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Raleigh North Carolina Police Department Patrol | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 561

In this episode of LSPDFR, we will be patrolling as the Raleigh North Carolina Police Department. We will be patrolling in theHurk’s ELS Ford Explorer 4×4. The Raleigh North Carolina Police Department livery was created by subscriber Oceans_Bae.
This episode is subscriber requested by Deshon Evans.

0:00 Intro
1:15 Start of Patrol
1:45 Plate Check
2:15 Escaped Prisoner
6:05 Store Robbery
9:25 Traffic Stop

We begin our patrol with a drive around the Mirror Park. We first stop to run the plates on an SUV that is a bit too far from the curb. Just as we get the plate check back, it comes back clean, we get a call that a prisoner has juts escaped from the PD. We flip around and head back towards the PD and we locate the suspect. They try running from us and we get more units on scene. We cut them off and the run into the side of our Ford Explorer. We get them back into custody and we continue our patrol. As we are about to return to the PD, a women Jaywalks and walks into the side of a garbage truck. She tried to commit insurance fraud, right in front of our eyes! We tell her to come over and she tries to run. We mange to get her into cuffs and we call for a transport. Next we continue to patrol around Mirror Park. We see a car pull out of a driveway, and then stop in the middle of the road, then continue. They then blow a stop sign. It turns out they were transporting Illicit items!
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Video transcription:

