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Nioh! Playthrough Part 4 – Blind – PS4 – Twitch Walkthrough / Ninja & Samurai Action!

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Nioh! Playthrough: Team Ninja’s Dark Souls inspired, but original action horror game. Battling your way through Japan in the 1600’s fighting demons, Samurai, Ninja, Pirates, and Rebels; Nioh! is among PS4’s most fun games.

This is my BLIND, first time playthrough of Nioh! So, enjoy the playthrough from the perspective of a toddler learning to walk. Gotta say; learning Nioh’s gameplay is a little tricky, but i’m loving it. The bow may be just my favourite weapon thus far; with my spear coming up in second play. They just make Nioh! so much easier!

Equipment I used for this stream:

This will be more of a Nioh longplay over a let’s play due to the nature of how I recorded this game. The gameplay footage will also be a little bit grainy as I believe my i5 CPU doesn’t have the power to stream this game at 60fps without issue. May have to upgrade my PC at some point.

I hear feedback on this game becoming repetative, but I feel many of those that think that way may be comparing Nioh! to Dark Souls or Bloodborne. In that case I can see where you’d be coming from, but to where i’ve gotten in Nioh; the game is fine. Without comparing it to either Dark Souls or Bloodborne, I feel this game can be enjoyed at a higher standard. At least for me.

A big fan of Feudal Japan and early Edo Period Japan, I am a totally weebaboo for the Ninja, Samurai and overall look and feel of the country. Of course if I went back in time and was stuck there it’d suck, but from an entertainment point; it fun. And Nioh! is that to the core. Like Tenchu; the setting and time period is very importantt to my enjoyment of the these games.

While Dark Souls is all about the Medieval era of Europe; Nioh! is the most appealing to my tastes. What a great time to be a gamer, two fantastic games with completely different settings to enjoy.

Nioh! has these optional Oni demons laid around that you can summon for extra points. This is where the game gets easy… fighting these guys for extra points allows me to level up faster, which in turn makes all the normal enemies easier to deal with. I like this as it makes me feel like i’m mastering Nioh and getting the full experience from the PS4 title.

While I currently have little experience with the game; it appears Nioh! allows a greater level of character building than seen in the Dark Souls series. The weapons you use most often will grow with you in experience and become more powerful, so focusing on one type of weapon for periods of time will grant you more skill and power than you would obtain were you to mix and match often.

This means that the replay value and rollplaying of Nioh! is pretty high and more fun. In fact, I hope if they make a sequel that they go deeper into this system, making it more complex and rewarding with a steeper learning curve.

There’s also spirit animal power ups you obtain. The dog being my current one, it has made battling bigger demons and foes much easier. Gained through combat, it again has similarities to Dark Souls. If you die your spirit animal waits where you fell for your return. If you did again on the travel back; it’ll reset causing you to lose your built up power and all the souls you gathered for leveling.

Nioh also has spells and new moves to learn that require these souls. Once again making this game different in areas to Dark Souls, giving Nioh it’s own identity.

Someday I hope From Software brings back Tenchu in a similar manner to their Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises. Given that Nioh! Has found good sales with gamers and has been ported to PC, too; I think a Tenchu gameplay reboot would be a great move by From Software.

As for Team Ninja; i’m enjoying Nioh! and plan on playing the entire game. Consider making a sequel and blow the minds of every gamer out there that enjoys these wonderful video games.

Hope everyone enjoys my Nioh! playthrough. I was a bit uneasy about doing a blind run of this on stream as getting stuck for weeks on certain parts would be embarrassing, but as soon as the stream ended I felt like I had more fun than I ever expected playing Nioh! More fun than I may have had if I played it off stream.

So thanks everyone. Hopefully I enjoy the entire game of Nioh! And it becomes one of my favourite games of the PS4 era. I feel i’ve not seen many PS4 games that have blown me away, this may just change that! Go, Nioh!!

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