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Oh My Friend Telugu Full Movie | Siddharth, Shruti Haasan, Hansika | Sri Balaji Video

Watch Oh My Friend Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video.#OhMyFriend Movie Starring #Siddharth, Navdeep, #ShrutiHaasan, #HansikaMotwani, Ali, Tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, Anupam Kher, Raghu Babu, Story & Directed By Venu Sriram, Produced By Dil Raju, Music Composed By Rahul Raj.

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Chandu (Siddharth) is passionate about music and he wants to become a lead singer and guitarist. His father (Tanikella Bharani) is a government employee and wants his son to become a corporate employee. Siri (Shruti Hassan) is Chandu’s childhood friend and neighbor. Both of them are extremely close friends. Siri has a boy friend Uday (Navdeep) and Chandu falls in love with Ritu Sharma (Hansika Motwani). The rest of the story is all about the confusions and conflict between love and friendship.

Video transcription:

Many people get introduced
to us in lifeThose who know fully about us and
yet wish to be with us, are FriendsThere is innocence in friendshipThere is happiness in that innocenceThose who wish that happiness
will remain as Friends ForeverTwo girls can remain as Friends ForeverSimilarly two boysBut a boy and a girl can remain
as friends forever?O MY FRIENDSIDDARTH
RAHUL RAJPlease wait for some timeGame of hide and seekCat'll come, be safe RatKeep quiet, thieves where they areGirl closed eyes
Go find out the thieves- I'll join you
– No, you aren't in our gangGive me my dollYour son has brought my
daughter's doll from schoolShe is crying that she wants that doll- Your dad is calling
– Coming dad!What dad?- Did you bring that girl's doll?
– He took forcibly from my hand- Tell me the truth
– Yes, I took- Where did you put it?
– I won't tell youI kept it in her school bag- Sorry sir! I didn't see it
– It's okayThose who've come as partners now
should be partners in the game too- I don't want him as my partner
– I too don't want her as my partnerWho is teacher here, you or I?Once you are fixed as partners,
I can't change it- I got one prize
– Really?- How many prizes did you get?
– I got 2 prizesYou haven't won in any game till now
You must win in this game- Okay?
– OkayOh mom!- Why are you following me?
– That is my prize- It is mine too
-And mine alsoLet's do one thingToday I'll keep this shield with me
and give this certificate to youYou show it to your family
and I'll show this to my familyTomorrow we'll exchange it- Will you allow me to play with your gang?
– Then, let's be friendsLet's grow this tree as a witness
that you and I are a teamBit by bit, the tree should grow up green
like our friendshipLet's tell to the sky
that our friendship is greatLet's make the plan
to reach the starsLet's watch this world
from thereI've come to receive him
Yes, train has come, byeThe train reached home long agoWake up and comeEven the train may not
be punctual but you areI was confident that
you would wake me upI thought you would be changed
after gone to MumbaiWe shouldn't change the best qualities
what we haveI'll kill youDid you inform home?It is not so easy as playing a guitar
to handle the situationTell me that if you didn't inform home
I'll return in this same trainI am Siri, manCome on, get downSamantha Deluxe Boys HostelWhy did you stop here?Egg will be served twice in a week,
and chicken on every SundayWhy do you say this to me?If uncle doesn't accept,
you'll have to stay here-Didn't you tell home yet?
-I didn't, I'll call you after telling thatDon't try to escape
Uncle knows that you've come hereI went searching to pray but got stuckDo you have brains?What we asked him to do?
What he did and come?No sooner he came home
that you started to scold himWe sent him Mumbai to study MBA
But you know what he did?He came hanging a guitar to his shoulderMusic leads to a career?What should I tell if anyone asks me
that what you are son is doing?Should I tell them
that he is playing to a band?He had studied as I said,
he would have got a good job,…5 digit salary and
got security to his lifeMy life would be good
if I had studied as he saidBut if I do what I wish
it'll be better than thatLook! He did what he wished to do
and now telling me Lord Krishna's sermonsHe doesn't care about his futureNothing like that uncle
Music also brings good career nowadaysYou always support your friend
Won't you think about me?Please relaxThere is a reason in your anger
It is wrong that he didn't study MBAThink for a whileHe has already learnt music
without our knowledgeNow we can't do anything
I trust him and his talentTill he gets settled in his life
I'll take total responsibilityDo as you wish- Thank me
– Go do your workI'll kill youGo, take your bath and come
I'll serve you breakfastIf I get an award
I'll tell your name first on the stageGo manApply the sandal and
sprinkle rosewater over thaton handsome Lord Krishna's idolFragrance from that
will spread all overMalathi, correct your movement-Are you Chandu?
– YesYou always come late, right?Teacher asked you to sit here
after you come- Why?
– There is some music audition- Oh God! I forgot that music audition
– She asked you not to walk to and froCigarettes are prohibited here- Is this also told by your teacher?
– Common senseHey, chatterbox! What are you doing here
without practicing the dance?Because I came late like youCheck whether strings are okay or notHave you brought the plectrum?Play what they like
Don't play what you likeWill you stop your nonstop music?First day school going students too
won't get such precautionsThere won't be many guitar players
in HyderabadI'll definitely select in this auditionIt's looks like a Bonala FestivalYou told that you are the one and
only guitarist in HyderabadIf I come alone and get selected
there won't be any funIf I get selected from among them
then they'll know my talentAre you blind?- No, listen to me
– You idiot!- Listen to me! Leave him
– Stop it, buddyHere is going on music audition,
and not boxing audition- He is talking forgetting the manners
– No sir, it is him onlyWill you stop smoking?Are you angry for this or that?Both of themWhat did we come here
and what have you done?It was my mistake thereAre you a boxer?