all right dispatch we've got a visual on the guy 
let's get an additional unit over here code three  uh we're heading west on spanish avenue heading 
uh he's running across spanish avenue now  we're just gonna follow him here until our units 
get here get on the ground get on the grounddamn he pulled a gun on meoh crap oh geez let's just tap 
this guy right there get in the car  get in the car okay uh thank you 
bulletproof windows get down on the ground  you should be able to see your 
back up there just off your 20.Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome back to 
LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested by  Deshon Evans and they wanted us to do a Raleigh 
North Carolina patrol so I hope you guys do enjoy  this one we are going to be patrolling in the 
hurk's ford explorer which is right over here and  again oceans_bae the delivery in man I gotta say 
the delivery looks really cool i love the light  blue and white like it's just a really unique you 
know livery anyways we do have a partner over here  with ultimate backup so we're going to get inside 
the ford explorer and we're going to be patrolling  around mirror park for this one let's get the 
partner in there close that any unit in the vine  stone vehicle spotted that's not for us like I 
said we're going to be around mirror park this  is just our station so we need to take a right 
down this way another unit we'll go after that all  right dispatch we're heading east on bridge street 
this is one atom 21 heading east on bridge streetah I mean technically he is pretty far from the 
curb let's just get a play check on him really  quick uh if he checks out then we'll allow it 
because the one the front tire is on the line  the rear tire is a little far from the 
line we'll see sir citations no flagsescaped prisoner what the okay then  uh if I could get my freaking lights to turn 
on yikes okay our boxers having some issues  there we go okay flipping around all right 
dispatch we are heading uh west on bridge  street now we're heading back to look for the 
escaped prisoner uh okay that guy's in some  bright clothes but that is not what we're looking 
for we're literally right here this is where we  just left he escaped from that entrance 
there were to switch we got a visual on himI dispatched we've got a visual on the guy let's 
get an additional unit over here code three  uh we're heading west on Spanish avenue heading 
uh he's running across Spanish avenue now we're  just going to follow him here until our units get 
here we've got the other unit in our visual there  they need to turn around though all right this 
guy is going to need to stop running in a second  we'll just go up this way I just which 
we're going north on power street now  but just stop running right now just surrender 
all right let's get an additional unit over herepower dispatch okay I'm flipping back around he's 
heading the other direction he's coming across  the street now heading west on power street 
was he gonna try to steal that car nope okay  uh you stay on the ground chase 
after him I'll go on vehicle herejust ran into the side of the truck let's get 
the taser out watch your hands watch your hands  on the ground dude on the ground oh jeez partner 
yikes jeez did the once around them jeez all  right let's try and catch up to him damn partner 
come on uh we got additional unit moving in from  there come on take him tase him what the come 
on nobody's using their taser oh my goodness  we got another unit rolling up here come on 
boys let's go get him damn he's running east  on spanish avenue we are chasing him on foot now 
I'm gonna put my taser away try to keep up hereoh he's surrendering now good good good 
good good let me get the taser out here  all right let's go keep your hands where we can 
see them you're my partner you're going to move in  watch out man geez all right dispatch 
we've got the suspect in custody  yikes all right uh let me see 
I'm gonna have to pat him down so  partner you want to do it okay that's 
fine well let my partner pat him down thensee what he's got uh a pipe are you serious a 
pocket knife where did he get in pain killers  where the heck did he get that 
stuff from okay uh dispatch we'll  bring him down to the station herself our boys 
uh you are clear to head back out on patrol  oh my what was that oh it just wrecked 
that squad car okay we're gonna have to  get this guy back to the suv or the ford 
explorer and get him down to the station  all right let's get this guy in the back 
here and then get our sirens turned off i  forgot to turn the sirens off there you go bud and 
close the door partner is following there we go  i dispatch we're going to return to the 
station now as soon as my partner gets inwhere is she going what the what's thatall right hold on we're gonna stop ma'am 
stop right there raleigh police department  man i need you to stop right now ma'am 
stop right there you're gonna get tased  i need you to stop running from me 
man ma'am get it back there we go  all right now you want to stop you move i 
knocked her ass out ko'd okay she was trying  to do insurance fraud it looked like uh i'm 
gonna have to do a search of the person thereall right my partner's watching over me we're goodall right let's see a forged id card and a 
bottle of vape dude okay uh let's try and  tend to the injured head uh she was born 7 12 
1993 i just cut anderson all right we're gonna  need to get a pet check on that i'll call it 
in in a minute uh we were able to revive her  we'll take her down to the station too 
we'll get a transfer unit for her though  stay there stay there uh let me 
get her in cuffs under arrestjeez just you guys saw she tried to do 
insurance fraud right in front of us  how stupid are you i just watch i need a 
pet check on jessica anderson born 7 12 1993  uh okay bison val and active horns all right 
we're going to be charging her with a uh  we're gonna be charging her with insurance 
fraud dispatch and resisting arrest uh it's  gonna transfer unit for her down here to power 
street all right so we need partner you want  to go check on the ford explorer make sure the 
guy's okay in there all right let me grab her hereit's coming through coming through coming 
through here we go right here hello officer  all right let's get back over to the ford 
explorer now and get down to the station  there we go wait where'd my ford explorer gomy ford explorer despawned are you seriouswait wait wait wait wait wait wait 
wait it had our suspect in it toothat is a nice car yeah okay guys so we'll 
have to get a new vehicle what was that  we're gonna ignore that i'm gonna have to 
spawn in a new vehicle so i'll see you guys  i'll see you guys in a minute here give me a 
second all right guys we are finally in mirror  park where we're supposed to be patrolling for 
this episode so either way i hope you guys are  enjoying the episode so far if you do enjoy it hit 
the like button and come join our discord server  anyways let's get down here we're going to 
take a right and we're just going to circle the  the little lake over there for a little bit 
or the pond whatever you want to call it and  uh yeah we're just going to circle around there 
one or two times and see what goes on if nothing  happens then we'll continue on around mirror 
park maybe we'll go down the highway a bit there  but yeah just residential area right 
here okay that was kind of a sketchy  move there i dispatched okay 
they just blew that stop sign  let me get a play check on a delante license 
zero five yeah young x-ray george registration are you serious all right copy 
that dispatch they just blew two stop signs nowrally police department i 
need to pull it up thank you  all right let's scroll walk 
there and we'll hop out hereall right uh let's partner watch traffic here 
and slow traffic down ma'am how can i have your  driver's license proof insurance registration 
all that good stuff left back passenger seems  to be nervous and sweating uh trevor refuses to 
show vehicle registration and insurance okay in  that case i'm gonna need you to step out of the 
vehicle for me let's go step out of the vehicleall right so you did give me your id i dispatched 
