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kold War Tower 160 Boss Fight, Strategy to Defeat Boss Mk11 ST with DOD Jade – Talent tree and Gear.

***Credit has to go to @ManWithNoGame45 . In my opinion very few people have such a good insights about this game as he does. I do recommend to subscribe to his channel. Here is the link of the channel:

Key Character: Day of the Dead Jade, Fusion is not the important factor here.
Key plan: Spamming Jade’s SP2 and defeating Mk11 ST by reflecting his damages.
Team composition:
1.Mournful kitana for 1 starting power bar,
2. Any character that can give extra life chance to Jade. Warlock Quan Chi was used here.
jade is used to fight the boss from beginning to end here. So , only the equipment of Jade’s are significant.
1. Any Block Breaking gear
2. Power Generation boosters
3. Any gear that reduce 50% cost of SP2.
4. Any equipment that give 1 bar of stauring power.

1. Start with Jade. Chain basic attacks and SP2 whenever you have 2 bar of powers .
2. It is important to have a positive attitude through out the gameplay, without this it is hard to stay focus. Other two characters will support Jade by giving extra life and power bar. Don’t worry to get killed by Mk11 ST.
3.Only focus to spam SP2. the rest will be managed automatically.

***** Talent tree is the most important part of this strategy. Do rearrange the talents according to the strategy.

N.B : Talents tree and equipment are shown at the end of the gameplay.

Video transcription:


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