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Pierhead Arcade – All Attractions & Toys (VR gameplay, no commentary)

Let’s STFU and Play: Pierhead Arcade – All Attractions & Toys (VR gameplay, no commentary)

Well this was originally gonna be part of a shorties vid along with Nvidia VR Funhouse, but there’s actually quite a lot to do in this game!
Shame it doesn’t have Silent Scope, that was always my favorite…
…in other news, stay tuned for a Nvidia VR Funhouse vid: coming soon :p

00:00 Intro/Pier
01:06 Claw Grab
02:13 Claw Grab Toys
02:45 Bowling
05:10 Super Shoot
07:32 The Gallery
08:34 Scarab Toss
09:52 Cannonball Bounce
10:41 Skeeball
11:31 Binary Dash
13:03 Dino Whack
14:38 Rapid Fire
16:04 Coke Break
17:04 Super Punch
19:06 Arctic Shuffle
20:27 Comet Drop
21:41 Honey Rush
22:53 Massacre at the Arcade
23:16 Zombie Shootout
25:30 Cup & Ball
25:59 Blocks
26:05 Frisbees
26:48 Quad Copter / Drones
28:17 Xylophone
28:25 Ring Toss
28:49 More Blocks
28:52 Drumkit
29:07 Flame… dear Flame…
29:24 Sparkler
29:53 Firecrackers
30:06 Quick ticket run
30:42 Fireworks
31:25 RC Car
31:55 RC Tank
33:14 Foam Plane
33:53 Outro

Pierhead Arcade on Steam:

Music: ‘Big Bad Wolf’ by The Heavy (

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Trailer / Skits #1
Duck Season


Video transcription:


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