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NHL ’95 PC Let’s Play Kickoff! STARRING YOU

A new and exciting Let’s Play campaign, NHL Hockey ’95 on the PC, the improved version of NHL ’94. But this time, I’m opening up created player submissions to my audience. That’s right! You can submit your own players for me to create in the game and play the season as. This will either be fun or ridiculous, hopefully a nice mix of both! Include a custom goal song if you’d like as well.

Here’s the rules:
* Submit Name, Position, Sweater Number, Player Type and/or individual ratings (be aware of NHL ’95’s limits on player creation, see 1:30 for more details)
* Don’t forget shooting hand!
* First come first served in sweater numbers
* 24 character limit, please use a first name and a last name, no middle names, letters only
* Lines will be set appropriately by me
* No goalies – those are reserved
* No vulgarity, please be civil! We don’t want a hockey game to break out at our fight… I mean…
* One entry per person
* Deadline for submission October 7th, or until roster slots are filled!

I’ll be playing as Anaheim for reasons mentioned in the video, 20 minute periods, penalties, offsides, and icing on, two line pass off, injuries on, line changes on, seven game playoffs.

Come on in and enjoy the fun!

5 Winger
2 Center
3 Defenseman
5 Miscellaneous
3 Remaining ‘dress’ roster slots


Video transcription:


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