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Rastan Saga III

And this it it, Rastan Saga III, the third in the Rastan trilogy that no one knew about 😀

I only discovered this game about a week ago and I was surprised I hadnt seen it before. After a it of research from what I can tell is that this was only released in Japan. Interestingly though its also in english, so following the story line isnt a problem.

So, what can I tell you about this game?
Firstly it was released again by Taito, in the year 1991 and is significantly better in all regards. It also features a double screen, hence the line down the middle of the video, not sure how this would look in the arcades, possibly abit distracting ?

whilst the Graphics and sound is a big improvement, I got bored really quickly, it didnt pose much challange and it felt a bit like a paint by number experiance.
One feature I thought was abit odd and pointless was having to kick an old dude to use the special abilites.

Oh and unless im mistake, it seems the speach is in German, no idea why 🙂

Anyway hope you enjoyed the video and feel free to add your opinions and thoughts 🙂

Wiki stuff

Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III is an arcade beat ’em up game released by Taito Corporation in 1991. It is a weapons brawler similar to Golden Axe, and its main feature is the use of dual screens to depict the action. There are two other selectable characters besides Rastan this time around, a hireling named Dewey and a thief named Sophia. It was later re-released as part of Taito Memories.Though the release was only in Japan, the text inside the game is both in Japanese and English, allowing the player to follow the story. The storyline is similar to Sega’s “Golden Axe”, and uses cutscenes to narrate. It also allows selection of the path to follow. Graphics and sound vastly upgraded, the look of the hero is identical to the first game and the overall appearance of the game is very polished. The sound includes the following: grunts and clashes. The gameplay is said to be well-balanced with easy to use controls and fast paced action.

Link to my Rastan video

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Video transcription:


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