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Mangatayaru Tiffin Center Telugu Full Movie | Mumaith Khan | Sri Balaji Video

Watch & Enjoy Mangatayaru Tiffin Center Telugu Full Movie (720p) Starring Mumaith Khan, Krishna Bhagwan, MS Narayana, Ali, Suman Shetty, Director Venky, Music Composed by M.M.Sreelekha.

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Mangatayaru (Mumaith Khan) comes to a small village, Peravaram, which is on the Bank of Godavari river & starts a tiffin centre named as “Mangatayaru Tiffin Centre”. The entire village is attached by her charm & beauty & everyone is after her, trying to impress her in all possible ways..but manga has different thought as she came here to arrange the marriage of three girls who are the daughters of Ranganath, who committed suicide because of Manga. It’s the simple line of not so many turns and twists.

Video transcription:

Oh Why did you stitch
the blouse so tight?can it breathe
What are you saying Chantammastitched with the same
old measurementsIt seems that you have
put on some weightwait a minute size itNow? need to prepare at you
it's a rightYou make at you and will stitch
it to size it You are justJust kidding
Chantamma two more at youThe pickle is really great
Here it'sBu abba
What? You are a damn lucky manWhy? Because I'm serving you
Tiffin? That's not the thingYou must've done some great
deeds in the previous birthto get a wife like Chantamma
YouCotton l you are praising
me a bit too muchWhat he s saying s
true Chantammain this entire Godavari provincethere is no competition to your
cooking You are rightAnd yes where s this Boss?
He went out every nthe morning along with his camera
to capture nature in itVeerraju
Guru this sight is greatplace the stand here
take a photoplace the stand and you click
place the stand and you clickthis is going on since morning
How long will it go?lot nature has given
us so much beautyBut it didn't give us
money to buy reelsIf you take too much will pull
the garland around your neckMaster
Have a look over thereWow Our villages mermaidsif we take the r photos and
send them to a competitionwe would definitely win a prizeThat sounds like a good idea
since this is my ideayou must give me the prize if
you win one Ok take itwait a minute go there and
make them give a great poseYour job will be easy
Ok goWhen you bath in that way
there is a great offer for youMr Boss will take your photos
and send your photographsto national event photography
competitionand your photos would
be a over the countryYou will become famous overnightWe need great poses Now its
up to you what you will doCome here we will give
you some posesGuru start clickingIt should be great give some
poses give some posesSo you want a pose?Guru Guru They thrashed me hardWhat is the moral of this story?
That we should takephotographs without asking
for ones permissionright Come They thrashed me
but it was a good thrashingGreetings
Mr N mmagadda BhanumurthyOne should have basic civityhave it That's why greeted youGreetings Mr president
That's called civityThese days there are
no meetings at allforgot that you are the
president don't mind GoodbyeHey What? sit right on
ones part to forget Godwhen there reprocess ons
and to forget the presidentwhen there are no meetings?
No it's notCall them like set man urgently
OkListen residents of Peravaramit's president s order to everyoneyoung and old a like to attend
the panchayat (place for meeting )That's fine but first tell
me what is the reasonour president called for
such a sudden meetingI'm asking you Why aren't
you saying anything?You have kept the
knife on my throatremoved it tell me now
Go there He will tell youMove aside Move aside The
president is here GreetingsGreetings Mr president
Greetings GreetingsYou know why called
you a here today?We wouldn't have come
here had we known thatOk tell us why I'm the
president of this villageYou called us here to tell us that?
Nosince many days there are
no meetings in our villageThat's a good thing isn't it?
it's goodBut think it would be even
better if there are meetingsSo you want us to fight now?
don't it care if you fightorido something else but
there should be meetingsThat'sit did you get it?From now onwards there will
be meetings regularlyand you are attending them
That's my verdictas the president
He thinks he is some Peddaraduand That's his verdict and
for that he wants us to fightamong course yes Come
get back to our workUmbrella
I'm holding it Let's goticket ticketticket madamWhatticketYour stop is here
Get down Get downGet down Get down ladyExcuse me will you Please
hold this bag for me?Thanks Thanks? I'm the
one who should thank youAre you new to this place?
it nowright rightExcuse me Can get
a home on rent here?You might get one in that
lane Go and ask thereWhose relatlive is that girl ?
think she is new to this villageHow many of you will live here
girl ? Just me Just you?We won it give our place on
ease to a single girlBut I'm
told you can it help itNo one knows you How can
we give you home on ease?To earn a living one goes to city
but you came to a villageHow can we trust you
She seems to be a helpless girlWe shall give her the back port onYou keep your mouth shut
My husband is not a good manYou I find a house somewhere elsewhat is your problem?My name is Manga Tayaru
came to this villageto open a Tiffin center
but since I'm a single girlno one is giving a house on rentdon't know what should do
Move asideHe is the president of our village
MangaGreetings sir
what is the matter?She wants to open a hotel hereis that all ? I'm here ComeYou are our Lachchamma
You are our RangammaLook at the beauty of this girl
You are our MangammaYou came to our village for
the first it me TayaruYou make our mouth watery
like a desertit yesterday we did it
have any desire to liveBut when we saw your smile
we changed our mindsOthers have no idea
about your problemsWe love you as you
are a onely girlTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readyTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readywill help you out even before
you ask for my helpcome to your rescue
arrange a gas stove for youLook here I'm as
sharp as this knifegoing down is wrong
will be your shelterwill stand by you
will make a hut for youYou are a onely girl
You are beautiful damselYou are all delicate mermaid
will build a room for youYour dirty tricks won it work herebrought brought
brought stuff for youfrom the market TayaruI'm ready to flirtwith
you in your armsYou are our Lachchamma
You are our RangammaLook at the beauty of this girl
You are our MangammaYou came to our village for
the first it me TayaruYou make our mouth watery
like a desertbought chairs and tables
with my moneybought this fan for you
for your comfortcan it see you standing
for too longthis world treats a single
girl withshall stay beside you like
your sleeping partner?don't worry girl The head
of this village is with youif you will see my girl bring
that monkey on the hill topI'm an appliance that
could perform every taskYou and
You andYou and make a great
pair TayaruThey must with envy my girlTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readyTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readyTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readyTayaru Tayaru We are
ready We are readyTayaru Tayaru
what is the matter?Are you going to take photographsor to get photographed? Why
you getting a decked up?What are you saying if
we don't look goodhow would people be eve
that we d take good photos?Stay quietThe college girls busOh was going on an
auspicious workand look whom bumped into
What happened?did you bump into some will now?
No she is my wifeWhat Are you going out?
No I'm going outCan it you see that?
first have breakfastwill have it when return
mind your businessDear i drop the kids at the schoolneed to a patient urgentlyWhy don't you drop them at school
today my sweetheartPlease
Bye bye Tata Bye byeMahalakshmi MahalakshmiWhat?
Cross my path onceByeManga look here onceManga look at me oncemean look at the lens Just a bitLeft A bit left Steady SteadyLook at me
Steady Steady Oksir you are just clicking awayI'm just clicking the photos
Stop feeing enviousLook at me Look at me
Move aside Move asideDamnit
Manga cottonBoss take a photograph
of mine with MangaGet lost As if you are
some Chotake NaiduManga you forgot something
what is that?A ribbon for the opening
to l hour pullraju to get itpullraju?
Move as Move asYou opened it without
tying my ribbon?don't worry no one
opened it it nowwill you it e the ribbon?
Turn around itdon't it to Manga but
it to the door idiotgive it to me give it to me
You think can itOk fineYou re here? it's better
than thought it would beManga is everything ready?shall cut the ribbon now?
Please cut itthere is no need for that
brought one for myselfit's an auspicious deed
Do it with your right handYou are rightA bit too muchManga a bit to the right
Mr president stay steadyA bit to the right You stay there
Take itManga a bit to your right OkLet's go Let's goHow did the photos come out?
