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Prove Your Thundermans Fan Status w/ this Trivia Game | The Thundermans | #KnowYourNick

Do you think YOU know your Thundermans? Do you know what Max (Jack Griffo) calls his diary? Do you know what Phoebe (Kira Kosarin) gets poured on her on Picture Day? Let us know if you are Super President material! Catch more Thundermans on Nick!

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Video transcription:

You've been watching
The Thundermans for yearsand it's time to test
your super fan knowledgewith Know Your Nick
Thundermans edition!Be sure to remember
how many answers you get right!Let's start off easy.Who are you?What is Phoebe's superhero identity?Is it A) The Pheebz
B) Thundergirl or C) Thunderella?I'm Thundergirl!Ding, ding, ding, it's Thundergirl,
easy peasy!Let's take it up a notch!- No one's gonna be looking at me.
– Why not?- 'Cause they'll be looking at you.
– Huh?Which of the following did Phoebe
not get pelted with for picture day?Is it A) Mashed potatoes
B) Cheese or C) Chocolate?[splashing]Chocolate, Max?[laughing]- Smile.
– Don't forget to say cheese!Chee– oh![splashing]If you answered mashed potatoes
then your answer is picture perfect!This one's a toughie!Max, stuff like that makes me wonder
if you're really over your evil phase.Alison, I've told you a hundred times,
why can't you trust me?'Cause you were the only ten time
cover model of Evil Teen magazine?[laughing]Look, I've changed, I am no longer evil!- And I was on that cover–
– How many times?A) 1 time B) 11 times or C) 100 times?11 times.If you answered B
then you're an expert in evil!Eh… I think I'm a tad bloated.Colosso gains weight
by being fed too muchby which Thunderman?Is it A) Billy B) Nora or C) MAX?[clock ticking]Oh yeah!Let's do this!Yep, only Billy
could make a mistake that huge!Let's keep on moving!Looks like Chloe's super power
will be one of three things.What is Chloe's super power?Is it A) Heat breath B) Mind reading
or C) Teleportation?To the sky!- Whoa!
– Whoa!Chloe's new power is teleportation!If you answered C, you got it!Next round.When Phoebe becomes evil in paradise,
what color does her hair turn?A) Blue B) Red or C) Pink?I'll never be evil like you![grunting][groaning]I'll be even more evil.Yep, when Phoebe be evil,
her hair be red.Get it? B, like the answer? Anyway…Congratulations,
you've entered the Thunder Round!Get ready to shout out the answers
to these super hard questions!What's the name of Max's band?If it weren't for me,
you'd be Max and The Crushed Skulls.Stupidest band name ever!We are Max and The Crushed Skulls.True or False:
Barb and Hank are authors.We know a lot
about building a successful team.In fact, we put out a self help book in
the 90s called "Smells Like Team Spirit".Who was the song "Bonus Toe"
written about? I'll never speak a word
About your bonus toe Did you find out about my extra toe
from Phoebe?Is it weird that I'm dying to see it?What does Max call his evil diary?Er… journal, memoir…
oh, chronicle, yeah!I'll allow it.Phew, how many did you get right?If you got more than three,
congratulations!You've just joined
The Thunderman's fan club!If you got more than six,you're the Vice President
of the fan club!You're in charge of the snacks.And if you got all ten right,you're the Super President
of the fan club!Why did we let dad fly through this roof?Thanks for playing,
didn't get them all? Try again!To see if you can be
Super President material. That's the end of our show [crowd cheering]


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