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Monkey Swings Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine

Monkey Swings Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a coin-operated kids amusement game machine. Equip with 43″ high-definition LCD monitor for display the video game. Control panel only design one button for player play the game, the gameplay is simple but full of fun. It’s very good to test the children’s reaction capability.

The game include three different game scenes for option, and design different levels for players to challenge and win the ultimate prize. Player can win the ticket according to press the button to let the monkey jumping when the above monkey is swinging closely. The more monkey player success, the more ticket player will get.

1. Insert coin, choose scene, start the game.
2. The first monkey jump and catch the rope, then second monkey jump and catch the first monkey’s hand. Players need to seize the time to press the button when two monkey’s hands almost hold together. If two monkeys hand didn’t hold together, it is failed.
3. The rest monkeys repeat in order, make the monkey ladder.
4. The more monkeys hand hold together, the more tickets the player got.


It will be a new favorite at your arcade or amusement centre.

To purchase, please go to our website and follow the prompts:

Video transcription:


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