Superbwill get them framed
You will see themEat as much as you want to
What crapwill you pay our bill ?Manga's dishes are
really great BossWe can it forget it our deathshouldn't have eaten the
meals my wife servedOr else would live definitely
a couple of more dosascame here with an empty stomach
Eat weAnd when you would have an
upset stomach at eveningyou can come to my clinic
A rightWe won it have such sort
of a problem doctorI'm a bit strong it's greatManga this hotel should
always be gracy like youmean very like youThanks
What? A businessman should beshould be the first customer of
any business it's good omenKeep it mind Take it
Ok GoodbyeChintu what are you doing here
instead of going to school ? GoManga the items are really greatGreat? They are just irresistibleManga marks my words
this hotel of yourswill become a star hotel in
a few days Oh Come ondot face
Fooldon't feel like going Manga
WhatWhat he means is that he
be back in a few daysGoodbye Manga
Thanks GoodbyeManga it's yummy Take
this hundred Thanksdon't words to
if you eat too muchyou don't get words
but you get such burpsManga
Turn that wayManga will be back Take this
OkLet's go Let's go
we are getting lateLook this wayYedukonda u look this wayLook this way Fool
Look this wayCan pull my hand on her waist?give me hundred
hundred?Does your photo carry
such Great value?it's not the photo is value
but it's Manga's valueDo you want the photo or not?
want itYou may go now
What?Buddy your studio is covered
with Mangas photos?Because we can't bring Manga here
can i there? That's rightYou need to take a photo
of mine urgentlyalong with Manga
it will cost hundredwill pay two hundred But
you must take my photolike I'm sleeping beside Manga
A rightwhat is this should appear like
I'm sleeping next to herif you see the photo vertically
you would be standingand if you see the
photo horizontallyyou would look like you
are sleeping Two in oneThat's correct You are
not an ordinary guyTake my photo Do you have powder?it's not necessarily for that face
A right Okgive me the moneyHey give me my photo
with Manga soonTake it tomorrow will come
tomorrow morning A rightit must come out weHey why don't you get a shave?
Get lostYou are doing Great business
with Manga's photoYou too want a photo? Yes
want one but in sleeping poseOh God How many of you will sleep?
Just with the photoOk come it will cost 300 rupees
Oh Godalready smileMr president Mr president
prepared idlis just nowThey are fresh and hot Have someNo Chantamma these days
I'm not eating outright he doesn't out anywhereexcept in Manga Tayaru's
Tiffin CenterGoodbye ChantammaThat's how a lady should be
That's how a hotel should beShe started a hotel and everyonefrom a kid to the president
are living around herinstead of being the owner
of a hotel like thisit would be better if one is
a supplier in Mangas hotelLife would be blessedwould kill youManga come here
Just a minuteYes what shall bring for you?Whatever you bring it should
be fresh and hot A rightYou are a Great guy my daringI'm a slave of yours my dearYou are a Great guy my daringI'm a slave of yours my deardon't know what you saygive up what you can it
do and do what you cangive up what you can it
do and do what you canCome into my arms That's
a will I can sayOh Listen to me Balu
Ok now shut upShe will come at evening right?it's joy if we stay togetherFortune is ours Greatif we stay togetherit's joy if we stay togetherit's joy if we stay togetherFortune is ours then
fortune is oursTender hearts Silent heartsTender hearts Silent heartsHoney hearts pull are heartsOhit's joy if we stay togetherFortune is ours Then
fortune is oursshall bring anything else?One strong tea
fineWhich if ownerblossoms on Which branch?Which bond unties them together?Who knows
really?You didn't get it?Which if ownerblossoms on Which branch?Which bond unties them together?Who knowsthere is some strange
pull between themit's your turn to bat now
don't feel like battingCome-here Chintu Haircut?
No shavingshaving? But you don't
have face a hair yetit will grow once you shave
You give me a shaveOh You are a grown up
boy now Ok sit downDo you have money in your pocket?
How much?20 what is this You charge
only ten for eldersshaving naive beard
is difficult thanshaving a beard That's betterAnd yes what is the need
for you to get a shave?A childless lady and a
man who doesn't shaveare of no use in my eyes
Oh GodYou are too smart for your ageManasa where do you are side?Mom need some hot water for a bathwhere are you coming from?
I'm coming from cricket fieldIs that so? Listen someone
said that a childless ladyand a man who doesn't
shave are of no useYou know that?
who said that?Hey who said that? asked
you and you are asking him?should ask the one
who said it right?tell me sir who said itit's it's Yes
grandpa said thatOnce heard him saying that
to someone that sodid your grandpa tell
you to get a shavebefore you get a beard?
Fool FoolStop it Stop it Listendon't beat him What are you doingYour son has grown up
He had a shaveHe must've done it unknowinglyHe hasn't done it unknowingly
He did it knowinglywill like youif you do such a thing again
will shaveryour headand pull you in a corner
of the houseSo they are it after working
a day long and taking restYesSatti Pandu what do you
feel when you seethe shed in the
middle of the farm?don't feel anything
What do you feel ?feel like if night with Mangaabove it in moon lightYou want to if night with Manga
after crossing 50?Hey you are under estimating meWho do you think Manga is?Rambha Urvas Menaka it otamaif you roam of them into
one you will get Mangahave a problem with you
not with MangaWhatever it might be
you are focusinga bit too much on
Manga these days?And yes don't know
why but these dayseven when think of Manga my
heart gets an exhilarating onBut don't know why she looks
different every it metell me the route we are going
is right or wrongHow would we know that it
we go that way? correctgreetings Mr president
greetingsMy father passed away
a couple of days agoSo you want me to bring
him back to life?That's not the thing
tell me what it's thenMy father before passing awayhas pull my brothers and
me in a huge dilemmaSo you want to me to so live
your problem? Yes siralong with your brothers come to
The Panchayat office?No come to Manga Tayaru
Tiffin Center Ok sirYou follow meManga Two more idlisWhy don't you order at once
how many idllis you want?if order at once you will
come here and leave at onceWhat are you thinking?
it's actuallyWhere do you buy vegetables
from?I'I'm getting them from Rajole
at wholesale rateWhat do you think? You
think I'm dead?Why do you buy things from Rajolewhen have a shop in
this village ?Anyway come to my
shop this eveningwill get you a discount
at the whole sale ratewill you come?
A rightManga
Yesgive me a hot Pesariattu
Upma pesariattu for meSorry Pesariattu umpa
Then it's okBoth are one and the samegreetings Mr president
greetings greetingsSit down sit down Now tell
me what your problemsMy father has 17 buffaloes
Before dying he asked us togive half to my elder brother
and the a remaining buffaloesto shared between the two of us
see that soThen share it among
you n that orderWe don't know how to share
it among us sirHey what is there to know
Half to the elder one8 and half buffaloes And
each one of you would get4 and a quarter buffaloessir how would we share half
and a quarter? How? Ohgive seven buffaloes to
your elder brotheryou take if each
if we share them in that orderwe would be disrespecting
our fathers orderThen do one thing Sale buffalo
and share it among yourselfbuffaloes are divine for us
We can it sale themThen how would you share it?
That's what brought us to youshall share it?
What? You will share it?Ok come and share itgive it with pickle
OkLay a paper
willAssume that these are their
seventeen buffaloesAnd this is my buffalo That
makes them eighteen nowAs per their father I shall how many shouldthe eldest one get?
Half of themThat means nine
How is that possible?You added your buffalo to themthis is my buffalo How
many are they now?Eight
Now they can take four eachYou heard it right? Share
it among you in that orderA right
You may go now Goodbye sirSattii Pandu
Yes sirFrom now onwards a the meetings
will be hereWhy sir? So that Miss
Manga would help youif you can it pass the verdict?
Fool show man how does itmake any difference if Manga
solve the problem my placeBoth of us one and the samewhat is the matter? what is
that colourful dressand what is the cream only our
face? what is the matter?thought that it would be
good for our businessif look a bit glamorous
to our customers Shut upThe customers shouldn't
see your glamourbut they should see
the goods in our shopHey lam going to Rajole Look
after the shop A rightMangait seems that Manga's
coming to our shopsarivenu What father?
have some work in the shopYou go to Rajole and meet
Mr Choudhary Me?Yes you
Hey meet Mr Choudharyand give him the money Go Go
God will punish youCome Manga Come What do you want?give me these itemsthis piece of paper is so luckywhat is that? For the rest
of the villagers use thisBut you are like family to me
can it be Fooling youThat's the reason I removed it
Excuse meYou sent back my daughter
when she came to your shopYou are her mother Even you
won it get the items hereif keep on giving you items
every it me you come herewill have to start borrowing
money for survivalwill pay the money
as soon get itYou will pay me for sure but
where will you get money from?We don't get money from
people like youand mortar back from the
way You may go nowThat's not the thing
You may go nowdon't you get what say?who is she?
