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Mugen Full Game Edit Samurai Showdown Download (With Link) Preview #11 Ninja Gaiden

Samurai Showdown


Let me first say thank you Cyber Bit for this screenpack and D_Cat for his turtles!!!!!!!!!!!

For this low res version of Samurai Showdown I added the voice of James Avery (Uncle Phil) to the Shredder. If anybody remembers he not only played the Fresh Prince’s Uncle but he also voiced the archnemsis on the 80’s classic cartoon. As a matter of fact I not only centered the screenpack “story” around the four TMNT, but I included the fifth T_Ninja char that’s been floating around online. Yet I used Fighter Factory to change his color from a yellow cloth to a white one. Also in the tradition of Master Splinter named him after an classic artist: Ammadeus.

Speaking of Mugen tools, starting with the first Street Fighter I posted my full games come with tools that are “Very Useful” such Audacity.I used this free music program to sample some great songs for this full game, for example: 007, Zelda, even the theme song from 21 Jump Street!!! Not to mention intro’s and endings for a bunch of the featured chars.

Stop The Shredder and co-boss Eyedol from Killer Instinct!!!!!!!!!

Please Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video transcription:



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