You hit him and caused nuisance thereYou've to be composed
in such a situationI can't take things easily in your matterI thought that you would get selected
in first audition and impress your dadWhy did you worry as if
I lost a chance to play before A R Rahman?It doesn't matter before
A R Rahman or Raghu KuncheYou've lost an opportunityI don't want an opportunity
to prove myself as a musicianYou won't come goodChide me you wantHit me if you wantDon't keep a grim faceChide me you wantHit me if you wantDon't keep a grim faceIn your anger and in our arguments…can sense some musicAsk the whole world
and understand it, dear friendThere is melody in the pleasant breezeDo the Sunstrokes give pain?Doesn't the drizzle teach you music?Shall I become a sad poem?Let it be philosophy
or lord Krishna's sermonThere is poetry in every form of lifeLet it be happiness or sorrow
There will be musicChide me you wantHit me if you wantDon't keep a grim faceThere are 7 days in a weekYet day and night doesn't swapWe can't determine
the beginning or endGo towards success
with a goal in mindWork hard to get known in historyRealise that victory
and defeat alone are not goalsEyes need dreams
story needs twistBe ready for anythingAren't you Chandu?It is me, ReethuDon't you remember me?If you are Chandu,
definitely she is SiriShe is our college mate in Intermediate
don't you remember her?.She has become so pretty
to not recognise herWhere have you been all these days?After my intermediate course
my father got transferred to Delhi- Oh I see!
– Last year we shifted to here- What do you do?
– We are teaching classical danceNo thanks, I've some important work
I've to go urgentlyWe'll see next timeShe says she has some urgent work
Let her goHey Shajahan! Your Mumtaj has gone
Shall we go now?Why did you send her away?I was scared that you would build
a Taj Mahal for her on this roadDon't get jealous
I'll build a palace for youI'll kill you
Get going- Hey Chandu, leave me
– How did you recognise me?I am your favourite aunty, you knowI came here 2 days ago
but you have dropped in today to see meIf you say sorry so sweet like this
anyone would get convinced with youI am feeling like flying in the air…What is the matter?
You are so happy- I've some secret with me
– Secret!? Tell me what it isFirst I'll tell to Siri
then I'll tell to youMom! I want coffeeAt Mumbai, have you learnt music
or sold coffees in railway station?Nothing! Drink your coffee firstWhat? You are looking at me
as watching a ghostSince I've seen Reethu,
Hyderabad appears very colourful to meI feel like playing the guitar
standing close to rainbowWhat? No reaction from you?I knew that you would do something like
this when you saw her eagerly yesterdayWhat should I do now?Do you want me cut a cake and
distribute it to the whole colony?- Why do you say like that?
– Then how should I talk?Uncle scolded you
only day before yesterdayI thought that you would understand meI'll kill you
Don't behave childishFirst concentrate on your studiesThis is not time for that
You can fall in love laterDamn your advice! Go away- Tell me now
– What?- That secret
– I can't reveal because it is a secret- Did Udhay call you? – Yes,
he said that he would come next monthand told that we can discuss
about the engagement thenSiri is a lucky girlShe told us about the boy she liked,
got our consent and going to marry himWhat luck? She is my only daughterAfter her marriage,
she'll go to USA leaving me aloneIf Chandu and Siri love each other
and get married……they would live with usNo, their both characters are differentSiri learned dance while studying
but he discontinued studies and learnt musicHe has no clarity in his life
But Siri plans her life nicelyIt is better for them being like thisLet me help youMom! How long will he use this vehicle
that should be kept in the museum?- Why doesn't he buy a new one?
– I asked him that many timesHe was dreaming that you would
complete MBA and get a good job……and he would buy a new scooter
with your first salaryBecause of that adamancy
he didn't buy that till nowUdhay sent his greetings to youWhere have you been since the morning?I am asking you
Tell meYou can't understand even if I tell youHave you gone to meet Reethu again?I waited the whole day
to see her againDon't you have brains?
Morning I told you clearlyAgain you blabber her nameHave you gone mad?Why did you disconnect it
when I was chatting with Udhay?If this small disturbance irritates
while you chatting with your boyfriend…how frustrated I would be
because I didn't see Reethu?- I am in love
– Me too-Are you comparing your love with mine?
– YesListen! When Udhay proposed to me
after understanding each other in a year…I discussed with everyone,
I agreed especially after you said okayI didn't love him blindly like youWill you please stop your preaching?Love is not a trade
to deal like businessYou never listened to me
then how will you do it now?- Yes, I'll do as I like
– You'll do, but your responsibility is mine- You don't need to advice me
– I am not advising you- I am telling the facts
-Are you telling the facts?Okay, I'll forget Reethu
Will you forget Udhay then?- You know what rubbish are you talking?
– I'll talk like that- Go man
– First go from here- I came here first
– This is my room- Today you can go inside
– I won'tWhy?Your teacher and I
are not talking to each other- I am also not talking to her
– Really!- She is a devil
– You are right-Are you chiding me?
– Oh God! It is teacherI've been thinking whole night
what you said is rightI too have been thinking
what you said is correctHow should everything happen
in a process like me?It is correct that everything, in life
should happen in a process like you- I hurt you unnecessarily yesterday
– No, I behaved foolishlyNo, I hurt youOkay, why did you come now?You told me to exchange this
after I came from Bombay- When will do the next exchange?