Her story is a lengthy TV serialMrs Parvatamma Mrs ParvatammaYou are
May come in?My name is Manga Tayaru came
to this village a recentlyand started a new hotelare they your daughters?
YesKeep these items
What are those for?heard everything at
the shop a where I goAnd yes I'm not giving you
these things for freeYou too have to help me out
You didn't get it?I'm unable to run the hotel a oneFor that if you ground the
grams and sent at homeand prepare the pickle
we can help each otherinstead of getting insulted
which he asking for creditit's far better to work
and earn a living right?If it that your fellow villagers
are sympathetic towards youbut they can't help youdon't have anyone treat
you like my motherYou too treat me as your daughterPlease don't say no madamPlease take itGo away Go away fast
You are getting latesister come on
You are late everyday comingListen where are you going today?where else? Peravaram
What will you do in Peravaramwhen the fair is in Atrayapullram?She found out where the fairA the hawkers like me would
go to the fair in AtrayapullramThey are hawkers would
out number the buyersIn such a situation if we
go to other villageswould be the only hawker
and there would many buyersThe business would be excellentThat's why I'm going there
is that the matteror are you going for Manga
who of that village?Manga? Who is Manga? Who is Manga?She came to Peravaram recentlyand started a hotel thereIs that so didn't know it
it you told me about itAnd why would eat outside
when havesuch a beautiful wife at home?it's fine if you don't eat outside
But if come to knowthat you have eaten outside
will blow up your headYou got it?
got it the day married youWhat are you murmuring? Go
Goodbyeneed to go there fastMove out of my pathpullraju come and sit thereManga
coming Get me a glass of waterWhy did he fall down in this way?Check if he is dead or a livepullraju pullrajuThanks Manga
he got upGet me hot Upma pesariattu
I'm very hungryA right
pullraju you are a like my specieswhat is the need to cycle so fast?don't cycle so fast intentionallyWhen I'm coming towards
Manga's Tiffin Centermy legs pedal the cycle
fast without my knowledgeand reach here in no timeMang is it ready?
Just a minuteHey the president is coming
He is here againgreetings greetings
greetings Mr presidentMr president what is the matter?These days you are coming to Manga
Tayaru is Tiffin Centerinstead of going to
the Panchayat officeWhat shall do when a the
villagers hang out here?Manga keep it with you
Buddy what is that?what is that?
Cell phoneWhy are you giving it to me?
He wants a connect on with youHe is saying that it would
be better if you havea Cell phone connect on
He managed it weLook Manga the verdict you
passed a few days agowas really wonderful That's
what this gift is forHe is a smart man
Please take itManga be careful president
gives a small gift and thenDemands something big
In return Be carefulHey shut up Manga have
got some work outsidewill be back after a while
will stay in touch Byepresident is trying to
get close to Mangaby gifting her a Cell phone
You can it win a girl s heartby giving her gifts
Then?She falls for one who sacrifices
his life for herWhat difference does he make
to us if she falls for usafter we sacrifice Cell our
You bodybut your mind didn't
Why?didn't mean it tear when
said sacrificing one selfit means we should be already
to do anything for themI like in movies heroes fight for
the heroines in that wayThen we should also do the fightingBut whom would we fight with?
Look that wayHe has been staring at Manga
since along it meYes when Manga served the Tiffinhe touched her hand
as we Foolwhat is that? it was hot so
Tea is always hotBoss we won it get a better chance
Come and trash himComeHow dare you to misbehave
with a girl How dare youit seems to be a Great chance
We shall also end a handNot one but both the hands Come
StopBeat him up Beat him upHow dare you to misbehave
with a girlFool
Get losttell me if we became heroes
In Manga's eyesYes we became heroes
Lift your card firstYou take a puffHey Manga's here
Not there but hereManga's queen for a of us right?You are quit obsessed
with Manga these daysAnd we came here to get you
rid of your obsessionAnd who is That sir?Oh God they will thrash us
ComeComeStop thereTalk to me if you have anythingYou want us to talk to you?Look how she is thrashing himBoss Manga could have
beaten him instead of usYou are the one who said that
we won it get a better chancetoo thrashed them for no reasonThey won it recover it they are
given four saline bottles eachWe will have to be beware of MangaYou are absolutely rightWhen she thrashed so many goonswho do you think she can
be? We should ask herManga you saw my friends
did it you?They are the reason
behind this that soMy friends are big Fools
Stay away from themOk goodbyeHello who is this
Manga it's me Bongu PrasadDr Bongu Prasad
Yes tell meManga want to ask you something
if you don't mindYes ask me
By the way who are you?will tell you when
the right it me comesA right GoodbyeMadam will be waiting for
your response Ok goodbyeYou are
My name is MangaMay you get married soon
So you are the girlwho started a new hotel
in this village YesYou look as beautiful as
camphor on the a tarDo you plan to get married?
When would planto get married you will be
the first person will tellMay you get married soon
That's a funny answerSwapna brought clothes for
everyone Keep themwhat is the need for a
these things now girlPlease keep them
By the way who is he?He is match maker PerayyaMy husband passed away after
my elder daughter's engagementand we couldn't pay
the dowry amountNow they are forcing us
to give some responseDowry is one lakh and
the wedding expensewhere will bring such
a big amount from?Goodbye
GoodbyeHow did say that? Superb
greetings Mr presidentgreetings So how come everyone
is here at once?Sri ramanayam (Lord Ramas birth
anniversary ) is nearingThen Krishnlastham and lord
Ganesh festival will followSo what?
We are thinking that this year isSri ramanayam should be
grander than last yearwho is the president of
this village? YouThen who should take the decisions?
We got itthis year Sri ramanavam
would be granderthan last year Which
program shall we organize?We shall we tell iyana and
organize a dance programSay something That's possible
Let's do one thingWe shall make our Manga
Tayaru act in some playEven though I'm from other
village vote for his ideaif Manga Tayaru acts in a play
people will flock to see it Yespeople would definitely
to watch itbut wonder if Manga would
agree to act in a playWe would convince her
And Which play would she act inif she agrees? What else would
it be? Sati plus SavitriSati plus Savitri Sat
minus SakkubaiSuch plays won't suit Manga
He is rightonly Pancha is character
would suit MangaThen it would be Draupat
VllastrabharanamDraupat Vllastrabharanam means
pull her sari? YesThen will pull her sari
wait a minuteYes it should be that
sari pulling playEver since you cut the ribbonI'm dying to see
Manga in that wayHey ribbon Not just you
even our presidentis dying to see her in that wayBut will Manga agree
to act n that play?Convince her at any cost Go
Square sirMangaMangaO beautiful Mangamma
you have to rescue usYou have to be Draupati
in our playI'm happy with my hotel
Please excuse meI'm the ladies tailor herewill turn you into a mode
with latest dressesYou stitch clothes very tightYour clothes won it suit meThe world is singing my praises
I'm A1 barberwill change your hair style
and make you Miss worldif become Miss world
can it make mycan it imagine suchEven if you are a mode even
if you are a Miss worldI'm your family doctor who
would look after your healthThese injections Ohhate these injectionsMy dieting is enough for mewill give you scents
and powders really?will give you superb make up
with my fancy itemsI'm allergy to make up
You come later onNow get lostI'm a photographer who
can it change your fatewill change your luck and
make you a cinema starThese villagers are going mad nowWhat would happen to them
if become a cinema star?Even if have to see
my and and propertywill make an act on
picture with youSay yes at last now only
you can rescue usSay yes to me
Manga say yesPlease bail us out
You are our goddess50,000 rupees?
