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RG350 – Anbernic – Retro Gaming Handheld – Bandai Wonderswan – Games Tested!

RG350 – Anbernic – Retro Gaming Handheld – Bandai Wonderswan – Games Tested!

In this video I take a look at an amazing emulator called OSwan that comes pre-installed on the RG350 Retro Gaming handheld. This emulator plays all Wonderswan games ever released, perfectly! There are so many great games, this video hardly scratches the surface, enjoy!

Here’s what’s covered in this video with time stamps if you want to skip forward to a particular game;

1.37 – Mr Driller
3.09 – SD Gundam Operation U. C.
4.51 – Crazy Climber
5.51 – Gunpey
8.03 – Pocket Fighter
11.03 – Final Lap Special
13.46 – Golden Axe

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Get the exact model I bought from Amazon, with the included 32GB card here;
Plus the case here;

The equipment I use to shoot these videos;

My Yeti Microphone –

Bujingyun Black Color Velvet Top Motorized Rotating Display Stand –

Samsung S10+ Camera Smartphone –

Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag –

My Lighting Equipment –

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In the UK, why not try Droix, a well established UK based company with next day delivery and fantastic support. They do lots of other cool stuff as well! Here’s a link to there RG350 page;

You can also buy these from various sellers on eBay, link is here;

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Video transcription:


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