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Long play Gargoyle’s Quest 2: The demon darkness (Game Boy) Fan Translation

This is a fan translation of the Gargoyle’s Quest 2 port from the NES to the Game Boy.
The game is basically a port of the NES game but they added two more dungeons. Unfortunately they never released it outside of Japan.
For the longplay, sometimes I could’t find a certain town fast enough. So you see me walking around looking for the right way to go ;-D
This is actually a prequel to the 1st title for the game boy and tells us the backstory of young Firebrand. In this one there are now random encounters like in the first one.

Wikipedia says:
Gargoyle’s Quest II (レッドアリーマーII Reddo Arīmā Tsū?, lit. “Red Arremer II”), is an NES video game released by Capcom in October 1992. It is the prequel to Gargoyle’s Quest (part of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise), and features a similar gameplay style, which combines role-playing video game elements with side scrolling action.
Gargoyle’s Quest II was ported to the Game Boy in 1993 in Japan only, under the name Makaimura Gaiden: The Demon Darkness (魔界村外伝 The Demon Darkness). This port was an enhanced version of the original title containing two new levels. It was scheduled to be released in North America in July 1993 but was later canceled.

Video transcription:


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