Even Elyana doesn'tcharge that much
Then you go to ElyanaWe will be back in a while
Come50,000 s just too much We
can arrange 5000 or 10000what is more important for us
50 000 or Manga's act?definitely Manga's actwhat is Manga saying?
She's asking for 50 000 rupees50,000 Yes you are if five membersContribute 10000 rupees eachO yes we would Contribute
10000 rupees eachand organize Manga's play
and you watch it for free?You are the head of the village
You pay 30000 rupeesAnd the rest of us would pay
20000 rupees togetherThat's correct
That's correct30 30
30000 OkManga we are paying
you 50 000 rupeesas per your wish Get
already to act in the playpulllraju on the cycle
Kas rajus behind himDirector sir these are the Great
actors told you aboutdon't need your opinionwill tell you
if they are actors are notDo you have any experience?Number of beautiful experiencesI'm not asking you about
those dot experiencesI'm asking you if you have
any experience of actingThat we don't have
if we had that we would livedone the direct on
A doctor should give inject onand a Director should
do directionA nurse can give the inject on
You can do the direction then?Useless fellowSo you have that habit as we ?have only this part habitYou take in a different way
do everything very differentBy the way what is the
play have to direct?Draupat sari pulling
Hey give some respectDraupat VllastrabharanamDushyashana pulled Draupatis sarimany years ago now
it's been thousands of yearssince the ram age started will
he best pulling the sari?Actually it's a bit glamorous
sari draupat ?A play doesn't need glamour
it needs grammarwill teach you what That's
Do whatever you want tobut the play should be like past
perfect present perfectNow what does this last perfect
present perfect means?What does past perfect
present perfect means?We whatever it might be the
act should be just wonderfulYou will see it Order it soon
sari for pulling?will
A right GoWhat does this Draupat
Vllastrabharanamwith a different viewpoint means?They might present it in a
different way Let's seeMy parents kicked me
out of the houseMy husband abandoned meI'm just sixteen years oldit will take you just there
knots to make me yoursI'm just sixteen years oldit will take you just three knots
to make me yours MangaManga doesn't need it
Draupat is just oneYou would pull her sari anywayThat's correct
Hey Ashvadhama come heresir is everything already?
Everyone is already sirI'm asking if the will is ready
That's ready sirThen I'm also ready to watch
the show pull the curtainCome here O ladyLeave meNo one came to my rescuewhat is this where is the
scene where Pandavasloose the game? They jumped
straight to the scenewhere Dushyashana pull is her sari
Shut upWhat did we come here
for? We come hereto see Manga in that scene
They curtailed the waitPanchali that day you
laughed at my brotherwho fell in the royal palaceToday when pull your
sari you will seehow everyone present here
would laugh at youif you pull her sari everyone
will stare at herno one will laugh at her
Shut your mouthit's not Manga's who is
theatre it's DraupatiStop staring at her She is
not Manga she is Draupatipull the sari pull itO brother I doesn't it God exist?O Krishna come to my rescueStop playing the flute and
give me a sari O KrishnaHey fatso pass her the saripull it
KrishnaDear this sari looks so GreatYou are the next one Last
The play is about to endKrishna KrishnaKrishnaDraupati forgive me
for my son's mistakeWho will forgive whom?Karna this is our family matterYour interference is
not needed in thisHe is my best friendHe is the only one who has the
rights to interfere in itKarna you proceed But sir
it didn't it happen this wayIn Mahabharata right?
Shut upthis is not the Mahabharatam
that Vyas has writtenthis is Mahabharatam
that Suryanarayanhas written and directed
You got it?O Panchali wife of five
husbands you knowwhy your sari has been pulled
In front of everyone?Because laughed when
laughed at Duryodhanawhen he fell in the royal courtWhose mistake sit then?
it's mineThen pulling someone
who commits a mistakeIs not wrong right?
mean it's Say itWhose mistake sit?
it's you rid a rogue nowBoss will kick your butt A
her five husbands are hereand you are troubling Manga?
Manga?No mean DraupatiShe shouldn't be scolded
but you should be scoldedHey Dharmarajail
Lend me your hand brogive me some respect
When a guest comesto your house you should
give him a chamberwhere everything placed
but you gave hima chamber where nothing was
at right place So what?So what? only eating and building
your body isn't enoughYou need to have brain as weYou should read your guests
to the chambersit they get to the bedrooms
if you have them in the hallthey would fall in trouble and
in who is without knowingwhere things are placed
So they should walk carefully?walk carefully? You are a man
who distributed a wifeamong the five brothers without
batting the eyelidYou don't deserve
to say a word heresir why sit going this way?I'm drunk right now You tell
me why it's going this waydon't know sirFool what is this?
Liquor bottleWhat can you see?
Half filled with will wineNo it's half empty You are
right and I'm also rightThe only difference there
In the way look at itYou saw it from one angle
In MahabharatamAnd I'm showing it to you in
a different angle That'sitright sir Bharatam mean
Karna what are you sayingYou pulled my sister sari
in front of so many peopleYou know how bad she would feelWhat He pulled her sari? When
did you let us do that?You have been supplying
her saris it nowMy hands started itching
while pulling her sarisbut Manga's saris other endNo mean Draupatis saris
other end idiotClaps for that scene as we ?
Then our play is a successLook there
They shouldn't be scoldedYou are the root cause of a
this trouble You are athis is too much buddyIn spite of being a ladywhen a man falls down instead
of trying to lift himshe laughed at him with
a her 32 teeth visibleIs it a bit too much?tell me what you want to say
That's betterwant to say just one thing
to everyone present hereit now we never hide sari respected
a womanor pulled her sari before
Duryodhanaif you stop targeting us like
Ravans and only if youconstrue it as just a revenge
for our sari respectthere will be no warAnd our Manga And Draupati should
also not take it seriouslyAnd you must also think
about it onceThey are pulling that on of this Hey
stop it Hey pull the curtainpull it pull itOh God What a Great figure
What a Great personalityWho? Who else can it be
you Fool it's our MangaHow long will you rejole Cell
just by thinking about hertoo want to rejole Cell
by touching herThen what is the delay for?
give her a calland areach her housePlease come inMangadidn't know you would accept
it with just one call of mineYou didn't ask for too
much not to accept itit's just a matter of one
meal Please come inJust one meal ? will she send
me back after serving a meal ?Mr president
Yes coming comingFoolsYou made Great arrangementsYou are the alone who asked her
to throw a partyfor the success of the playManga this is not fairPlease sit down serve
you the meals SureYou already started eating?
No we are just lasting itMr president
Serve it hotFools Fools You
ruined everythingwhere did they come from?
You ruined my planYou should be poisonedYou must be thinking that
you are too smartI'm N mmagadda BhanumurthyThat's what happens if
you pull your hand in itwith your eyes shutStop laughing idiot You might
idle if food gets still luckIn your throatwill see who it's
Who can it be?Please come in
Manga since was comingto your house for the first
it me couldn't come hereempty handed so cycled
to Tarakeswarand brought these Kajails
from thereThanks come inHe too come hereCome have meals with us The
items are really GreatWhy won't they till taste good
when Mange prepared themA the dishes would
till taste just deliciousManga I am really very hungryPlease sit down
sit downgreetings Mr president
You serve me mealsHave it to your hearts contentSo you too need meal share?That's enough That's enoughHave some more it
Still tastes really goodThey are gorging like pigsThey reached here
as we FoolsYou would idle with diarrhoeaEat weHow are the dishes?delicious Whoever marries
you is a lucky guy MangaWhat luck I am here
In this villageand my would be husband
is in the jailYour would be husband?Why is in the jail?
in my village a guy used togive me indecent looks
at he messignored it nite by But
once when he found me a onehe hold my hand to
my cousin about itWhen he was in the banana farmmy cousin went there and
slashed it into two piecesThe banana trees?
