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It is also the feeling that I had while reading it so much everything that takes place thereseems improbable.My head was in a fog and my ideas were vague.I had a hard time distinguishing what was real and what was not.I've even come to wonder if maybe everything that we see from the beginning wasnot like a long dream.Although the work has always presented fantastic elements, itstill had a relatively realistic aspect.But, in recent months, the fabulous has completely burst into the story: thetitans can fly, Ymir can summon thousands of ancestral primordials and a giganticmillipede is now the final boss of the story.Isayama skillfully uses the mystery surrounding the titans as well as the power of the originalto develop situations one would never have imagined before.I really appreciate the direction the work is taking because it gives a moremythological and fanciful dimension to the story, but it is true that the down to earth sideloses its charm.In addition, there are moments that seem illogical or even incoherentgiven that we still have not had any explanations for the moment.Where did the memories Falco received (in chapter 133) come from? Why did theprimordial elders come to the aid of the covenant (in chapter 137)? There is onlyone chapter left before the end and several mysteries still remain.On the contrary, the author even seems to add more.For the moment we are in the dark; like in a dream.This is a very personal interpretation on my part but could itnot be Isayama's intention? Like a dream, we do not fully understandwhy and how it happens.Everything that is happening is becoming more and more senseless and vague.In this case, not only Eren and Mikasa feel like they're dreaming, so do we.Just like the titans we may be trapped in an eternal nightmare.The dream has been one of the main themes of the work since its inception.I remember with nostalgia the beginnings of this innovative manga that mademy heart beat faster.Where one could contemplate a little boy sleeping at the foot of a tree waking upfrom a long dream, in tears as if he had welcomed within himself the sorrow and the painof the world.A sadness that contrasts completely with the magnificent field of blue flowers around.The blue flowers are recurrent in the story.In the romantic movement they represent desire, love, hope and the beautyof things.It was popularized by the German poet Novalis in his novel where the hero Henryhad a prophetic dream; the dream of the blue flower which announces the main eventsof the hero's life and will influence the rest of his life.It symbolizes the reconciliation between the real world and the imaginary world but alsothe absolute love that Henri has for his beloved Mathilde.A love similar to the relationship that Mikasa has with Eren since in this alternate realitythat is presented to us she confessed her feelings.Both fled in order to live together isolated from the world and its problems.Unfortunately Mikasa is crying.She knows she has no place in this artificial utopia where they have sacrificedtheir friends.In this alternate reality Eren acted as the 145th monarch of Eldia Karl Fritz.Like him, the hunter lives in seclusion in his little Paradise.This is an Idyllic world for Mikasa as the author indicates in his storyboards.This is what would have happened after Chapter 123 if she had managed to stateher feelings when Eren asked her what he meant to her.At the beginning of his career Isayama did not attach importance to the color of the scarfand it is for this reason that it appears in black in the manga.He will later regret not having drawn it in red from the start.The red color of the scarf was chosen by the producers of the anime as a representationof the red thread of fate that binds two soul mates together.When Mikasa wears the scarf she feels at home, safe, envelopedin the love and protection of the little boy who saved her as a child.And she hasn't forgotten what he yelled at her that day: to fight.Since then she has vowed not to forget him so that Eren continues to live throughhis memories.Because as Erwin Smith said, it is through the living that the dead continueto have meaning.She will forever remember the man she loves, what they went through andthat moment when he hugs her, thus indirectly reproducing the final boxof the manga.Mikasa doesn't have to suffer anymore and she can be reassured: Eren doesn't hate her.She then becomes fully aware of his words and his will by agreeingto separate from him.The looks Mikasa and Eren exchange are full of meaning: they say goodbyeand not see you later.At the crossroads between life and death, she takes advantage of the last moments of herloved one by kissing him tenderly.A symbolically strong moment, at the same time shocking, fascinating, murky and romantic.However, this is his way of saying goodbye to him and of feeling his love, the beautyof the world and its cruelty.The hell of freedom This chapter opens in a positive and hopeful atmosphere: Pieck, Gaby and Falco in tears hug their parentswhile Karina Braun knows her son is alive and informs Annie that her father, who 'sheseeks to find for so long, has guided the Eldians to the path of survival: it is very close.Indeed, the shots heard in chapter 136 had been fired in the air and Mr.Leonhart