-After 3 yearsAfter 3 years!? I don't know
where we live after our marriageWhat? Won't our friendship
continue after the marriage?It depends on our
spouses understand usMy Udhay will understand meHow will he understand?I talked to him on the phone
but I didn't meet him in personUdhay is not like you
He is open-mindedHe won't hide anything in his heart
He'll speak what he feelsThen my Reethu too will understand meCome what may,
next exchange is after 3 yearsShall we go look for Reethu?Don't bring that topic
and make quarrel between usI accept that Love is not a trade
ComeShe was my classmate
in Sri Chaitanya Junior CollegeShe was my classmate
in Sri Chaitanya Junior CollegeDidn't like her then
Couldn't forget her now- Let's go and search for her
– Hey Faltoos! Where should we go?Does the flying kite roam
with postal address?It'll vanish to nowhere
if the thread is snappedWill conduct a Google search
for her everywhereAsk the wrong people
and you'll get hit severelyShe should've been pretty thenShe was my classmate
in Sri Chaitanya Junior CollegeDidn't like her then
Couldn't forget her now- A boy was going after her
– He is a doctor nowDo you have any one of them of her?- But I heard she went to Delhi
– We know thatShe was my classmate
in Sri Chaitanya Junior CollegeDidn't like her then
Couldn't forget her nowYesterday I searched for her
in the Orkut and Facebookbut couldn't find herShe knows only notebook
how can she be in the Facebook?She might visit the temple on Saturday
Let's go search therePub is nearby
Nothing wrong, let's go search thereYou? She is an innocent girlShe was my classmateCouldn't forget her nowDo one thing
Give an Ad in the dailiesLet's buy a slot in the Gemini T.VLet's make a programme 'Where is she?'Let's revolt until we find herLet's make it a sensation
and give lovers an inspirationNo tension if we find her out
Until then nothing functionsShe was your classmate
in Sri Chaitanya Junior CollegeWhy didn't you like her then?
Why can't you forget her now?- Bye mom
– ByeReethu, come early in the evening
We've to go to Baba TempleI've already kept a big wish list to Baba
That's why I shifted to Lord Venkateswara- What are you doing here?
– I've come to push this rackNo, I came to buy some books
But unexpectedly I saw you here- Are you getting good salary?
– This shop is ours- I think your dad was in army
– Yes, he opened this shop after he retiredIt would be nice
if he had opened some music shop- Why?
– I would have got a job in thatAnd we would have met 2 days beforeDo you remember the beauty contest
that was held in our college?Though you are not beautiful
you participated in thatWinner got 98 votes
but you got 2 votesOne vote would be yours
you know whose was that second vote?It was meFrom Miss India to Mother India,If you participate in anything
you'll be the winnerYou said you want to buy some booksCan you please select
one best book from this?Generally you girls have some ideaI thought to select the same bookShall we go to have some coffee?Tell us which is a good book among this
It is difficult to us to findTouch one of themWhat if my daughter had
touched a different finger?I would've given her another bookDon't you know
which book is best in this?Don't you have that minimum knowledge?If it is so, how can we buy books here?Come, let's goThere were 9 books
so you showed 9 fingersHow if there were 11 books?What is your problem?
You show fingers for everythingThere is no friendship between us
to discuss my personal problem- Why have you come again?
– To help youYou've kept a board that helpers wantedYou should try here but hereI can't offer you a job hereI need one helper to our bandI can't spoil your life
by offering this job to youSo you are thinking about my futureBut I am thinking about
your hotel's futureWhat happened?I don't know how to face my dad- Have you lost this chance also?
– Henceforth I can't roam with youGo manI can't take pocket money from you- So you got the job
– Yes, thanks to ReethuI am with you since childhood
You express pains to me but you thank her?I don't thank myself in the mirror……because you're like me in the mirrorThanks, I got the job because of youI think our relationship has become strong
to invite you to the partyNo try, you are coming thereGenerally I don't accept gifts
but I won't refuse if it is from youIf you are jobless
you'll have to carry boxes like this- He has got a job
– In which band?- Not in band, it is in Lahari resorts
– How much salary?- Yes, you didn't tell me about the salary
– It is Rs 10,000He'll have to start
with Rs 20,000 to 25,000You know how much is needed
to run a family in the city?If you had studied as I said
your life and salary, would've been goodGoWhat Chandu? You've completed studies
What are you doing now?He is not in any job
that is worth revealingGive me that fileWill she come?You got insulted by your dad
Like a buffalo…'re asking about her
without any shame- Will she come?
– It is 105th time- Will she come?
– It is 106th time- Tell me will she come?
– You chanted it for 107 timesDon't worry, she'll come- Didn't I tell you that she'll come?
– Shut up and comeShall we go?- What is next?
– What next?- That you've got a job…
– Yeah, I'll do that jobNot that, I am asking about your marriageOur marriage!?- Aren't you in love?
– Who told you that we are in love?Why should someone tell it?Since college days,
wherever see you both were togetherIn the classrooms, canteen and libraryYou didn't never allow anyone
between youEntire campus, we thought
that there is some affair between youThere is nothing like that between usSiri already has a boyfriend
They are going to get married soon- What is that?
– I can't choose anything myselfWhy?- My dad…
– I'll tellSince her childhood, her dad selects
whatever she wantsBut he suddenly died in
an accident 6 months agoThen she realized that how much
she depended on her dad for everythingThat's why this confusionWhen did you do this research?You followed only till the book shop
but I followed till her houseOh I see!Chandu got a job- Thanks for your coming
-Actually I've to say thanks to youBecause I came here
I get much reliefWhat is this?I am asking the same to you
Why did you do with her?She asked to be friends
that's whyIs she your friend?