No that indecent personOh My stomach is fullmine is also full Ours is also
full Ours is also fullShe really filled our stomachs
Manga MangaBy the way when is your cousin
a returning from the jail ?Pretty soon Why are
you asking that?its just for my
general knowledgecorrect correct
Goodbye MangaManga
Goodbye Manga Thanks a lotI'm really happy that
came to knowsome wonderful people like youGoodbye wonderful person
Come GoodbyeTake care Manga Take care
Bye MangaManga you dare play games withN mmagadda Bhanumurty? it
now have never beenattracted to anyone so muchwon it eaver you
so easily won itsir get down here is pullers
everything Still tastes Greatcome in
I'm the alone who i should say thatBondas May you get married soonManga how are you?
She looks GreatHe is Mridorababu and lord
from the nearby villagegreetings Please sit down
What would you like to have?We would have anything that
you would serve us hotA rightdidn't see her before is
she new to the village?Yes she is new to this place
Poor girl She is a oneShe works hard for her survivalEven though she is not related
to Mrs Parvatammashe treats her like familysir That's a know
for the it me beingwill I find out the
rest of the thingManga forgot to tell you
something Yes tell mefixed his match with Mrs
Parvatamma is elder daughterit's difficult to take there
so brought him hereMridorababu who lost his
wife at a young agehas a broad heart MangaHe is also already to take
the responsibilityof Mrs Parvatamma is remaining
two daughtersYou are praising me a
bit too much PerayyaYou can it call it help if we help
out a family without a maleWhen Manga who is not related
to them in any waycan help them it's not something
worth mentioningif help them after marrying
a girl from that familyTomorrow if Manga helps memean if Manga asks for
help won it we help her?wonder how old Manga
is right nowHello who is this?
Manga it's me Dorababuit's you? tell me You tell me
how mango pickle Still tastes like?it Still tastes good
An extra marital affair?mean we are about to become
family very soonSo went overboard by mistakeWhat meant was that we are
about to become familyso we should better know about
each other tell meWe can it take freely on phone
if you come tomy bungalow once mean
not just right nowTake your own it me You
if you come tonightwe can talk freely You
will come won it you?Yes will surely comeit's a Great color combinationYou are covered from head to toe
but still you look Greatcome here Mangawas worried if you would
come here or notcome here to get you
rid of your worriesknew you would come here
if give a ring onceanyone would fall in the ringthere is no one who would say notheatre is a motto strongly
be evenif something is written only our
fate you would get it anywayPoor Perayya asked him
to I find a bride for mewho is stay at my feet a her lifebut he found two sisters in law
for me in add it onThat means?
You didn't get it?it something like
buy one get two free offerAnd you are the third
one like bonusit seems that you are in Great moodWe can take about the remaining
things later onLet's get done with the
main objective firstif you look at that
house one more it mewill snatch your eyes BewareI'm going toswallowed the chewing
gum with her slapdon't ruin Kavita safe
by getting her marriedto such a person mother
ButYou worry what people would say
if this match breaks right?One can adjust if there are
problems at in laws placeBut what will you do if husband
him self is the problem?if you worry about what people
would say and get hermarried to that guy people
would laugh at you tomorrowWhat we should think about is
not how early we got ourdaughters married but
with what sort of guyswe got them married to
everything will be fineTake my wordBuddy why is he behaving like A R
Rahman from back angleThat's a scary tuneHi Manga I'm backManga?How are you?it seems that you are having
a Great life hereLook at me how pathetic
my condition has becomehave been to the jail
and that too for youA the days was in jail
was thinking about youand when came out came
straight to your placewhat is the matter you
are feeing tensed?The hotel is running we isn't it?Iam here now We shall
run it even betterGoodbyedon't have love or a
be loved one in my lifewhat is this situational
song Stop itHey need to tell you somethingWe know what you would tell usHow did they know about
the dream had dream?Yes there was tsunami in Godavariand the entire village drowned
in flood along with youonly my cycle Manga and survivedOne more person survived
couldn't you see him?One more person? who is he?He is Bhadra Manga's cousinYour rival He come here
this morning ifSo we have to give
up hopes on Manga?Or else you will have to give up
your life Why would idle?pullraju don't get angry
when say thisbut you get it a red when
you pedal this cycleHow would you pedal that cycle ?Hey don't estimate my power
by looking at my physicbecame so weak when
got chicken fluand took this doctor's
medicines or elseOr else you would ve done a lot GoSo if his hands you
would enjoy with Manga?Oh God where did you come fromWhy did you come here?
That's a wrong questionYou should ask me how I'm
but you shouldn't be askingwhy come here Ask meOk will tell you You betrayed
me and got me arresteddidn't tell your name even
when policemen tortured mewould ve got nothing if
had got you into troublewithout strong a reason l you
wouldn'it have come so farand pull up such a big set upThere must be something
What do you want?want compensation
don't have money right nowNo problem know when
to take money from youit then will enjoy the
natural here and be withNo will follow you
like your shadowGoodbyeasked you to bring the bangles
did you bring them?will bring them next it me
Take these nowHow many times do have to
tell you wait a minutetell me the right Cellwill come back will come backwill come back will come backwill come back will come backThank God I'm savedBongu Prasad
call me doctor Come onhad the tablet you
gave me this morningMy stomach pain didn't come
down it now is that sosir you didn't have tablet this
morning but it's shirt buttonYou stitch the buttons Hey
you don't know the differencebetween tablets and buttons?
Oh come onHeyTake your photos tomorrow
A rightTake my photo as wehave only one Manga but you
have a number of MangasActually Actually
it's for publicityBoss we need to discuss about
that Bhadra right nowHey stop will linking if he finds
out that we are chasing Mangafear that that Bhadra
might kill usforgot to pull down
the stand of my cyclewait a minute will pull it downpullraju wait a minute
I'm also comingNever bow down your headHelloYour shop is in this direction
isn't it?Do look like a villain?
Not at allThen why are you a running
away from me in that way?Anyone would get scared of
a murder Murderer?In the past when someone
misbehaved with Mangayou killed him and went to the
jail didn't you? Manga told ussee So That's what she told you?Why? Was she supposed to say
it in a different way?No she was supposed to
say it in the same wayManga what is your opinion on Manga?Miss Manga? She Sita Savitri
Asuya No AnasuyaLeave that aside and
let me tell youthat my buddies have set
the eyes on themWhy? didn't you set your
sight on her? it'sWhat if Manga sets her sight only you?don't worry will set up
Manga with you if you willWhat are you thinking about?
it's true that thinkabout Manga in that way but
you are thinking in this wayYou say it's not right Earlier
too used to thinkin the right way But after
returned from the jailstarted thinking in this waytell me if you really have
an interest on Mangawill set you up with her
really? YesThe truth is that your personality
suits Manga bestThat's what feelLeave a these things onceand see yourself
a one with Mangaon a launch on river GodavariYou went too far in your dreamsit was really Great
Wasn't it?But will Manga agree to
Foolish manget joy in giving away
something to othersThat's of no use for meAnd also giving gives you
Great later joy than takingWhat a Great thoughtthink you still don't
know the joy of givingOf course know it Take
it for the it me beingAnd yes this matter should
be between you and meNo one else should know about itWhat ever i do is in an
organized manner Goodbyethought he is a Fool
but he is a good Foolwill you really help me get
Manga or will you kill me?if had to kill you wouldn't
have come hereLook we take birth once
and we die only onceit's not right to kill some
small wishes in betweenWhat do you say?
rightIn Godavari there are lotusesAmong those lotuses Manga and youHow is the photo?
it's very thingit would be even more thriving
In area but Oh here it'sWhen would that happen in area ?will tell you when the right
it me comes wait it thenwill help you Why won it ?Manga? No don't crack such
jokes on Manga sirit's not a joke I'm seriousEven if you try to kill your
desire won itBut will Manga agree to it?
