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Have you ever surfed silver waves, bungee jumped over a cricket stadium, sky dived over a beach?
Well here’s your chance to do it online in 3D and meet new people from around the world!

Enter the exciting virtual world of Solaria — set the night on fire with the coolest parties, hang out at
the most happening joints, and hunt for hidden treasures waiting to be explored!

And it’s not just about fun, being online now pays you too! Log on to and win an iPhone,
a home theatre system, international holidays and host of other goodies. And wait, that’s not all.
Participate in intriguing online games and get a chance to meet Bollywood’s hottest celebs such as
Ranbir, Priyanka and Katrina!

What’s GoJiyo?

An award-winning, pioneering and internationally recognized 3D social networking platform, GoJiyo
is amongst the hottest places to be online. Here you can look the way you want, meet people using
voice chat, connect with new friends, fly, play games- like sky diving, and bungee jumping – and win
great stuff!

A Godrej initiative, is India’s first ever virtual 3D world. And it’s all for free! Gojiyo has 6
regions- a moon colony, an ancient Indian kingdom, a European city, an underwater world, a snow
covered region and a place for rebirth.

So get rid of the shackles and let your imagination run wild. Discover GoJiyo. Your world. Your rules.

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