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NES Longplay [316] Cosmo Police Galivan

Played by: JagOfTroy

I call it ‘Contra with swords’. Maybe not extremely accurate but the game was just as fun and memorable.

What an incredibly rare but good game. It was unfortunate that the game never saw an American release as it would of probably been more well-known. Everything felt perfect about this game, great music, great controls and weapons. The enemies were all uniquely designed with uncommon attack patterns that made you have to develop a different strategy to fight them unlike most games that usually copy a similar fighting style.
Along the way, you will acquire different blades that are stronger than the last one you gained and each has their own experience levels depending on the more you used a particular one. When you reach the end to gain the final sword, each sword you have maxed out raises the level of the Cosmo Blade by one grade.
This experience system is a nice feature and a good idea but it also brings up my chief complaint which you’ll see in my longplay.
It takes way too much experience to raise some of the blades so often you’ll be looking for a spot where you can just kill some enemies over and over till you have the blade maxed out. There are also certain points in the game where you need enough CP(similar to MP in other games) in order to progress but you can only carry a certain max of them until you level up.

Despite those flaws in this game, I highly recommend playing it for yourself as it is very memorable for everything that makes a game great and the difficulty presents a real challenge.

Video transcription:



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