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Rastan Saga II – Sega Genesis | GameplayMuseum

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GameplayMuseum is a virtual, multimedia museum that shows case the history of video games. The project first started on May 19, 2020, with the goal of having a gameplay clip for each individual video games, starting from the early history of video games.

Original commercial games are priority, followed by rerelease, prototype and homebrew. For some platforms, unauthorized video game was released on them and are also shown as well as multi-cart. Games with significant difference between region, to the point that they could be two separate games will also be shown up as separate games. The only games that will not be shown are adults games featuring expletive content unless it is possible to produce a gameplay clip without showing them.

The idea is not showcase skills in the video game, but rather the way it would be playing in the hand of an experienced player. This allows a more entertaining and generally higher quality gameplay to be shown in the clip than a clip that might show a lackluster gameplay.

Uses of these clips for other videos or references are permitted as long as GameplayMuseum is credited somewhere.

Video transcription:


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