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NBA 2K21: Warriors vs Clippers Highlights & 4th Quarter – Stephen Curry 19 pts | Xbox Series S

Working on NextGen sliders.

Initial thoughts on 2K NextGen:

I decided to cop NBA 2K21 on NextGen (Xbox Series S) because I was itching to play. I think the game is good out of the box, but it could be a whole lot better. YouTube and CPU vs CPU gameplay that I’ve been watching over the last month hasn’t really done this game any justice. The realism (overall feel of the game) is probably the best 2K has to offer. Graphically, players need more textures and the movement could still use some work. I did add a modified version of my current gen sliders to this gameplay, so I’ll be fine tuning it over the next few weeks. If 2K can figure out how to make the overall game feel organic rather than slow and sluggish, they could have a masterpiece in the future. The shooting on NextGen feels better than current gen, I can actually use shot timing and aiming with little headaches.

Gameplay features an intense battle between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers. Highlights of the first three quarters and I included the full 4th quarter gameplay.

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Video transcription:


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