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MUGEN Arcade Run – Pinkamena

Pinkamena by smhungary89
Krizalid by 119way,»¨´Ì,9mb (Had this character after installing BrokenMUGEN Screenpack + Shin Rarity’s roster)
Heihachi Mishima by Chuchoryu (Scroll down until you see the ‘Tekken’ page)
Khameleon by OmegaPsycho
Mickey Mouse by A.T
Phoenix Connexion by armin_iuf (Actually named ‘phoenix_connexion’) (Scroll down until you see the ‘Counter Strike’ page)

Hospital by Andrés Borghi
Red Ring of Death by FlamingRedHead (Actually does NOT feature any music)
Fountain of Dreams by Big Eli King (Actually does NOT feature any music)
Haunted Castle by NeOaNkH
The Pit III by Doorhenge
Devil (A.K.A. Devil’s stage) by Tamez (Had this stage after installing Tekken 2 Arcade Vb MUGEN)

MUGEN © Elecbyte
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
The King of Fighters © SNK
The Black Heart © Andrés Borghi
Tekken © Namco
Mortal Kombat © Midway
Kirby & Luigi’s Mansion © Nintendo
Mickey Mouse © Disney
Mickey Mania © Traveller’s Tales & Sony Imagesoft
Counter Strike © Valve

Video transcription:


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