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Quick Tutorial: Submitting Pokestops

A quick tutorial on how to submit pokestops in Pokemon go.

This tutorial covers:
-An explanation about the importance of S2 cells 00:00 -03:30
-How to install IITC Mobile with a plugin layer on top of S17 cells so you can see clearly where you can place new pokestops and where you can’t 03:30 – 06:52
-What you should or should not submit as pokestops 06:52 – 08:52
-installing wayfarer 08:52 – 09:12
-The actual submission of a pokestop 09:24 – 11:00
-How to make a 360 degrees photo on google street view so reviewers can accurately verify the location of your submission 11:00 – 12:05
-How you should use Wayfarer to keep watch over your submissions, review submissions of others and how to gather upgrades to get your submissions reviewed faster 12:05 – 14:08

Furthermore as said in the “i” icon, pokestops need to be at least 20 Meter apart from each other even if they are in different cells.

Here is a link to the niantic support page for information about what makes a good submission:

Here is a link to wayfarer:

UPDATE: GoTools has updated their app and people are having trouble now to get gotools activated in IITC. If you are having this struggle then try out this link:

And here is a link to a great site where you can find a lot of information about which locations would be good portal/pokestops locations, just type in what you need to know with keywords:

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Video transcription:


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