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Lode Runner in Puzzle (Sanrio Carnival Hack) (NES) – Stage 4: 5 5-Wides

From ASchultz’s guide on GameFAQS (

In a 6-wide as the GameBoy has, this is nearly impossible. However, with a 7-
wide there is a trick where you can proceed with 2 projects at once.

aa aab-

Here we can fit an a or a b in. Then we can proceed to build up whichever 5-
wide has faltered. You will want to start out covering the bottom row for the
1st 5-wide but you may have to move up as the level goes on. Also look for
the possibility of a diagonal. Remember chains and 4-wides don’t help you
here. You need space cleared out so columns will get imbalanced, making this
a bit tricky. I’d play aggressively to try to get a quick 5-wide on the
bottom, and if it doesn’t work, just try again. You can always keep re-trying
til you get lucky.

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