nowhere Game

TITLE: Road to Nowhere
GENRE: Adventure, Free to Play, Indie
RELEASE DATE: Sometime in 2021

Road to Nowhere Gameplay

Road to Nowhere tells the story of Cohle Bishop – a renowned introvert, and successful software developer – whose life is torn apart by scandal.

Though innocent, he is haunted by personal demons, abandoning his “perfectly adequate” life in hope of finding himself on the open road. Despite the help of his psychologist, Cohle spirals into depression as he moves from town to town – destination nowhere.

Though hounded by painful memories, there is hope at the end of this strange, twisted journey.

Can you help him find his way?

Road To Nowhere is an emotionally charged point-and-click adventure about betrayal, manipulation and abuse. The game is produced by 15BiT GAMES, and developed using Powerhoof’s PowerQuest framework. This solemn tale sports a unique aesthetic, and original dialogue written and performed by David J. Ross.

Road to Nowhere has also been chosen as a finalist for The Guest Plate award in the NZ Games Festival Pavs Awards 2021.


– Branching storyline with multiple endings.
– Live-action actors with a dreamy, neon-noir atmosphere.
– Featuring the acting talent of Rupert Booth (Contradiction), Melissa Medina (Rose & Locket), Walter Mack (Reversion), Danidos (Twitch Streamer), Claire Lim (Twitch Streamer), Dean Thomson and David J. Ross.
– An interactive music system that changes according to your play style.
– A melancholy, synthwave soundtrack written and produced by Aaron “MisterMyr” Silva (Neon Flytron)
– Includes eclectic music by the likes of PlayHz, Kyle Misko, Daniel Birch, and Suldusk.

Releasing on Windows, Linux/SteamOS and MacOS

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