Look! I am only your best friendIt is just for both of us, I'll kill you
if you share it with anyone elseI feel happy for touching her hand,
why do you feel insecure?- Don't you treat Reethu as your friend?
– Don't you know that I love her?As everyone, are you also using
friendship for Love?- What is wrong in that?
– Friendship is the base of any relationshipToday she told I am her friend
But tomorrow I'll change it as her loveGet on- What is it?
– You can eat Pukatla(pan cakes) again- Last time I paid bill for that
– You fool! Listen to meI am selected to do one year course
in Shobana dance academy- I am going to Chennai next month
– Won't you ever tell a good thing?I have been trying for this for 3 years
you know thatIt hasn't completed 3 days
since my love startingReethu is getting close to me now onlyWith whom will I share my feelings
if you leave me suddenly?It is my dream
At any cost I have to go to ChennaiI know that you'll do
monkey tricks like thisIt is a photo copy
Original copy is at homePlease don't goOne month time is there
let's think about it- Tell me that you don't go there
– Okay I won't go- What else?
– Shall we go to lunch?Keep quietAs to get digestion the food,
why are you taking us around the city?- Hey killer, get down
– I won't, you get downPlease get downYou go home in the autoWhy did you leave her like that?If you want to buy dress for me,
we'll have to go to Abids- But why did you bring me here?
– Dress is not for you, it is for me- I called you for you to do the selection
– No, I'll make you select your dressMe!? You know about me well
I'll get confusedOkay, today I'll select and
tomorrow your mother will selectWhether good or bad
is just an opinionBut liking is a feelingDon't waste a second and
select the dresses that you like from themYou've selected totally 20
but 10 pink coloured dresses are thereFrom this what you and I know is
that your favourite colour is pinkIn this 10, 3 are flashy and 7 are simpleIt means you are a simple minded girlAll dresses look good
But only a few will be comfortable to youThey won't close the shop immediatelyGo and try themThese 3 are comfortableNow you've selected your dressI'll get changed if I am with youYes, you'll change as yoursYour thoughts are new
and surprise meWhat would have happened
if I hadn't met you?You were not with me till yesterdayI couldn't believe it
whether it is true or falseI doubt whether I could ever
tell this word to you or notYour silence speaks
My heart listens to itNo need of evidence
than this for our loveWon't leave you alone for a momentThat's why I was born before youThough I've a long road to go
I can't move from youI am your path and destination
I'll make you walk with meMy heart will get shattered in anxietyBecome my consort
and remove my anxietyHe is going mom
Go and tell him- It'll be good only if you tell him
– He won't listen to me, momGo tell him, momHas he bought it?- It is for you
– For me?Yes, he has bought it with
his first salary on installmentHis job is not security for him
He doesn't know when will he lose itIf we don't pay
monthly installments correctly……bank people will come
and take away the bikeMy scooter is better than thatBy saying that you'll change me
why do you look so dull?-A small problem
– What happened?Don't we have such a friendship
between us to share our personal matters?If you ask me cutely like this
I look sad with different reasons dailyYour silence speaks
My heart listens to itNo need of evidence
than this for our loveI won't leave you alone for a momentThat's why I was born before youUntil I see with your eyes
I don't know about the dreamsI have found my dream in your form nowLet the feelings raise in meLet the time melt in our friendshipDo you want choice?This is Yes, and this is NoI've understood that I can't be happy
without your companyWhat will you do newly
by going to Chennai?No aunty, I've to go
Tomorrow is the last date to joinHow can you stay alone
in that new place?Don't scare herShe can take care of herself
She is not like your sonYou go dear but be carefulIt is not problem about her leaving
She is leaving without informing ChanduSomething is going on between them- Did you quarrel with each other?
– No auntyHe got new friends and
has forgotten old friendsBe careful- Where is Siri, aunty? – She's going
to Chennai, without listening to us- Why are you going without telling me?
– I've already told you- That day you told you won't go
– But today I am going- Why? – Everyone gets a priority
in the life only onceThis is my priority now- Is that more important than me?
– You've something more important than me- Why did you feel so?
– Won't I feel so?How did you behave with me before
and how do you behave with me now?- Is Reethu your problem?
– Not Reethu, it is youYou know when did you call me last?
Tell meWhen you were in Mumbai,
you used to call me dailyBut now you don't pick up
my call if I call you- You are avoiding me totally
-Are you mad?- Why should I avoid you?
– You are avoiding meThat day you left me alone on the roadIn the theater, you both sat in one place
and made me sit separatelyYou left me in middle of the lunchEvery matter you'll share to me,but till now you haven't told me
that you bought a bike for uncleHave you thought all these
were done intentionally to avoid you?It is you, who should understand meIf I am trying to avoid you,
why did I tell you that I love Reethu?Why did I take your help?It would've happened without
my knowledge, when I moved to her closelyI thought that I am moving close to Reethu
but never expected to go away from youDo you know why I have come now?Just now Reethu accepted my loveI came very happy to tell you
that first, but…You are angry and going off to ChennaiWe thought that our partners should
understand our friendshipBut if they are our problems…
what are we doingIf my love is the problem to our friendship
I don't want that loveI'll go and tell Reethu nowI am going away that our friendship
shouldn't hinder your love affairWhy will you be a problem to me?No one can separate us
We can't be parted even if we want toYou boasted about your priority, right?If you want to go, go awayGo awayI'll allow you to play with my gangWill you allow me
to play with your gang?You mean Thursday?