is still alive.Commander Muller helps her up, in a handshake symbolizing peacebetween Marley and Eldia.A feeling of comfort almost completely absent from the work surfaces but thatwas without counting the arrival of a cloud of gas.The Millipede propelled by the explosion of the Colossal of Armin has landed on the fortressof Salta and expels a gas from its body.Smoke resembling that used in Ragako, on Connie's hometown.Moreover, this cloud of gas is reminiscent of the opening of the final season ofthe anime.While the tone of the previous very comic book and shonen chapter seemed to point ustowards a happy ending, the author catches everyone off guard by brutally reversingthe situation.Everything we witness is surprising, sudden and even shocking.It is a veritable whirlwind of contradictory feelings that overwhelms us as well as atotal incomprehension.We only realize after the fact what just happened, and when we understandit hurts.Why so much injustice? They didn't even die as heroes, but likeordinary people .Once again, Shingeki no Kyojin breaks the codes of classic shonens by takingagainst the stereotypes of Nekketsu.As the author regularly says in his interviews, he always wanted to betrayhis readers.This is the feeling that many have felt and disliked because everything that is going onmay seem rushed and rushed but that was the mangaka's intention.The events which follow one another unfold at a frantic pace.Eren transforms again but this time into a Colossal Titan.His confrontation with Armin is reminiscent of Kaiju's films which greatly inspired Isayamaand in particular the fight between Godzilla and King Kong.In any case it is ironic to see that Eren today embodies the thing he hatesthe most in the world because the Colossal Titan is the origin of the drama that caused the deathof his mother.The author explained in another interview that he has redesigned the Colossal Titanmany times to look like a God, hence his nickname God of Destructionin the manga.His general vision of the Colossal Titan came to him thanks to the critic Tomohiro Machiyamawho told him about John Milton's Paradise Lost.In this epic poem he explains that: “If you can live in Heaven, maybeyou can live happily; however, in the end, isn't that the equivalent of becoming aslave to God? For example, even if you were banished from heaven and plunged into hell,you should choose freedom.". This is the theme of Paradise Lost and it is from there that Isayama surely derivesthe notion of the demon of Paradise.In Shingeki no Kyojin, the people who choose to come out of the wall are the ones who choosefreedom from hell.They chose to put their well-being aside for unchecked freedom.And this is the choice made by Jean, as Connie, his brother in arms, reminds us.It is thanks to Jean that they joined the exploration battalion.He who wanted at all costs to join the Garrisons to be quiet, made ahumanist choice and not selfish in the end.That's the beauty of his character, he doesn't do what he wants to do but whathe should do.It will be the death of his friend: Marco Bott who will have pushed him to find himself here,in this nightmare.The exploration battalion is indeed the freedom to go to Hell.And this hell, Annie will unfortunately taste it.She is finally facing her father, to whom she had promised to come back safe and sound.You can read the enthusiasm on his face.It was his only wish to see this man again who adopted him and was the firstto give meaning to his life, because he really saw her as his daughter and not as atool.She will even prefer to lock herself in her crystal rather than being killed forthe sole purpose of seeing it again.His father, for his part, had also continued to wait for him for 4 years.He believed in his survival, day after day, continuously.And it is then that they finally find themselves face to face, ready to hug each otherin an emotional moment, that the author, in all his cruelty, makessure that this does not happen and that that may never happen.It's hard to see all the Eldians turn into titans.It's cruel to see the primordial and the Ackermans forced to abandon their familyand friends.The cry of rage from Falco who has just lost everything is poignant.It is a real pang in the heart to see the warriors kill each other with their ownfamilies transformed into titans.What suffering for Annie and Peak but also for Reiner who finally sees her mother again,but as a titan.Now, everything rests on Mikasa and Levi who must stop Eren in a lastburst of desperation.It is a very symbolic attack because after the strongest man of humanitycreates an opening in the mouth of Eren's titan with his lightning spear,he shouts at him "It's yours, Mikasa" .This is of course reminiscent of what Eren said to him during the battle of Revelioagainst the Warhammer Titan.But it also evokes the Battle of Shiganshina where Hange in a heroic act shoutedthe same words at him while exploding the jaw of the battleship with his lightning spear.Hange and Levi, two very close characters for a long time, ordered Mikasato finish off Eren and Reiner, the two major enemies of Shingeki no Kyojin.For the moment, Isayama still has not reconsidered the point of view of Eren.It is therefore very likely that he will come back to it in the final chapter which will closethis sensational work.This final chapter