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My Hollywood Story, Season 2, Episode 10 | Romance Club


Season 2, Episode 10: The Lucky Penguin

A famous director will offer a role, while your friend will watch your back on steep turns.


Romance Club – Stories I Play (with Choices)

About the game
Immerse yourself in romantic visual stories where YOU control what happens!

Welcome to Romance Club – a collection of romantic, episode based, story games where you make choices as you play.

Ever dreamed of being a character in your favorite story? In this game you can…
Customize your avatar and design your outfit
Fall in love, romance and date cute guys and girls
Develop relationships with your favorite characters – will they be friends or enemies?
Make choices that can change your fate
Immerse yourself in different worlds from love and drama to fantasy and adventure

What story will you choose first?

MY HOLLYWOOD STORY – You’re an aspiring actress pursuing dreams in a city known for destroying hopes and breaking hearts. Can you make the right choices on your path to the stardom? This romantic comedy story will appeal to any age.

Season 2, episode 4, 5 & 6 coming in early April.

MOONBORN – Can you save thousands of people from certain death and find the balance between light and darkness as you unravel the mystery of the prophecy of the “Moonborn”? This mystery vampire story will appeal to lovers of sexy urban fantasy.

Season 3, episode 3, 4 & 5 coming in early April.

SAILS IN THE FOG – Helped by a group of rogue pirates, you must restore the honor of the family, take revenge on your enemies, and find a way to stop a mysterious Aztec curse. Love, pirates, and adventure meet together in this sweeping romantic tale.

Season 4, episode 1 & 2 coming in early April.

QUEEN IN 30 DAYS – A young student comes to a faraway kingdom to have a grand time, find love and become a part of the upper crust.

Season 1, episode 9 & 10 coming in early April.

…PLUS more new stories and episodes coming soon!

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Your Story Interactive is an independent game studio located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. Stories are our passion and storytelling is what we do. Our sims are free! If you like love stories with choices, graphic novels and cute guys, you’ll love our games!


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