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Mailin’ Mail — TBelly Gifts Unboxing

What’s up YouTube! It’s your duo, Do You Nerd with a BRAND
Unboxing gifts from TBelly himself! The man, the myth, the legend in this community! An incredible gamer, an absolutely stunning supporter and one hell of an awesome guy sent us some goodies!

Check out THE man himself right here! TBelly:

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End Credit Art by:
Pit @GlitchyNPC

Music Credits:
Theme by Peter Batemon:
He’s also on YouTube:

Super Mario 64 – File Select Music on Classical Guitar — Sam Griffin Guitar

Animal Crossing New Horizons – 6AM / 12PM (Snow) – Super Guitar Bros

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Medley – Acoustic Cover — The Game Boys

Video transcription:


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