will also know if the transformed Eldians are reallydead? If the parasite dies, will the titans become human again? By killing Eren, does the parasitealso die? Could it be that the timeline is resetting again? Inany case, as the storyboard of 135 shows us, it is quite possible that at the endof the story, Ymir's dream will come true and that we are witnessing the birth of aworld free of all curse and fatality.This would coincide with the last box of the manga released by the author which seemsto show us a baby being born in a free world where the reign of the titans is probablyabolished and the cycle of hatred is over.Dream or alternate reality? Hajime Isayama is an author who does not forgetthe foundations of his manga.Thus, 11 years later, the beginning of the work finds its meaning in its end.The memory Eren received at the foot of the tree in the 13th page of Chapter 1 wasnot a dream.It was indeed real.Today, thanks to chapter 138, we understand that he saw his last moments in the companyof the only woman to have always been by his side since the beginning of history.Both Mikasa and Eren remember this moment because it is the realityand we will explain why.To understand what those moments Mikasa and Eren really are like,you have to take an interest in how Isayama approaches the dream in general.In episode 20 of season 3, Eren wakes up with a start in his cell.Just like in Chapter 1, he cries and feels like he has had a long dream,but he quickly realizes that it isn't.These are memories.There is a clear parallel between these two chapters to show us that whathe experienced at those times was very real.What happened is very similar to Reiner's ability totransfer his consciousness to another part of his body.Here Eren's consciousness has been transported to this period of Grisha andKruger's life as it were.He fully relives these memories and it is for this reason that we will see him speakin the same way as them and also adopt similar positions.Similarly in chapter 54, Historia explains to Eren that she feelslike she had a dream when it really is memories that actuallyexisted and that she does not remember.Likewise when Eren has a headache it's because he's trying to recallmemories that have a hard time coming back to the surface.This is not the first time that the work has confronted us with an alternative reality.The spin-off Lost Girl presented us in a new light the meeting between Mikasaand Eren.We learn that Eren is destined to die and that Mikasa cannot prevent him althoughhis only wish is to live by his side.She therefore resets the timeline each time he dies because she does not acceptbeing separated from him.They are trapped in an endless loop that with each cycle leads irreparablyto Eren's death.The whole spin off is about the choices Mikasa is going to make in order to have the life she so covetswith him.Unfortunately nothing goes as planned as Eren carries death within him due tohis inherent desire for freedom.Faced with the tragic fate that awaits Eren, Mikasa is afraid of forgetting him and wishes to rememberhim just like in chapter 138 and episode 7 of season 1.> Set the scene for episode 7 of season 1 in questionThis is very reminiscent of Muv Luv Alternative.We are going to talk about the game then if you have not seen it go to the part indicatedon the timer on the screen.In this game, one of the characters Sumika is in love with the protagonist Takeru who isable to travel between different timelines.She will try to remember him several times but will eventually forget him.Muv Luv alternative is a Visual Novel which has been a great source of inspirationfor Isayama.There are three parts to this game: • The first is Muv Luv Extra: This isa school life, romantic and ecchi comedy where the main character Takeru livesas a normal teenager.• In the second part Muv Luv Unlimited the story begins exactly like inExtra with Takeru waking up in his bed.However, he will learn that he is in an alternate world to Extra, where alienscalled Beta have invaded them and humanity is fighting them with mechs.• Finally in the third part Muv Luv Alternative Takeru wakes up in his roomthree years after the start of Unlimited.Although he initially thinks the events of Unlimited were a dream, he findsthat he was sent back in time at the start of the events in Unlimited.Refusing to accept the tragic events that took place at the end of the game, hedecides to do everything to save the earth and humanity.The "See you later" that Mikasa says to Eren before he dies has a very strongmeaning in Muv-Luv.In Muv-Luv Extra, Takeru explains to Meiya that if you want to see someone again, youdon't have to say "Goodbye" but rather "See you later".Which has become a major story theme in Unlimited and Alternative.One of the Kasumi characters always ends the conversation with Takeru by saying "Bye-bye".In the end, when Takeru goes back to his world and Kasumi thinks she'll never see him again, instead of saying "Bye-bye" she says "See you later".When Eren remembers a Mikasa with short hair telling him "see youlater" It is obvious that Isayama is influenced by the Visual Novel.He is necessarily aware of the connotation with that and that it means that they willfind themselves in an alternate reality.Lost Girl's Light Novel sheds more light on this aspect since it is