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Playing The PS3 In 2020 To See Who’s Still Playing And Why?

The Playstation 3 aka the PS3 was the first ever console my parents were able to get for me. I remember always asking for it since all my homies at school were playing it but never understood the finacial situation my parents were in and didnt understand why they couldn’t buy it for me. It wasnt till 2010 my parents bought the game for me and along with that they bought Black Ops 1. Ever since that i fell in love with it, It distracted me from everything that was going on with my life at the time. Not even tryna be corny here but it actually gave me an escape and something to look forward to everyday. Lemme mind you we didnt get wifi in our house until 2012 so i was stuck playing Solo player games and campaign all the time. But its all good i enjoyed it. Yes i did actually cry joyful tears btw when seeing the ps3. Some true nostalgia right there.

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Hey everyone today we played on the PS3 for the first time on the channel in 2020. I always wondered to myself who plays the PS3 and why? Today we found out a few reasons why lol. We did play GTA V in 2020 on the ps3. We also had some black ops 1 gameplay in there as well. Good news is PS5 also comes out this year so ill be looking forward to that. I saw the trailer and conference and im excited for that.

I saw two youtubers do this video idea but it seems like the original creator behind this is Mystic if i am not mistaken!

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