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Live or Die Zombie Survival First Impressions [Android Gameplay]

Let’s have some first impressions on Live or Die, an adventure game published by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO. If you like this video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel GamePlays365 and to turn on the bell.

So the apocalypse came when humans didn’t expect it, and all is left on Earth is brutal survival. The virus outbreak wiped out almost the entire population leaving behind nothing but dead wasteland where each survivor is forced to fight for survival against zombies.

The biological weapon killed billions of people and turned the survivors into dead zombies. But you the player are not the only survivor! Other people are also fighting for survival against the undead. Nobody can help you to survive in this dead wasteland but you. The fight for your survival will be brutal. You will have to survive, to explore and to pass your post apocalypse survival story from one survivor to another!

The survival protocol is simple. Every survivor must rely on himself in the apocalypse! Evolve yourself, evolve in building, evolve in crafting, evolve in using armor and weapon, evolve in killing dead zombies. Each day you survive dead zombies in the dead wasteland of the apocalypse makes you smarter, each mile you outrun dead zombies makes you faster, each head you smash to pieces makes you stronger. It’s called experience.

Live or Die is a game in which you evolve, craft, build, explore, gather resources, learn to survive and fight for your survival! You must evolve to survive among the zombies!

Even the best survivor may die if he is surrounded by many zombies without a proper weapon and armor. Each time you evolve you’ll unlock more blueprints for crafting new weapon and armor. Find what suits your survival best. You will be able to punch zombies, cut them, pierce and smash them, shoot them, set them on fire, blow them up! There are plenty of possible actions on the undead. But combat is not all, crafting and building are your main resources for survival in this harsh apocalypse.

No matter how effective you are with your weapon, or how hard your armor is you’ll still need to rest to survive the apocalypse. The dead apocalypse wasteland is a harsh place for survival, so start building your own shelter against zombies!

Building walls and upgrading them, building traps, crafting unpickable locks, all is helpful to protect you from the dead zombies. Start building your shelter as soon as possible to keep you safe from zombies in the apocalypse. Survive the day in dead wasteland, survive the night in a comfy bed.

You need resources for building your shelter and crafting weapon and armor to survive. So explore and scavenge the dead wasteland to gather everything you can. All resources are vital for your survival against zombies! You’ll need them for building, crafting and upgrading. Zombies will try to destroy your shelter and turn you into an undead. So don’t wait, explore and scavenge the dead wasteland!

But be careful during your exploration, because the world is now a harsh dead wasteland full of dangerous dead zombies, who have lost their intelligence but gained in strength, speed and ferocity. They WILL try to end your survival and you WILL have to evolve and fight them to survive. So upgrade your weapons and armor, start crafting the best equipment and be ready to explore and fight for your survival.

Many people tried to get ready to survive the apocalypse, too bad most of them turned into zombies in the end. But they left behind unique resources. So survive and look for abandoned labs, military bases, bunkers. Explore them before any other survivor beats you to it. If he does, you can always search for his shelter and rob him of his means for survival. Break down the shelter and dead zombies will do the rest.

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