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PixARK – First Dino Tamed!, House Building & Exploring – Ark Meets Minecraft – PixARK Gameplay pt 1

Welcome to PixARK! PixARK is a new survival game set in a pixelated Ark universe where you must survive Dinosaur attacks and thrive in a very dangerous land. In this episode we make our Character, tame some dinosaurs and set up our first home! I hope you enjoyed this episode of PixARK, thank you for watching and liking.

PixArk Playlist: Coming Soon!

About PixARK:

Welcome to PixARK, a vast, wild world filled with vicious dinosaurs, magical creatures and endless adventure! To survive in this mysterious land, you must tame creatures both ferocious and cuddly, craft high tech and magical tools, and build your own base out of cubes. With a robust character creator, an infinite number of voxel based maps and procedurally generated quests, your PixARK adventure will be completely unique. Team up with friends to form a tribe, or play on your own. Spend your time building a towering fortress or go on a quest in a sprawling cavern. Fly on the back of a dragon and smite your enemies with a magic wand, or ride a mighty T-Rex and blast your foes with a rocket launcher. In the world of PixARK, how you play is up to you – as long as you survive!

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams

Outro: Odd Chap: Chicago Swing

Video transcription:


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