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[MHW:IB-PS4] MR6 Fade to Black (Fatalis) 13’55″81 Spread LBG TA Rules + Claw

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Sorry for the delay; I’ve been very busy this month and it’s not over (which means I can’t run as always), buuuuut, let’s move on this run.
Imo spread 3 (assuming Barioth lbg as spread 3) is a too risky way to solo ta this monster, but I’ve not tried this strategy; it’s just an opinion. You need both good AI rng and true spare shot procs. And you can’t use a set like the one that I used. Which means no fire res and other stuffs like attack 6 instead 7. Imo with this monster you must take in count that you’ll be hit more than once. After 2nd nova most fire attacks oneshot with fire res 20. Try to imagine the fun in waiting for the slow reload during this. There’s always the divine blessing 5 set but even in this case after 2nd nova it’s too risky at least on PS4.
Evade extender 2 is great; never tried with 3 cause fire res would be lost. Heat guard doesn’t require any explanation and other skills are totally dps.
Atm I’m still trying to 12’30 cause I’m sure it is possible with spread 2 but ngl, it’s really hard.

Safi’s Frostshot
Dragonhead β+
Dragonhide α+
Dragonclaws β+
Dragonbarbs α+
Kulve Taroth’s Wrath α+
Challenger Charm V

3x Attack+, 1x Attack
2x Flawless/Evasion
2x Jumping Release
2x Spread
1x Agitator+
1x Hard Fire Resistance
1x Shaver
1x Heat Guard
1x Critical Eye

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