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Leveling A Templar for COC Ice Nova | Freezing Pulse Leveling | 3.14 PoE Ultimatum

#PathofExile​ #Ultimatum​

️️ All my builds in one link: ️️

If You Want to Support Me
Join my channel if you want to support me further.

You can buy games or mtx for Path of exile to support me.I chose some of my favourites.

Guides & Other links
My discord channel to discuss about PoE.There are both English and Turkish chat channels for everybody 🙂 You can also ask questions about my previous builds because i can’t read comments all the time.

How i farm currency to make end game builds?
I farm most of my currency from farming tier 15-16 maps and killing conquerers&Sirus along the way.Most people still have no clue on how to juice&farm red maps.I have a guide on my channel that i prepared couple of leagues ago so if you don’t know how to make currency,watch that carefully and you’ll start printing exalts soon enough.
Guide link:

Maven boss tactics:

How to craft Hunter Stygian Vise for way cheaper:

How to craft influenced helms with -%9 Nearby resists and How to use Awakener’s Orb:

Playlist containing some guides:

For my Turkish viewers(Türkçe seri):

Path of Building & Pastebin
Make sure you are using LocalIdentity’s Community Fork version.
This is a leveling POB for Freezing Pulse.

Video transcription:



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