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Noah’s Back To School Hat Disaster! SuperHeroKids

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When Hope tells Noah to wash his SHK hats in soap, Noah uses the wrong kind of soap and ruins his favorite back to school hats. Eden and Hope feel bad for Noah and set out to make new SHK hats. The new hats are so popular that all the kids want to buy one. Hope takes all of the credit for making the hats when Eden is the one that has actually been making them, and the sister battle is on. Will they be able to fix Noah’s hat problem and work together to get the hats ready for back to school? Watch to find out!

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Video transcription:

(upbeat music)- And that SuperHeroKids is
how you mess with your milk.Make sure to go watch the full videoon my mew challenge channel, SHK Play.Whoa, I'm finished.- [Noah] No.- Noah!- Noah, we're here, what's wrong?- My hats.- Your hats?- I washed my hats just like you said,but now they're ruined.- Noah, what did you wash your hats with?- Soap, and now my
favorite hats are ruined.They look awful, look at them.- Soap, like dish soap?Why would you do that?- I gotta get outta here.- Uh, I might have told
him to wash them with soap.- Why would you tell him that?- I don't know.I thought that's how you
wash stuff, with soap.(sad music)I feel bad.I shouldn't have told Noah
to use soap to wash his hats.- Whatcha gonna do?- Eden?- Huh.- Do you think you can
help me make him a new hat?- Sure, but what kinda hat?- A new SuperHeroKids hat, da, da, da.- And done.- This is so cool and awesome.Thank you, Noah's gonna love it.- You're welcome.(upbeat music)- [Hope] Noah.- What?- [Hope] I have something
that's gonna cheer you up.- (gasps) Whoa, is that a new SHK hat.Thank you Hope, this hat is awesome.- Yeah, I felt bad for telling youto put dish soap on your
hat, so I made you this.- Hey guys, whatcha doing?- Eden, check it out, Hope
made me a new SHK hat.- Oh, Hope made you a hat?- I'm gonna wear it around town.Bye.- Well, at least he's happy.- Yeah, but you know you coulda told himI helped you make it.- Oh, I'm sorry Eden.Telling him kinda slipped
my mind in the excitement.- I know, I know, I
was just mentioning it.- And I promise if he asks
again I will tell him.Okay cool.(upbeat music)(boys mumbling)- Ooh.- Noah, cool hat dude.- Nice hat Noah.- Oh, where'd you get it from?- Oh, this old thing, eh, it's nothing,it's just my hat.- Oh, it's my hat, it's pretty cool,I mean, do you guys like it?- Oh yeah, we totally wanna buy one.- Oh you would, would you?(upbeat music)Thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase,thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase,thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase,thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase,thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase,thank you for your purchase,
thank you for your purchase.Yes, we sold out.(upbeat music)Come assistant.- Yes ma'am Miss Hope.- [Together] One, two, three, go.- Hey guys, where'd you get those hats?- Oh, Hope made 'em.- Wait, Hope made them?- Yeah, you didn't know
know she's been sellingthese awesome hats?We bought a ton of them.- Hope.- Good morning partner.Here's our list of orders
for our amazing hats.- No.- What?Come on, we've been
working so well together.Now come on buddy, we got
these orders we need to fill.- No, I'm making all the hatsand you're getting all the credit.So from now on, if you want any hats,you're gonna have to make 'em yourself.- Well then, how hard
could it be to make a hat?She'll be back, she
needs me, she'll be back.(intense music)Hey.- Hey.(talks over each other)You go first.- I just wanna say I'm sorry.The hats were so cooland the attention got to my head,and I should of gave you credit.- It's okay, I'm sorry I
ditched you half way through.Truce?- Truce.
– Good.I have so many ideas for hats, shirts,and other accessories,- We're back in business.- [Noah] Hey guys, you use
milk for the drier, right?- [Together] No.- Don't pour milk.- Sorry guys.- Click right here to
watch more milk experimentson SHK Play.- And make sure to show
us your milk experimentsat,to get a chance to win an iPad
Pro, Apple Pencil, and $500.- Like this video and subscribe.See you in the next video.(upbeat music)


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