Okay sir, byeWill one week time be enough
for the engagement?We don't auspicious time often
I'll take care of other thingsYou don't get tense unnecessarilyYou know how beautiful it was at the
last camp site we visited?You look very handsome in person
than in the photoHe is my selectionI am very happy todayFirst time, my fiance and
my friend have met each otherMe tooYou like that?Then you take that iPhone
and I'll take this chainI know that you are friends
since childhoodBut I bought them both for youIt is good if it is with me
But if it is with you, it'll be very niceThere is some good time on coming Thursday
Is it okay for you?It is okay for me
Call my dad once and confirm itDid you feel for that?I told you that he is open-minded personWhy do I feel for that?Tell me the truth
Do you like him?To tell the truth…he is superbYou selected a correct personBecause he is in love with you deeply
he felt very possessivelyHow many marks you give to our love?You can use this phone often
if you want toIs it your Majnu's phone?
I don't want that LailaHe liked you very much
He gave 10 out of 10 marks for our loveThen how many marks will you
give to our friendship?I've just come, I need some time
to rate your friendship- Why did you take that money?
– To buy a guitar and present to ChanduChandu has gone for shopping
but he hasn't come yetLook there! He is comingWhy don't you use this bike
instead of coming in auto?I bought that bike for my dad,
not for me, auntyHe told that he won't use that bikeLet him use it or not,
it is for him onlyHis dad is adamant
This boy is stubbornI don't know when will they change that-Are you Udhay?
– Yes, it's me- You're going to marry our teacher, right?
– Yes, why?- Take care of her well
– Why? You like her very muchIf you don't take care her well
she'll torture us with her dance class- Is it?
– Yes- Greetings aunty!
– Greetings dearYou look so cute- Have you come alone?
– YesHe'll do anything to get the promotionDear! Isn't she so cute?We three of us are classmatesI didn't mind them thenRecommendation is not enough,
talent is also neededOn the auspicious day of Ekadasi,
in Chandra mada srikara year(Telugu year)…this engagement is fixed
before the elders…that late L. Venkat Rao's
only daughter Ms Sirichandra…and M. Vasudeva Rao's only son Mr. Udhay
are agreed to be marriedMake the betrothalDon't you have the sense to knock
before you enter a girl's room?- Girls? Which girl is here?
– I'll kill you- Give me the lighter
– When did you start to smoke?Shut up, give me the lighterGood boys like us
don't have that bad habitsYou tell these stories to Reethu,
but not to meBecause Reethu didn't like
I've stopped smokingIs it?
Very nice!You are Pawan Kalyan, and she is Bhoomika
and your love story is KushiI have told you many times
to stop smokingBut you stopped it
when Reethu told youDon't get jealousIt gives a kick
if we stop something for the girlfriendsYou too are like meYou know how much time
I pleaded you not to go to ChennaiIf Udhay hadn't come there
you would have goneI didn't go because he came there
What is your problem?- Go man
– Yes, I am going to Kerala tomorrowFor what?Airtel people are contesting
music competition thereMy boss told meOne band is looking for
a lead guitaristIf I prove myself there
I'll be settled in my life- I'll also come with you
– You? What for?I promised to uncle that until
you get settled in life I'll take careToday only your engagement got overIf you come with me
how will your Udhay feel?- I'll take him with me
– Will he come?He'll definitely come,
if he knows that I am going thereBring your Reethu too- Oops! I won't come
– Why me?- I can't leave my mom alone so many days
– I'll get bored thereWho will take care of the shop?I won't mind,
go if you want toHe'll definitely comeHe isn't Chandu to come with you
wherever you go, like a pet dogHe is Udhay, he maintains his rangeI am going to Kerala
Do you need some lift?You said you can't comeWhile you are going for your friend
can't I come for my fiancee?You said you can't comeI can't be without you for so longSpeed…speed
Speed of the windSpeed…speed
It is within usSpeed…speed
We are a flow of lightningWe have the pleasant moments
without minding its endingWe have the happiness
without any reasonYou know that there is
no form for tomorrowGo head, in this air
like your daySpeed…speed
World is all about speedSpeed…speed
No limits for itSpeed…speed
We are a flow of lightningLet the over flow of joy
come with us crossing its shoreAsk the time
what is ahead on your pathRealise that this world
never changes as new oneBut look at it newly with your eyesSpeed…speed
Speed of the windSpeed…speed
It is within usSpeed…speed
We are a flow of lightning- Greetings!
– Greetings!Where are you from?Telugu? Just a minuteHaving tender cheeks,
come, golden complexioned beauty!Come playing Kathakali,
you golden Moon!Having tender cheeks,
come, golden complexioned beauty!Come playing Kathakali,
you golden Moon!Like a gold chained cuckoo,
and colourful peacock…Ladies, adorn the garland
and welcome themTake it and go awayA great welcome! Thank you, KannaiahMy name is Clarity Kannaiah!
Full of clarity-Are you Telugu?
– Yes!My mom is Telugu
and dad is MalayaliThey got married without clarity
But they got clarity after I was bornAnd they divorced- Tragedy?
– No, only comedyTake this insideOh God!- What is this?
– What are you doing?He told me to take this inside
But he didn't say clearly which oneI meant the luggageDo you mean this luggage
not this luggage?- Yes, keep (thagalai) this inside
– Okay!Both the luggage are of same weight-A bad news for you
– What is it?- Your roommate is Siri
– I'll hit youWhat?Don't do!What are you doing?You told me to fire(thagalai) the luggage
That's why I am going to fire itYour damn clarity!