Why won it she?There would be a beautiful
wedding night set upYou would enter the room like
Manmadha(god of love )and she would look
like Goddess Ratimagine how it would beexcellent And then?
if tell you everythingwhat will you do one your own?That's also right You
don't tell me anythingYou just make the arrangementscan do that but the
wedding night set upland a thatknow it's very expensiveFrom this moment onwards
you do my workand will do your work
excellent excellentit's really Great anything you
get for free is always Greatdon't want anything for free
would definitely pay you for itToday it's a Great day
What? Today is if?don't be so eagerdidn't mean it for your
set up with Manga Then?You said you would pay me for it
it's Great day for thatgot it PaymentBhadra if you don't mind
want to tell you somethingcan it see you in this one dressif you say yes will stitch a
couple of fancy dresses for youFoolish man it's not that can it
stitch dresses for myselfBut came to know about
many things in the jailIn this part circular dresscome here with a specific purposewill change my dress
once it's full filledYou can stitch a dress
for me then Goodbyetook him too lightly
He is a unique chapManga Manga
Please come Mr presidentTake these sweets urgently
What are they for?Today it's my birthday
is that so?Many many happy returns of the dayMr president so today
it's your birthday?if I'm not wrong your birthday
is gone YesLast year's birthday is gone
it came this year once againNo think this year is
birthday is goneHey who knows better about
my birthday? You or me?You know it better Why are
you getting so seriousas if we are lying?I'm throwing a party this eveningonly for Manga or is
it for us as we ?Why would he throw the party
us very for me?He would throw the party
for everyone right?Yes I'm throwing the
party for everyoneI'm giving you the catering
contract as weYou will have to cook
the meals and serve uswill it end with serving or will
she have to feed you as we ?Boss you are taking too muchHe is just reaching to your deedsBy the way where is the party?Above river GodavariYou selected a Great place
When shall we come?At 7 O clock We won it wait
it 7 We be there by 6You can come whenever you want toManga you won it forget
it will you?You must come with a the itemswill be waiting for you
Ok Goodbyewhat is this delay
sir shall hold the Umbrella?don't need your Umbrella
Fool FoolIm here Mr president Hey
you are a waiting for me?We are not waiting for you
see You are waiting for MangaManga's comingMangoesGrapesIntoxicating fruit My bodyFruits Fruits Fruits
Ripe FruitsBody Body Body My
intoxicating bodyFruits Fruits Fruits
Ripe FruitsBody Body Body My
intoxicating bodyMy beautiful body can drive the
youth of Andhra crazyEven the decent guys start
if when they see meCome to mewin my heartSet your sight on meKiss me with your eyesFruits Fruits Fruits
Ripe FruitsBody Body Body My
intoxicating bodyNo matter whatever make
serve everything hotYou will get what you want
I'm scrumptiousif you taste my dishes once
you will never forget meI'm good for you but too
much of anything is harmfulYou will go madControl your anxietyCome to meForget a your worriesFruits Fruits Fruits
Ripe FruitsBody Body Body My
intoxicating bodyThere can be many dishes
but I'm a special dishYou cannot resist this
bird O lover boythere is a sea fish in this
soup give it a trywill serve it to you
Dance in joyI'm waiting for youcome here and make me happyI'm a yoursHave a whale of a it meFruits Fruits Fruits
Ripe FruitsBody Body Body My
intoxicating bodyMy beautiful body can drive the
youth of Andhra crazyEven the decent guys start
if righting when they see meCome to mewin my heartSet your sight on meKiss me with your eyesHappy birthday Mr presidentThat means Manga
My name is BhadraI'm Manga's cousin Manga
sent this cake for youManga is not coming?
She is not comingManga has got cold
Cold?She couldn't even prepare
any items She said sorryWhen the main items not therehow does it matter if other items
are there or not rightPlease come Mr president
Please cut the cakeCome on Or else Manga
would feel badThe flower is Great
Happy birthday to youYou have the cake
Come as idle with meCome
Let's have it Cake on fireWhat are you upset that
Manga didn't come?What could you do even
if she comes hereif you want Manga you need not
give party to so many Foolsif Manga was here she
would ve fed the caketo the presidentthis is what happens if you
Celebrate fake birthdaysSuch things should not
be done in publicBut they should be done privately
In a different wayThese things are quit tell
common for meBut it will take some it me will
set up everything Goodbyethere is if are in sideit's hard to control myselfthere is if areit's hard to control myselfwill fall in your armsBut tell meQuench my thirstthere is if areit's hard to control myself31where are you?
We are coming We are on the wayWe just crossed the lake
Jump into itOh Come faster
Can it you cycle faster that this?I'm the alone cycling here it's
easy for you to say thatYou are sitting there with
no worry at a sit quiet32what is that?
Manga's sneezesidiot Shut upApply the brakes
Yes I'mThey are here
Oh God Oh GodOh Whom shall see first?
Manga or you?Check here first
this is nothing new to meGo and check Manga first
Oh Godit's just normal cold
What are you saying Mangadon't under estimate the cold
You can get fever from coldAnd from fever would everyone weakAnd if you get weak you would
shut down the hotelAnd that we can it bear Manga
Let me see the pulseThat's her leg Hold her handOh this is how one checks
the pulse right?Look up
Buddy you know somethingthere are only two guys who
can touch an unknown ladyA doctor and a tailor
get a chance to hold her? YouHow long will you check her?
Hey who is the doctor?You or me? know how to and
how long to check herdon't worry first have tothere is nothing to worry MangaI'm not worried You are
the alone who is worriedOh
Oh no For thisGet this balm and rub it on
your nose You will get weVicks?
Vicks?We are rubbing it on her
nose since morningYou rubbing it only our
own is different fromrubbing it after prescribe it
what is the differenceWill later becomes holy only after
it touches lords feetAnd it's called medicine only
when doctor prescribe itreally tell us what to rub to
get her rid of it urgentlywhat is better than this
So he too come here?Get down Come ComeHe is a so here
Hey move asideManga you got such a big problemand you didn't inform
the head of this village?Hey bring warm water
You didn't take bath at homeasked for water not for that
Then what is it for?Hey pull it there remove itHey doctor you have Vicks?
Dozensgive me give meManga get into the blanketdon't get it wrong You have
to take the steam Get indidn't get that ideaHe is having a good it mePlease come Mrs MahalakshmiYour husband went into Manga's
blanket just nowShut upPlease Arun Try to understand
my conditionYou are the alone who needs
to understand itconvinced my family with Great
difficulty if you say yesMother is tensed about getting my
elder sisters married firstand you want me to take
to her about my marriage?Swapnawho is that guy?
He is He is ArunWe studied in the same college
He is an Cell guyWe love each other He is
going to US next monthHe wants to marry me before leavingDoes his family know about
his will she? They know itThey don't have any object on
But how can say yesbefore my elder sisters
get married? A rightYou go homeI'm wondering how to get
the elder girl is firstand you are talking about
my third daughter wedding?The boy who wants to marry Swapnaseems to be a good boy
And also they are notdemanding any dowry
We might not getsuch a in Cell match when we will shall That's truebut it's not do is wedding
to happen at such short noticeAnd also we have to pay the
dowry amount to the peoplewith whose son my elder
daughter is match was fixedneed to find a in Cell match
for my second daughterHow can everything happen
at such short noticeBut if we don't do anything
Swapna won it get marriedto the guy of her choice Cell
Let it beShe would a boy she
is destined to getWe can it leave everything to
destiny and do nothing about itYou say yes take
the responsibilityto conduct a the three
weddings at onceThat's not the thing but
Have faith in meWhat are you saying BhadraManga won't entertain me? That
too in a nurse dress?Yes How sit?
it would be very differentis that ok?
Double okThen my fees?this is just admits on fees if
the operation is successfulwill clear the entirewill go and get alreadyMr Venkatrao Mr Venkatrao
Father is thereWho are you girl ?
greetingsI'm coming from Mrs
Parvatamma's placesee So she sent you? What for?To tell me that the dowry
amount is not fixed?To ask us to wait for
some more it me? NoTo tell you that the date
shall be fixed soonAnd the dowry amount?
brought itListen bring a in Cell coffee
for her No thanksdidn't see you beforeHow are you related
to Mrs Parvatamma?I'm like her daughter
but she shouldn't knowthat gave you this amount
Then why are you giving it?They are helping me in
the business runBut they won it accept such
a big amount from meA right it doesn't matter
who pays me the moneygot the money was to getWe shall fix the date soon
A right GoodbyeGoodbyewhat is the matter Chant ?
You are wonderingwhat we should do to bring back
our hotel to the old glory?You need not worry about it
have got a Great ideawhat is that?
