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PILGRIMS Game – Deal with The Devil to Sacrifice a Priest (Apple Arcade)

Hello! Let’s Play some Pilgrims Gameplay

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Part 1 – *NEW* PILGRIMS Game – Deal with The Devil to Sacrifice a Priest (Apple Arcade)

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Pilgrims is a playful adventure game, created by the team behind Machinarium and Samorost. Roam the land as you please and make new friends, share a laugh with your fellow travelers and help them complete their little stories, your way. How many different solutions can you find?

– Playfulness: Don’t beat it – play with it! Solve the various tasks using dozens of items and unique characters without being obliged to follow a single designated path.
– Replayability: Packed with 45 achievements, Pilgrims is a game designed to be played through more than just once. Can you collect them all?
– Hand-crafted appeal: Hundreds of unique animations and custom made sound effects result in countless humorous and unexpected outcomes. Try to discover as many as you can!
– Original music: Floex (Machinarium, Samorost 3) is back at it with his mix of live instruments and organic electronics, joined by guests on guitar or clarinet.

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