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Life Is Strange All Easter Eggs And Secrets | Part 1 | HD

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All Easter Eggs and Secrets (plus best References) found in the Life Is Strange (All 5 Episodes), a choice based adventure game, where every action has a reaction. Yes, there are far more references, but I only chose best ones and not so obvious ones. Also the video would be rather boring if I put ALL references in as there are literally tones of them.

The List:
Breaking Forth Wall when you enter the code wrong 50 times Max will blame developers for putting her in such puzzle game
Kate’s Video Link to website that can be accessed in real life
All Memes: LOL Face, Me Gusta, Y U NO Guy, No Homo, Cool Story
Police Doge that can be only seen IF you get David Madsen suspended by taking a photo of him harassing Kate (Episode 1) and blame him for Kate’s suicidal attempt (Episode 2)
Chloe is not impressed and says Try Dazzle Me With Another Trick when she opens a door for you then you rewind and open the door from the other side
All Car Plates and TV Shows References such as Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Twilight Zone, The X Files, The Killing, The Wire, Broadchurch, The Practice, Quantum Leap, Carnivale, Parks and Recreation, True Detective etc.
Final Fantasy Reference
Jax The Panda the Chloe’s keychain
Everybody Lies, No Exceptions
Girl With Dragon Tattoo Reference
Hotline Miami Jacket
Video Reactions and Pranks
Redrum (The Shining Reference)

Video transcription:


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