Our hotel lost its charmonly because Manga started
a hotel right? Yes So?if you join hands with MangaYou would be at money box
and Manga in the kitchenand would there between
you both How is my idea?FoolI'm thinking how to kick
her out of this villageand you are thinking how
to get her into the house?will cut you into pieces there
Is no use in thrashing youShe is the one who should be
expelled from the villagewill go will go
Father where are you going?where are you going father?
will go somewhereit's none of your business
will jump into the pondOr will jump into the lake Or
will jump into river Godavarihave got nothing to
do with you Get lostThat's not the thing father
Get me a coffeeFather come lets go
You are there?told you have got nothing
to do with you Get lostWhat happened?
nothing is happeningThat's what my problem is
what is not happening?My son is not getting married
I'm not becoming a grandpaMy wife went to heaven as if
she has got some work therethere is no lady at home
That's the probleminstead of troubling him why
don't you get married?He won't get married He won itmarriage last the right age
and rainy seasondoesn't have any value
He doesn't understand thatThat's why will
go will go FatherYou don't say a word
You go home talk to himWhat You will talk to him?since had a coffee from your
hands would do what you sayif he agrees by evening we
would go to weddingor else would jump into river
Godavari You decide itwill go will goAnd don't stand like a palm treePay her coffee before comingwill go will go
Go carefullyHere is the entire amount Not
even one rupee less Check itneed not check it can
feel the weight it'sWhy are you paying him money?
For businessWe are starting a business
What businessYou won't get it Going side don't
Interfere into Oh GodBy the way when did
you fix the date?7 /7 /7
You want me to cry?Edu doesn't mean cry hereYou go to Manga on 7/7/07You won't get such a date againGoodbyeYou said you wanted to take
to me what is it about?it's about your marriageYou took my father's
words seriously?Life it you didn't take it seriouslyWhy are you troubling him
and not getting married?need to get a in Cell girl first
and Cell girl means?A girl who would have a good
understanding of herwill you marry her if
you get such a girl ?definitely will marry her
And what about the dowry?there is no need for that
In my view marriage isa divine bond but not business
We saidthere is a Cell girl in my knowWhat So you run a marriage
bureau along with a hotel ?there is nothing like that That
girl is a close friend of mineif you marry that girl her
Life would be blessedwho is that girl ?Mrs Parvatamma is second
daughter LalitaShe would suit you
In every Which wayParvatamma is means Mr
Rangarao is wife? YesCan talk to that girl once?Come Comebrought Lalita along with mewith the hope that you would
definitely like herBrother pinch me once
Why?Pinch me once tell youOuch Not so hard
tell me what it'scan it be eve that my son
said yes to this marriagegave up hope that
my son is marriageand Pooavaram project
would turn into realityBut with girl is grace he said
yes to this marriageActually she is the reason my son
is getting married so soonis that so That means a
your three daughtersare getting married with her helpA right Priest I find a
common date and it mefor a the three weddings
I find a date for lastA the three wedding should take
place at once I find it for lastMay you get married soon
what is the rushYou don't know He
might change mindwon't change my mind
this it me fatherit's a Great date it's
next Friday at 9:48 I'mset an auspicious date?
Yes Then fix itWhat do you say?
As you sayMadam what do you say?
As you say brotherSooner the betterHe would live been so happy to seea his three daughters
getting married at onceManga will always
be indebted to yousold my buffaloes and
brought that moneyit's be worth it assure youYou are rightgive you the balance amountdid you tell her that she will
have to carry me it bed?told her to drop you on floor
What?nothing I'm asking you to
be already fallen on the bedWhen?7/7/7Oh God A are sevens?
Seven is my lucky numberI'm sorry lordHere it'sthis is the money saved
to develop my clinicWhen Manga would be yours you
need not develop clinicif you touch Manga once your
who Life would developeWhen?
7/7/7The day after tomorrow
At 7 0 7 pmBhadra you are not a human beingYou are god Bhadra You are godWhy are you so late?
it's not some item in our shopthat could bring it so easily
it's money from my father's safehave to take it out without
my father's knowledgeTake it don't do any business
without discountwhere is my discount?
discount?if you want discount here she
would give discount thereIs that ok with you?
No No Nogive you as much money you wantedManga won't snub me will she?
She won't snub youYou are a smart fellowOn seventh of seventh month at
7 0 7 it's been fixed Greatit's tomorrow Get alreadyit's tomorrow Get alreadyit's tomorrow Manga
Can use your Bullet it then?You sacrificed Manga for me
this bullet is just nothingTake it You can use itBangles of different colorsa red bangles Yellow bangles
Green bangles Blue banglesSome Great bangles are hereHey bangle boy come herelike you lover youwant you
what is the matter?Names of the bangles lady
bangles? Now got itO bangle boy give
me some banglesgive me some in Cell bangles
My hands are of small sizegive me somein Cell bangles
My hands are of small sizeO bangles O banglesO bangles O banglesO bangle boy give
me some banglesgive me some in Cell bangles
My hands are of small sizeO bangles O banglesO bangles O banglesHer hands are very delicate
You might hurt thempull bangles on her
hand very carefullyShe is a very shy girlpull bangles on her
hand very carefullyThe lover bangles
are very circularThe luck bangles have beautiful
dots on themWhat shall choose then?They should be as slim
as Elyana is waistThey should be as delicate
as ShareyaThey should be as dangerous
as Katrina KaifThey should be as beautiful
as Gliene as smileThey should shine brighter
than try shallThey should be as charming
as CharmBoys should faint looking at meO bangles O banglesO bangles pull bangles
in her handshave got glittering
bangles girlThey will win your heartthere are some beautiful
bangles for youThey are in all sizes girlYour charming hero is hereHe will hold your hands and
pull bangles in your handsHe is the handsome hero
of this provinceHe will pull bangles in your handsThey must chunk in Guntur CenterThe traffic must come to
standstill in Hyderabad Ballastit doesn't matter if no one
sees me just wantPawan Kalyan to go mad about meMahesh Babu to lose
his heart to meTarun to follow me with
want you on his planeNTR to follow me even
if he is very busyNitin should stand in
front of my housePrabhas should drench
in rain for meMy favour tell ChiranjeevTayaru O Manga TayaruMy favor tell Chiranjeev should
call me with my first nameO bangles O banglesO bangles pull bangles
in her handsO bangles pull bangles
in her handsO bangles pull bangles
in her handsManga Mangacame with one thing in mind
but something else happenedgot more than you owe meGoodbye All the bestit's you?Why are you staring
at me in that way?see Because come here
ten minutes earlier?A these days could stop myselfbut now I'm unable to
wait even for a secondYou know why?
Why did you come here?Oh As if you don't know anythinga remove your hand
gave that Bhadra thousandsof rupees only to pull my hand
only you but not to remove itAnd stop acting as if you
don't know anythingOh GodYou too gave money to Bhadra?And you?
Very muchHow is Manga's cooperation?
it's very goodMy body has started
Oh God AchingYou going in there
go thereManga you know for how
many days and nightshave been dreaming
about this nightAnd today with Bhadra is mercyOh God She broke my backWhat happened to himWhat are you doing here?
nothingJust dropped by to say hi
to Manga really?where are you going?I'm set up with Manga
with Great difficultyPlease don't mind After
I'm done herewill set you up with her
there is no need for thatI'm done here You carry on
You are done here?You mean you too gave
money to Bhadra?The way it's going think a
our friends paid him moneysee Going de fill last Manga
is waiting for youHey How is she? hot?Just superb to be on the safe
side maintain some distanceGoodbye Maintain some distance?
How is that possible?Jealous fellow MangaMangawhat is the matter Manga?