Get lostThen they asked me to fire that
now they asked not to do thatNo clarity! Waste fellowsWe are all like the strings to the guitarThough every string is important…Good music comes only when
all strings are played togetherWe are also like thatWe've to make holiday trips
like this every yearOne year!? It'll be better
if we make it for 6 months once6 months? No chanceIt is very difficult to make
a meeting once in a yearAfter marriage we will settle in US
They will stay hereWe won't get enough time to go after
our aims, goals and aspirationAnd I can't allocate time to meet friendsI didn't say that to disappoint you
I talked practically, that's allLet's be happy wherever we areWe'll be more happy
if we all meet togetherLet's go for swimming tomorrow- Hello Malayali dear!
– What?Tell the items what we orderedItems should be fresh, got it?Open it and see- What is this?
– They are very freshYou can't get more fresh
than this in this KeralaI meant food should be cooked and warm
but not to serve the items alive like this- You didn't tell that before
– We are telling it nowWe are very hungry
Go, bring the dinner- What about us?
– You would starve if you don't have clarity- Chandu, it is not here
– It is not here alsoMy guitar is missing
Have you seen that?No, I've not seenHere, I am so tense
but you're playing the game- Definitely you might have hidden it
– Go manThat clarity Kannaiah might have put
it in the campfireGo look there!Thanks doesn't suit you
Tell something differentlyIt is a costly guitar
Have you looted any bank?- She looted me, not in the bank
– Has she booked you this time?All girls are sameThey say they are equal to us,
but never spend a pennyChandu, it is not there tooWe tried very hard to hide it
from you since we bought itI told you know that he'll feel happy- How is it Reethu?
– It is good that she gave youIt would've been better
if I had gifted you- It is good
– Isn't it?To participate with you in the show,…the lead guitarist and singer,
Chandu from Hyderabad has comeSir! No need introductionYou idiot!We liked your music samplesIf I had known that it's yours,
I would say 'No' need youWe need a lead guitarist
and you need a band- There is no choice for both of us
– What choice?Go manIf you don't have problem with us
we can start the workReally? Do you remember it, Udhay?
That day I told you on the phone…- that he hit someone for sake of me
– Yes, I rememberNow he joined in the same bandIs there any problem for you?Don't know that
how the life shows a personEnemies may become friends
and friends may become enemiesThese are the places selected by me
that we are going to see next weekWe've come to encourage him
We can't go anywhere till this gets overHe is practicingIt is India's bating
Come, let's go and watch itNo Udhay, I am going with Chandu
to the practiceLet the rain shower…- Let the rain shower…
– That's itNo boss, we've made a full plan
to give clarity to that clarity KannaiahCome and join usWhat is it?Let it be this guy or that guy,Let it be anyone,
comes to rule us…Hey Appala Naidu!
May you use atrocity or be a donMay you use rowdyism or politicsMay you use goondayism
or come with groupsOne by one, your people dead bodies
only will fall downTides near the shore will flow in bloodSorry brother! It is tornThis game is excellentI will also tryIt is BalakrishnaYour ears only should work
while I am talkingYou won't be alive for your
next birthday if you use anything elseWhy did you hit me?Our Balaiah told this dialogue
very stylishly in 'Simha'But you couldn't bring that feel
We, his fans get hurtThere is no connection
between him and me- I'll try one more time
– Okay, do itIt is Chiranjeevi- I'll dance now
– Will you do superb?I'll tear it offWhy did you hit me again?How dare you try to
dance like ChiranjeeviDid I dance superbly?No one can be compared to
Chiranjeevi, he only can do his styleWe are fans,
we can't acceptWhen someone hits you and
if you feel tremors in your brain,then, he is PanduWhen someone hits you and
if you feel tremors in your brain,then, he is MalayaliIt is Pandu, why did you say Malayali?-Are you Mahesh Babu fans?
– YesI got itYou continue
I'll leaveWhat is this?
Is it a group dance around me?No, you said that you got
settled in Kerala long agoThen how do you know
about these Telugu movies?- You are dead
– Don't hit meHey ladies! Take me and
put down somewhereWhy did you bring me to the water?You told to put down
but you didn't tell the place clearlyKeeping 4 days for the competition
you are cleaning the car- Go for practice
– Don't get tensed, killerI'll win in the competition and
build a Taj Mahal for Reethu- What about me?
– I've already fixed a palace for youI'll kill youKarthik called me and told
that he's at TrivendramThat short Karthik!?Pack your bag
We are going there for 2 daysI can't come
If you want you can goI told him that we both are comingIt's just 2 days
Go killerGo Siri
You can enjoy itI won't goHe is practicing with
the band already he quarreledI am very tense
what is going to happen next?I won't come anywhere
until the show gets overWhatever I plan
it wouldn't happenOh mom!Move Reethu!Are you mad? Want to get
irritated for this small thing?Are you hurt badly?You know how important
this show is for himHow will he perform now?
Just 4 days leftDo you know how
idiotically you behaved?It would be nice
if you hadn't come hereI didn't do wantonlyLeave the topicCome, let's see the doctor in the resortFor what?Having concern on me,
Siri scolded you in the eveningDon't misunderstand herThis is too much
Why should I misunderstand her?Who scolded me? It is SiriShe has the rights to scold me
No need your explanation for thisYou are bothering too much
Go take rest- To give medicine to Chandu
-Already I've given to himYou go spend some time with him
He'll feel better thenDon't spend too much time
He'll get tired if he skips his sleep- Isn't it small injury?