i'm gonna need a pet check on uh tara hulsey  born 7 15 1978. can we just keep it together 
unless invalid no active warrants all right  copy that dispatch all right hang in there man um 
actually let me have you follow me over this waylet me let me have you stand over here for me  uh yeah that's fine right there excuse me i need 
to speak with the passenger in the back seatuh okay is going to let me speak with him 
there we go hold up no no is it not there we go  all right sir do you have some idea on 
you you seem like you're sweating quite  a bit you seem really nervous uh ash 
ketchum ash ketchum interesting name  uh born 6 21 1997. uh dispatch i need a pet 
check on ash ketchum uh let's try that again  need a pet check on ash ketchum born 6 21 
1997 dispatch let's invalidate warrants okay  let me let me question you really quick sir 
you is everything all right what's going on  please mind your own business the reason i ask you 
is because you're sweating all over the place have  you done any drugs recently men you never use them 
in your life and have you been drinking recentlyuncle's not good for your health okay you 
know just hang in there for a second man  let's go over here and talk to this guy 
then i said you have somebody on you thenuh thank you canal gander just hang in there for 
a second i just mentioned i'm going to need a pet  check on kunal gaunder born 39 1998. license is 
valid no active warrants all right copy that then  uh let me have you guys step away from the vehicle 
i'm gonna have to search it it has no registration  therefore we're not gonna be letting you drive 
the vehicle today um now i just saw the vehicle  pull out of that driveway down the road there i'm 
not sure yet if it belongs at that house or not  uh but i'm not going to be able to let you guys 
drive it so let's have you guys step over this wayall right stay right there partner keep an eye 
on them i'm going to search the vehicle nowall right okay episode vlogger 
several pounds of the white stuff  a prosthetic leg and a bag of are you 
serious that was all on the driver's side tooall right okay dispatch let me get an 
additional unit down here and let's get  a supervisor you know i really normally don't 
use the supervisor backup um carter keep an eye  on them this guy because he's kind of sweating 
and whatnot i'm going to get him in cuffs first  uh place your hands behind your back 
for me dude turn around thank youall right there we go just hang in there 
uh sir I'm gonna need you to play change  behind your back for me as well this is 
just you're being detained at the momentjust relax you're not under arrest yet and ma'am 
I'm gonna need you to play change manager back  for me as well everybody's being detained 
until we figure out what's going on let's go  cooperate i got your uh we got additional 
units on scene dispatch okay so at the  moment the driver over here is going to be 
going away for drug trafficking uh you too  I don't know if you're involved but since you're 
in the vehicle I'm going to assume you're involved  and this dude in the back he's sweating all 
over the place I'm guessing he's about to od  so I'm going to do a swab test on him and see how 
he's doing uh we may need to get him an ambulance  actually so let me get a swab test on this guy 
really quick all right stick this in your mouth  man just slather it all over your tongue there we 
go there we go beautifully done beautifully done  all right let's see negative across the board okay 
uh I'll do a breathalyzer test on it as well then  to be thorough all right keep blowing keep blowing 
keep blowing all right thank you uh zero percent  okay so you're all going away then clearly you 
knew about the drugs in the vehicle uh this dude  I'm guessing he knew about him too since he 
was in the passenger seat let me question him  actually so you want to tell me what's going on 
today you need some fresh air all right do you  have anything illegal on your man anything that's 
sharp that's going to stop me poking your stick me  totally forgot okay in that case I'm going to do 
a swab test on you as well so turn around for meand slide that all over your tongue 
just like your friend did beautiful  it's a brand new test completely different 
test all right so he was clear on that  um partner I'm out of swap test so I'm going to 
need you to do it for this woman for the driverall right we'll seehere we go beautiful all right 
let's see negative across the board  all right so let's get transport units 
for these guys then a transport unit  turns for two suspects in one vehicle and 
then we'll get the next one in our vehicle  uh this vehicle is gonna need to get impounded uh 
which we've got to use this that's the tow service  large flatbed since it's got the illicit items in 
it it's required in mirror park man like seriously  look at the water and the ray trace reflections 
like that looks really good okay natural vision  evolved is a crazy mod this is that that is a 
beautiful shot right there actually you know what  I'm probably not going to use this as the 
screenshot because i already took the screenshot  but damn that look that looks really good  all right so we got transfer 
units on scene now uh partnerokay so we're going to grab this 
guy and place them in the vehicleall right other officers we are clear we are code 
4 on this one dispatch we are code 4 we're going  to be returned to the station with one suspect in 
the rear all right step in the back man all right  let's close the door partner excuse me excuse me 
I thought you were gonna close the door you didn't  now let's see I haven't used copylight 
in a hot minute let's see pet records  ash ketchum okay tara halsey we're going to 
create an arrest report for traffic uh suspended  license well she didn't have a 
license um no no her license was valid  it was the insurance and proof of registration 
okay so we're not going to go with that property  we'll do possession of the white stuff all right 
so it looks like we're just going to charge her  with the drugs so we'll submit charges and we'll 
charge them all with the drug possession thenthe white stuffsubmit and arrest report session the white 
stuff okay there we go submit the charges  and then let's just go to court cases really quick 
tour hall z outcome find three thousand dollars  he was fun three thousand dollars and he was fined 
five thousand dollars whoa why did he get charged  he should have got a better lawyer apparently 
he was fined five thousand dollars as well she  was only fine three thousand dollars interesting 
hmm I'm a little suss on that but okay uh looks  like we're good then so partner hop in let's go 
return to the station and drop this suspect off  hopefully we'll be able to unlike the last 
person we had because it crashed on us  uh let's just drive over that way no big deal all 
righty then let's get around the struck there no  big deal a little sketchy on my driving there 
we're going to need to get around traffic stillright there beautiful and the department is right 
across this bridge I know we're good we're good  and we're just gonna blow through there no big 
deal yeah super unrealistic I guess for the sake  of time because we're getting a little up there on 
the recording I just wanted to make sure we didn't  go too far and make this episode like 50 minutes 
long anyways let's get down here and drop them off  what the all right so let's get him over 
this way we're going to take him inside the  station if it'll let us I'm not actually 100 
sure because usually I just drive up to that  spot there and just drop them off and 
bring them inside but uh we'll seewell that's that's that's a problem 
well there's your problem right there  let's back it out there all right guys I'm 
gonna leave this episode here I guess so I  hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what 
you thought in the comments below maybe  consider subscribing if you haven't already 
as well as hitting the little bell icon on  the channel that way you stay notified when 
the videos go up and when we do live streams  and again come join our discord server 
if you haven't already take it easy guys


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