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Minecraft: Building a Sandcastle Part 1 – Getting Started

Welcome to my special minecraft building series. Where I show you how to build a Sandcastle from start to finish! Part 1 – Getting Started

Intro Music: David Guetta – Who’s That Chick

Click here to watch Part 2:

Check out the trailer to see what you’re going to build!

I’ve used a mod called “Toomanyitems” to help me out lol

I’ve also used Single Player Commands MOD:

This special video includes the following:
– 15+ minutes of epicness
– Tips and building strategies
– Ideas
– Commentary and More!

Minecraft Seed: Discord

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*Clips of myself gathering resources are not shown

Step 1: Find and clear a relatively large flat area

Step 2: Once your area is nice and flat… mark how long (that’s what she said)
you want your castle to be

So the side of my castle is 41 blocks long and the front of my castle is 45 blocks width.
You can make it smaller or bigger than that… (depends how much time you’re willing to put into it)

Step 3: Fill in the holes with sand if you have any…

Step 4: To finish off making the flat area for your castle,
remove the remainder of the blocks of sand!

Step 5: Building the outter walls. You can use normal sand or sandstone.
My walls are 7 blocks high

Step 6: Next, we are going to build the main entrance and along with a gate 🙂
Make sure that it is symmetrical!

Step 7: Continue to build the outter walls around the castle

Step 8: Create the back entrance to your castle. Make sure that it is the same as the main entrance

Step 9: Same as step 6, however you can change it up and you could possibly “close” the gate ;]




Video transcription:



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