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PS5 Launch Issues Continue To Surface And Xbox Series S/X Sales Get Off To A Good Start | News Wave

The PS5 has now been out for a couple of days with the weekend giving gamers a chance to put the new system through its paces. Now it looks like many reports and videos are being posted showing different issues with launch PS5 consoles including weird noises coming from the system. The Xbox Series X and S released last week in the UK and the sales so far are good with it beating the Xbox One original sales for launch.

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PS5 Has a Big Problem With Installations Defaulting To PS4 Version of Games

PS5 Help Thread | Setting Up, Tech Support, Error Codes, FAQ and more. from PS5

Capcom leak has source code for dmc2 and much more leaked from GamingLeaksAndRumours


00:00 – Start

00:41 – TimeSplitters Remake Teased

2:02 – PS5 Cross Gen Defaulting To PS4

3:10 – Nintendo Game & Watch Hacked

4:20 – PS5 Launch Issues

10:33 – Next Gen Sales Numbers

14:36 – Capcom Hacked

17:10 – Comment Of The Day

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Video transcription:


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