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[PREVIEW] PS1 – Blade Arts (HD, 60FPS)

This is first 10 minutes of Blade Arts for Playstation.

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Set on a mysterious volcanic island where a team of scientists have disappeared you must get involved and wield the massive fantasy style weaponry of truly epic proportions to restore order and find out a few home truths…

Blade Arts is a fantasy adventure with lots and lots of combat where players take on the role of a hero who often finds himself battling several vicious enemies at once. Focused on fast, non-stop hack-and-slash action, Blade Arts follows a developed storyline and cinematic cut-scenes to help move the plot, along with a third-person fighting perspective and a lock-on targeting system that allows players to concentrate on dealing out as much damage as possible.

Nobuteru Yuki, also responsible for character designs in Chrono Cross and Seiken Densetsu 3, heads up character design in this game as well. (Source: PsxDataCenter)

Blade Arts
Serial Number: SLPM-86602
Developer: Ea / Roman-Tech
Publisher: Enix
Platform: Playstation, PS1
Release: 28 September 2000

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