– Small injury, but his fingers got crushedDon't know how he will play
the guitar in the competition?Competition won't be stopped
if he doesn't play the guitarIf Siri calls you again
ask her to come backThere is no problem for my fingerI don't know whether it is right or not
talking like this in this timeAs a friend I should tell this to youYou went to Mumbai to study MBA
but learned music and cheated everyoneEverytime when you were doing like that
I supported youBut this 10 minutes are not like thatThis competition is not
between you and the other bandsThis competition is
between you and yourselfI promised to uncle that
I can trust you and your talentDon't disappoint meMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyA girl saw me in the campus canteenSuddenly I got changed by herShe told me later that she is my loveand she wouldn't die leaving me aloneThe next one month,
we roamed all places togetherMy next one week, she was not with meThe next Friday, it was her
birthday party in discothequeThe next moment,
I had to pay the billMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyMy iPhone rang with tring…tring soundTo meet her, she asked me to come fastShe asked me to buy her a gold ringShe said she would soon
give me a surpriseThe next one month, I flew in the airThe next one week,
I was in full tensionThe next Friday,
I met the thrill in my lifeThe next moment,
she adorned that ring to someone elseMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyMy daddy pockets are always plentyMy friend pockets are always emptyThat day I overacted too muchWithout you we would not
have won the competitionAren't you and Siri lovers?Seeing your reaction that day
we thought she was your loverWhat you are telling
is like a breaking newsWe are friends since our childhoodPeople miss their love for career
That day you missed superb chance for herYou mistook us only as lovers
But Reethu asked 'when was our marriage'?Udhay never mistook us like that- For what?
– Siri is happy because you wonElse she would console you whole night
And my plan will be failed- What plan?
– Because our work is over,Mr Udhay planed to take
his fiancee Mrs Udhay, for one full day dateMrs Udhay agrees to thatShall we go too?Next 24 hours, we won't disturb you
and vice versaThis agreement is okay for us tooYou didn't tell us anything about Chandu
Is it such a secret, Kishan sir?What great thing has he
done to tell everyone?Again you're talking modestly
What will he do more than this?ROCKSTAR OF THE YOUTHOur boy has won in this big competitionEveryone wants to be
a Doctor or an EngineerBut your son is great
He has chosen a different fieldYou are greatAs a father, you encouraged him
and he's come to this positionChandu is lucky to
have a father like youKishan sir, you've to give us
a party in the eveningWe've to make pooja for the bike
Shall we go?When everyone says that
I am the reason for his successI feel sad and guiltyI couldn't enjoy his successI have been only a father to himI should've been a friend like Siri..Dear!You know how exciting I feel
to be lonely in the middle of the waterHow do you know that
I like such places like this?I became your lover because I remember
your every word that you told meI told it casually, but you remember
and have brought me hereI am very happyI have been waiting since we came to Kerala
to see this happiness in youOnly thanks is not enough
for making such a big planIt is better to hit me than you kiss thereI should only hit for this
before the marriageI don't know all that- Tell me, Killer
– Come to the resort urgentlyWhat happened?This matter can't be told over the phoneI want to talk to you directly
Come fast- What happened?
– Mom called me- Uncle and aunty are not coming home
– Why?Because Uncle and aunty are roaming
around the city in the new bike- Really?
– Yes, reallyI can't believe itTo this small matter,
have you come day breaking my plan?What Udhay?
Is it a small matter?Tell them, how big matter it is for youDo you know Reethu, since how long
he has been waiting for this day?I am very happy today more than
the happiness of winning competitionBecause of you only, I got successful
in the music, love and lifeIt's enough, get downThat day you asked me
to rate your friendshipNow I am telling
Yours is not friendshipEven though it is hard to hear
I am telling the truthNot only for me, you both
appear like lovers to everyoneUdhay! You are broad minded
I thought that you would understand usI didn't expect that
you too would talk like thisI can't be such broad-minded… ignore you moving so close
to him in front of your fianceI want to ask you whom you
like more, me or ChanduBut I fear that you will tell
we are equal to youYou are comparing
two unequal thingsYou and he are differentWe are friends
since childhood, now and foreverBut you are, yesterday my boyfriend,
today my fiance, tomorrow my husbandMy relationship with him hasn't changed
but with you, it has changedDon't you feel like that?Chandu, you made a mistake,
hitting UdhayYou shouldn't have done like thatI can't keep quiet
if Siri gets into any problemMy problem is also thatI thought you are everything for me
when I started my relationship with youI expected the same thing from youAny girl would think that her boyfriend
should give the priority to her onlyBut you are giving her
more priority than meI thought to take more care of you
But she takes care of you before meHave you understood this much only
about our friendship?I don't know how to tell youI feel somebody is occupying
the space between usI am going to share my life with you
not with herWhy do you compare with Siri?Our expectations also will be changed
along with our relationsIt'll be good if you move close to
somebody when you are my girlfriendIf it is after our marriage…
I'll feel you are my ownIf it will be continuing like this then,
many problems will creep between usUdhay! What do you want to tell me?If you want to live us together
you both should be partThe day when he proposed to Reethu,
he told me that he would…leave his love if it would be
problematic between usSimilarly I can't leave him
for sake of our loveBut I want you, UdhayCome ReethuIf we have to be happy
take one decision, ChanduI'll do anything, to live with you happy
and to make you happyYou know, when she felt that her friendship
would be a problematic for our love…she wanted to go away
but never told me to forget my loveYou want me to go away from youI can't live with you happily leaving SiriThey are youngThey would have quarreled in emotionThe problem will be solved
if you go and talk with Udhay onceProblem is not there
It is with themThey left their love and comeBut they aren't knowing
the love between themWhat is this mom?