explainedthat what Mikasa is experiencing is not a dream.Nor is it an illusion or a hallucination.It is not a parallel world that coexists with ours.What Mikasa experienced is something unnamed and transcends humanunderstanding .His mind and was transported to another space-time.The author has taken care to specify that it is not a question of a parallel world existingat the same time as ours.It is therefore not about another dimension or a multiverse.So for us it can always be a dynamic timeline.This means that the events of the same timeline can be changed inorder to impact the future.In the OAV Lost Girl, we can also see Mikasa watching a blue butterfly whichof course represents the concept of the butterfly effect. > show the scene where severalblue butterflies scatter around Mikasa.The fictional butterfly effect occurs when a person makes a specific choice in theirlife.It can be any type of choice.The smallest change in a decision can drastically alter the rest ofan individual's life.Popular games like Life is Strange rely heavily on this concept.In the game, right after a blue butterfly appears in front of the main characterMax, she has several options to choose from that can change the course of her life.Max can go back in time as many times as she wants which allows the playerto see all the roads she can take according to her choices.On his blog Isayama explained that for him this game is a masterpiece and that chapter84 The Midnight Sun where Levi must choose between Armin and Erwin was greatlyinfluenced.It is interesting to note that in this same chapter, which is one of the most important in themanga, Mikasa has a severe headache.Mikasa's headaches are recurring throughout the story.What we saw in the midnight sun chapter or in chapter 138 are notisolated cases.When Mikasa has a headache it is a warning to warn us of anoutcome that could have been different.She has had several at key points in the story:• In Episode 2, after Eren's mother dies, Mikasa holds her headand says “this is happening again”; • In episode ET chapter 7, Mikasacan be seen holding her head.In the anime we have the impression that she is covering her ears because of Eren's crybut that is not the impression that it gives in the manga.Before the attacking titan comes to her aid, when she hearsfrom Armin that Eren is dead she says again "it starts again" "will Ihave to start all over again". Today these sentences have a strong double meaning;• Then in episode 8 of season 2 when Eren gets captured by Reinerand Bertholdt, when Mikasa hears the news she has a headache againand says “it's starting again”; • Finally in chapters 109 and 112 hermigraines return again remembering the moment when Eren saved her from the kidnappersas if she discovered the mysterious and dark nature of this scene.Mikasa's headaches therefore seem to relate to times whenimportant and decisive choices could have been different.Each of these moments represents an alternative that affected the course of historyand which may have unfolded otherwise in a different timeline.For example maybe a different choice was made where Erwin survives but Armin does not.Or maybe there was a timeline where Eren actually diedin episode 5.> on screen: 'Like Sumika in MuvLuv Alternative, Mikasa refuses to forget and tries to remember'Choices in Shingeki no Kyojin have always been one of the major topics.This was also one of the axes of the oav No Regrets where Erwin said to Levi, "Regretswill only tarnish your future choices.And then you will start letting others make decisions for you.In this, case You will only have to die.Nobody knows the outcome so you should not regret your choices. "Moreover in the episode Perfect Match, Erwin will hesitate to sacrifice himself. Hewill remember his dead comrades. fighting and start to have regrets.Levi will remember that the commander had told him that day in No regrets.He will choose in his place and asked Erwin to give up his dreams and dying.this philosophy has allowed Levi to grow and define it.he passed these lessons Eren since in season 1 will ask him to choosewhat he will regret the least because he never knew what was the right makes just the choice he will regret the least.In the end in this chapter, Isayama seems to answer the problem. that of free willversus determinism.Everything could have been otherwise, there is free will and our actions and decisionsmatter and can influence the outcome of a situation.Depending on our choices, different routes in our life can be formed.But fate also exists, although we have the freedom to make our own choices,certain elements are fixed and we cannot change them.In the manga, the timeline will always repeat itself until you have fulfilledyour destiny.Mikasa is the only one who can free Eren from the curse that hangs over him.It's up to Mikasa to make the right decision.Does she want to continue repeating this cycle or end it? Will she say againlater or farewell to the freedom-loving young man? Eren and Mikasa throughtheir choice therefore accepted their tragic fate.One to perform Rumbling to save his friends.The other by killing the being she loves.They both freed themselves from the chains of the endless cycle of hatred in which theywere trapped by finding some form of salvationindeath.


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