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OzzyPlays: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! ~( Ep.# 6 )~

#LegendOfZeldaSkywardSword #OzNation #OzScott14

(At the time of: 4:36:57 to the time: 4:50:14 .. Some kind of real odd freezing Glitch happens, & I can’t edit it out! YouTube Tells me since the LIVE STREAM is to long, It cannot be Edited at all :/ while it’s now online already posted! Darn!!)

Hello, What’s up once again Audience! 😀 Welcome us back! let’s continue the most LEGENDARY game franchise ever! 😀
THIS IS IT, Folks! 😀 TIME TO STEP INTO THE Lanayru Mines Temple! 😀 This will be Electrical Enemy Themed, So Time to get a re enforced Wooden Shield before we head in… :/ Things are starting to get real in this LEGENDARY Series, Oz Nation! 😮
Let’s see what happens NEXT!! 😀

(NEW GOAL FOR US HERE, EVERYONE! 😀 I’m going to try & play this Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game EVERY SINNGLE DAY until I get it the entire Story Finished!
Also, I have an ENTIRLY NEW V-log FINISHED IN TOTAL COMPLETION RIGHT NOW as well! 🙂 I want to upload it, but not sure if I should wait for a better time like Mid day Tomorrow! 😀 … So I came LIVE to ask you all what I should do!! 🙂 LET’S KEEP THE HYPE GOING, Oz Nation! I hope you’re excited for this next AWESOME V-log! ) 😀

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let’s have another GREAT & AMAZING TIME this Live Stream, Guys! 😀 🙂

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