Why are you like that?did Boss misbehave with you?He is an idiot A bit brash
But I'm not like thatI'm as smooth as peddling cycleOh God Oh GodIs that why he asked me
to maintain distance?Oh GodexcellentHey give medicine for body pain?don't have pen You
should enjoy this painbut you shouldn't get rid of
them with pain that so?Go ther
You carry onTake itGo there it will be
Great-there idiotdarling Mangawhat is the matter Manga? You
feel bad that came ate?For thisI'm always very health conscious
I'm a doctorshall we get started?Go there She kick your backBhadra said can use itBhadra Fool What have you donea lot happened by the it me
returned from RajoleWhen he said 7 /7 /7 went ecstaticas it's my lucky number
Together they Fooled a of usWe lost the entire amount
we saved it nowI'm now upset about
money and my BulletBut that Manga who thought will
hug me kicked me in turnShe kicked you? We should
call for a meeting thenHey you want a meeting? You
know what would happen then?We haven it given donations to
Bhadra to build a templeWe gave him money to be
entertained by Mangaif anyone comes to know
it then our a reputationwill be completely ruined
So we would etiher goso easily?
Why would we?When we get an opportunity
we would take revengeand then we would boycott
her from this villageYou want to harm my Manga?with these letters
will see your endTo Mrs Mahalakshmi your
husband wants toget rid of you and have
an affair with Mangaif you don't take a step soon
then the other womanManga will break
your marriagethink about it, it's up to
you now Your we well wisherdon't know anything
swear only you Bangaramhave got nothing to
do with that Mangaif there was nothing
between you and herhow do you explian this letter?really don't know anything
about that letter Bangaramwithout knowing anything you
called for a the meetingat her place? called for
the meeting over thereas thought that during meeting
if people feel hungrythey can have some snacks
that so I'm going toOh God feared it right
then when you are goingto that village every
now and thenthat you might be up
to something like thisYou can it even cry aloud
and you want a girl ?Rascal idiot How can
you do such a thingOh God
tell me what this isit's tell me it won it
look good if idlewithout telling you the truth
remove it first tell meremove it first
tell me MangaStop Stop thereNot you but she should
be taught a lessonis everyone here?
Lady bring the bridesManga bring themStop thereWhat are you staring at Get upWhat happened?
What happened? didn't knowwhat sort of a woman you are
and what sort of a characteryou have and accepted
money from youand agreed to this match
We don't need to takemoney from a characterless
woman from youand get my sons marriedwhat is this What are you sayingwhat is this? When heard
that she is helping youdidn't understand it then
Now came to knowwhat a she is doingMr Venkatrao Please
give some respectgive you respect? You
don't deserve thatYou might not know anything
about Manga Tayarubut a the villagers know itMridorababu tell them about itPlease move aside sir
greetingsdon't know if it
is right or wrongto tell the truth at this it me
but have to say itWhen said yes to the proposal
of wedding withyour is daughter Manga came
to my guest house that nightShe asked me why was
marrying a girlfrom such a poor family and
insisted me to marry herand that she would keep
me happy in every waycouldn't digest that and
rejected her outrightThen she said that if
don't marry hercould at last make
her my conculbfelt it like slapping her but
left her as she is a womanAnd then she came to you
and told some elseand broke that matchI'm not upset that my match brokebut wanted everyone to
know the truth That's aHe is young I'm young? Then
tell me if you didn'tcome to my guest house that nighttell them if you came or notHe is asking you something
answer himYou went there or not
went there butdon't say anything else
You heard about herThe moment she gave
me one lakh rupeesknew something like
that was in storesince they are my well wishers
and I'm your we well wishertold you a these things
Now it's up to youEver since she came
to this villageshe trapped and extracted
money from everyoneAnd now she is getting
them marriedas if she is doing a
Great favour on themJust one such woman is
enough for a villageNo marriage would sustain
in that villageYou have got nothing to
do with that familytell us why you are
getting them marriedWhat else can be the reason
They are a young girlsfirst she would be in Cell
to them so that latershe can ruin their livesthere is no need to take nowSuch sort of people should be
expelled from the villagemind your language She didn't
harm us in any wayNo didgave you a Great loss long agoThe reason came to
this village isUncle the phone is ringingHello I'm going to the
hospital I'm very scaredPlease come fast
there is no one at the stationEveryone went for minister's
securityAs soon as they return will
come to the hospitalThat's not the thing
You don't worry at allCome fast yake care
I'm hanging up the phonewhat is the matter uncle you
we are saying hospital somethingit's nothing girl
Not just picking pocketsbut can read faces as wehave been observing
you since morningyou have been thinking about
something very deeplyMy only son is batting for
his life in the hospitalHe won it survive it
he is operated uponThe operation would
cost two lakh rupeeswhere will arrange two lakhs
from a of a suddenit now borrowed money
from a my friendsused a my sourcesthere is no one to help me nowSo what are you thinking
to do now uncle?what is there to be done?
left it to GodHow can you leave it to God uncleWhat else can do girl ?Leave me for three hours
will tryWhat? You are scared that
might not return?Even if you don't leave me
now would be releasedIn a day or two anyway
this is not new for methink about itYour son might not survive
if he is not operated uponThe operation will cost two lakhsWhat? You don't want to
take help from a thief?Look at one's intentions don't
see who the person is uncleThat's how the hardships would beif you do your duty sincerelyuncleBhadraYes tell me
need your help in a matterwill help you but what
would get in return?50 50
Done OkHere it's girlgive me the amount
in thousands girlWe don't have thousands
Oh five hundredsHow much sit?
Two lakhsit worked out weMy one lakh
One lakh?Why? You want to give
me more? 50 50Actually promised
someone two lakhsYou too promised me 50 50
That's not the thing Bhadraif don't give this money
to someone a killed will dieThat's a Great story You
got a bit disturbedwhen you saw a big amountAnd also it's not your fault
it's money is faultNo Bhadra I'm telling you
the truth don't careit was fixed right in
the beginning 50 50No Bhadra if you
wish you can takethe entire amount in another
idea That's not possiblethis matter should settle
now give me give meNo Bhadra No
Hey give me No Bhadragive me
thief thiefthief thief help helpthief thief What happened
madam? What happened?He is trying to snatch my bag
YouTake this uncle The
two lakhs you wantedEarlier when you used to
pick even a small purseused to ask you hundreds
of questions but noweven though you brought
me such a big amountdon't have any right to ask
you where you brought it fromwill always be indebted to youwhat is this uncle You
are behaving like a kidI'm going into the Cell
Lock the Cell properlyDoctor i doctor i don't
worry he is all rightAfter the operation we
shifted him to the ICUit will take him some it me
to come back to sensesYou can see your son at evening ok?What are they a doing here
Move them asideMove back
Stop it Stop itMove back Yes you
Move backSearch what is there in his
pocket Send them backGo Gowhat is the matter girl ?
What happened uncle?He seems to be a well respected
personwonder what problems he hadHe drank poison and
committed suicideWe got this paper from
his pocket sirMove back Move back GoMy name is RangaraoI'm from Perawaram
near Rajailmundhrywill call the panchayat's
money from the bankand while was on
my way back homesomeone snatched my money bagMy daughter was engaged
just a few days agoNo one would be even
me in my villageif say that lost
the money at this it meA these days lived
with my head highBut today will have
to bow my head downFor that I'm choosing this pathTo save one fellow
another person unknowinglywanted to support you
a who lost the headof your family because of meThat's the reason come herecame close to this
family intentionallydid whatever could do for youmight have done a few mistakesbut I'm not a characterless
womansince I'm a single woman
you tried to use medid whatever had to do
to defend myself from youHe is a man who would try
to exploit any womanon the face of earth went
to him to teach him a lessonYou are the only one who lost
something because of meThat's why you are the only onewho has the right to punish mewould accept whatever
punishment you did give meThese are the days when one
does everything one canto escape from the
punishment and youon the other hand come here
to pay up for your mistakeYou rescued my familyI like a member of this family
you tried so hardto get my daughters marriedWhat more can anyone
do than this girlWhen we were in trouble none
of them came forwardeven to console us When
we asked them for helpnone of them came forward
to end a handNo matter whatever they
say know very wellwhat sort of a personal you areI'm telling a of you
from now onwardsManga's my eldest daughterYou heard whatever happenedif you still have the
same opinion on heryou can take your son
back from hereNo sister We need fear for
the rest and misjudged herOur sons would marry your
daughters Yes sisterWe misunderstood you even
though it's our husbandswho are at fault Please
don't understand usMr Priest it me surpassing by
tell to it the nuptial a threadBand get started


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