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Ninja Gaiden Sigma | Master Ninja Difficulty Guide | Chapter 16 The Fiendish Awakening [1080p/60fps]

Ninja Gaiden Sigma played on Master Ninja difficulty! This is the highest and hardest setting available for play. This guide features 19 videos corresponding to the number of chapters in the game. For those interested in the technical specifications of these videos, the resolution is set to 1440×1080 (full HD) and the rendered Frames Per Second (fps) is set to 60fps to ensure the highest quality and the most authentic representation of the game’s native resolution and frame rate.

All Golden Scarabs, Life of the Gods, and Lives of the Thousand Gods are collected. Also, all important events (item pickups, fiend challenges, boss battles, etc.) will be linked to time codes that you can use to “jump” to whatever part of the video you need to.

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Chapter 16 Item Manifest/Event Log:
[Fiend Challenge] Hornets x120 @ 1:00
[Item] Life of the Gods (37 of45) @ 2:56
[Item] Jewel of the Demon Seal @ 3:15
[Fiend Challenge] Garbage Bugs x120 @ 9:41
[Mid-Level Boss Fight] Fiend Ryu Clone @ 21:12
[Item] Armlet of Benediction @ 23:08
[Item] Jewel of the Demon Seal @ 27:05
[Mid-Level Boss Fight] Fiend Ryu Clone @ 28:00
[Item] Armlet of Fortune @ 28:27
[Item] Life of the Gods (38 of45) @ 30:03
[Item] Life of the Gods (39 of45) @ 30:09
[Boss Fight] Awakened Alma @ 32:19

Video transcription:


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