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PLAYING A BRAND NEW 2021 Arcade Game! Angry Birds Coin Crash COIN TOWERS!

WE FOUND a brand new 2021 arcade game coin pusher, Angry Birds Coin Crash, where we show you how to play this new coin game! This arcade coin pusher is now testing at only TWO arcades in the US – and we were able to get EPIC gameplay of it! This epic coin pusher game is based on Japanese coin tower pushers, but with angry birds! Build towers of coins and win tons of arcade tickets! Can we win this SUPER BONUS and build a GIANT tower of coins!? Come check out this episode of Dragon Claw Games!

Huge thanks to LAI Games for helping us record this video for you to enjoy! They are currently pushing for a nationwide release in Summer 2021. We hope you enjoy this awesome game of theirs – they are awesome!!


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Music: TheFatRat – Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)

Music: Prototyperaptor – Awe
Music: TheFatRat – Unity

Video transcription:


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