They entered newly into our lifeThey don't know about us
that's why they talked like thatBut you too…I can't find anything wrong
from what Udhay spokeSeeing your closeness,
when that idea came to your mom…it is not surprising
to outsiders to think like thatSo your lovers couldn't understand youIf anyone enters into your life
they can't understand youThen, what if you meet this problem
after your marriage?It is better for you
to discuss this now itselfThe decision is in your handsIt can't be told that husband and wife
would be good friendsBut good friends can become
good husband and wifeIf you want to live together forever…
There is only one option for youYou both should get marriedDon't you think 'I' refer her
and 'She' refers me?Is it our wrong
being a boy and a girl?Can't a boy and a girl
be Friends forever?Will you part ways to satisfy others?I've learnt how to choose things in lifeBut I never expected
to be one of the choicesBeen together, dreamt togetherIf we must live separately,
what is that relationship?Forcing us to get married
to live together is ruthlessIs there any relationship
between the bird and the tree?Is it wrong to build a nest
without that?Is there no friendship
between the bank and the river?.Is it possible to describe it?I don't thank myself in the mirror
because you're like me in the mirrorDon't you think 'I' refer her
and 'She' refers me?Is it our wrong
being a boy and a girl?Can't a boy and a girl
be Friends forever?Will you part ways to satisfy others?- Dude! When is the bachelor party?
– My engagement is brokenIf there is no image,
to appear to the eyes…Will you defy the soul
that keeps you alive?If there is no sound,
to listen to the ears…Will you defy heart beats
that keeps you alive?If the feeling can't be expressed by wordDoes it mean such silence
is not worthy enough?Tide touches the shore now and then
Is it fair to restrict it?Don't you think 'I' refer her
and 'She' refers me?Is it our wrong
being a boy and a girl?Can't a boy and a girl
be Friends forever?Will you part ways to satisfy others?You goWhat have you decided?Yes dad, as all of you think that
there is love between usI am very happy that you've understood
there is love between youFriendship is between lovers
Similarly love is between friendshipI can't understand what you are sayingTell me one thing, dadWhat is that you and mom show on me
and what aunty shows on Siri?Isn't it love?For two people being together
in any relationship…they need love between themThe same love is also between usIn this love, we don't expect
anything from each otherThe love that don't expect anything
is called friendshipOur friendship started since our childhood,
when I pulled her doll from her handsAfter 20 years, my minds still
have the same feelingIf I had pulled that doll from a boy,
and if he wanted to be my friend foreverYou wouldn't say 'No', right?Your problem is
because Siri is a girlAfter a boy and a girl get matured
and still roam as friends……this world can't accept itWe are living in the society
that onlookers may misunderstand…if brother and sister
go for a ride in the bikeYou are rightBut they can't change the brother
and sister relationship, right?Brother and sister
Mother and sonFather and daughterThe society which is accepting them
as true relationship……why can't it accept
a boy and a girl's friendship?We were happily roaming
in the world of friendship these daysIt is because of freedom
that you gave usAnd the faith you kept on usSince childhood, in the school, college,
music, love, happy, sorrow and lifeShe was with me in everywhere
and vice versaWe have shared everythingBut…But I can't even think of sharing
my bed also with herEver since I became aware of the world
I've started to call mom as momIt is equally true that
Siri is my friendSeeing the dress you wear,
jobs you chooseI thought there was no clarity in
the minds of youngsters of this general…and was hoping you to reformAfter seeing your clarity in
the small line between love and friendshipWe think that our generation
should be changedIt's not our honour to give you freedomIt's your honour being same today
without misusing itBecause we're in the society that can't
take a boy and girl to be friends foreverI couldn't understand youWe have understood that
your friendship is also a relationshipBut your life partners
should understand thisMay be it is harsh to you, I am
talking like this despite listening to youAs a father, you are thinking
about their feelingsBut I'm thinking about the problems
that will come between us in the futureThere is a problemSince we are childhood friends,We've behaved crossing an edge, forgetting
the difference between a boy and a girlThere was no wrong in
you misunderstanding us seeing thatWe are just friendsThis friendship is very
important in our lifeYou are going to share our life
if you can't understand that friendship…there is no meaning for thatIt shouldn't happen like thatI'll marry Reethu and no one elseWhat else should I do
to make you understand?Siri loves you very muchIs it okay for you
if I don't meet Siri for an year?I won't meet Siri forever,
never try to talk or see herPlease marry my friend, UdhayIt is completed 3 years
since you parted from SiriI am watching you and your band
in the news and internetBut Siri never mentioned about you
all these daysIn this 3 years, we were very happy
without any misunderstandingWhenever a problem creeps up in life,
we should make some adjustmentsBut what you both did
is not an adjustment, but a sacrificeThere will be some pain
if two people get parted in any relationshipYou both were happy after parting
and made us happyThat credit goes to your friendshipAs a common man, I wanted her to be my wife
like how other husbands expectBut, now I want grow my son not like meHe has mother, father,
family and societyHe should know that
his mother has a best friend tooThat's why I want to gift
my wife's best friend back to her3 years are over
Where is my certificate?It is hereWhat are you seeing?Will you allow me to join
your gang?Time and distance are not
barriers for friendshipThough bodies are different
Our life is oneLet us live happilyLet's tell the sky
that our friendship is greatLet's chart a plan
to reach the starsLet's watch this world
from there


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