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Mel’s Hole

The story of Mel’s Hole begins with an Art Bell radio interview, when Mel Waters claimed he owned a bottomless pit, and that he could prove it.

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Following are excerpts from an article by an anonymous author at buggedspace dot com, entitled “Mel’s Hole — Supernatural Infinite Pit That Revives Animals”.

The legend of Mel’s Hole began with an interview on Coast to Coast AM, when a guest identifying himself as Mel Waters asserted that he found an infinitely deep pit on his property. Today, this is well-known as an otherworldly marvel in the state of Washington.
What is Mel’s Hole? When it was discovered? Is it a “Devil’s Hole”?

As its name suggests, its existence was revealed by Mel Waters on Feb 21, 1997, during an interview on Coast to Coast AM, but Mel’s hole existed long before Waters came around. Before Waters bought the property, local residents, authorities, and indigenous tribes knew about the hole for decades.

The story of this pit refers to a hole, around nine feet in diameter as it’s opening and hand constructed brick wall inside the pit to about 15 feet of depth before it transitions into dirt and darkness.

Manastash Ridge residents used this mysterious hole as a garbage dump, but the pit never appeared to fill up.

Mel claimed that other than having supernatural properties, he also found that the pit is at least around 80,000 feet deep. His plan was to measure the actual depth of the pit by using fishing line and weights, but he said that even after dropping down the weight for almost 80,000, there was no sign of it touching the surface of the hole.

Most animals clearly detested the opening of the hole and would make a valiant effort to remain as far away as possible from it. Waters said that even his own pets wouldn’t go towards the pit. The time when he tried carrying his dog close to it, the dog drove its paws into the ground in protest.

Birds wouldn’t fly directly above the pit and other small animals never appeared near it. According to various reports, the only indication of wildlife were heaps of bones tossed around the mouth of the pit.

Mel’s Hole holds supernatural properties

When a container of ice was lowered around 1,500 feet down into the pits, the ice had changed when it was brought back up – it felt mysteriously warm, appeared to dry out the air close to it, and even at one point burst into flame.

Per Waters, one of his neighbor’s dogs died and the neighbor decided to dump its body into the pit. He carried the lifeless animal to the opening and threw it in.

The neighbor told Waters that he later found his dog running in the forest alive and well – still wearing the same collar. But he wouldn’t come to him, when called.

Mel’s Hole had a higher profile than Waters imagines. U.S Government officials endeavored to keep him away from entering his own property, claiming that a plane had crashed there. When Waters refused to cooperate, the government allegedly changed tactics and offered to lease his property for 1/4 of $1 million, on the condition that he would leave the property, and leave the country.

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