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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (KH2FM) – Mid-Game Heartless & Nobodies [Level 1, No Damage]

These are the two fights you do right after leaving Space Paranoids. These fights are actually really tricky in Critical mode as the Crimson Jazz can tear right through you, and the dancers are a one hit kill usually.

I knew it’d be using some thunders in these fights, so I equipped the keyboard that I just got from Space Paranoids for the Thunder Boost in these fights.

Heartless / Nobodies:
This can be a tricky fight, but luckily you can get the Rising Sun reaction command to make things easier in the first wave. I way over-complicated this for the sake of showing off the dancers a bit… trust me, you can usually just get right into the mix, spam a few reflects until you get the RC, and then kill most of the first wave.

When the first wave is about gone, this is where you’ll want to get ready. With the second wave spawns a Crimson Jazz, and these things aren’t easy to fight on Critical or at Level 1. Best ways to manage them are either Magnet with Thunders/Attacks to keep them locked, or just limit. Reflects only really work well with the big orb attack since the small one lasts a while and you could get hit.

Again, I was trying to just dodge around a bit to let the heartless do their thing, and it somewhat messed with my timing. You want to make sure you can limit or whatever when the Jazz arrives. I had no MP and had to dodge a bit. The big orb reflect actually killed the Jazz, so I didn’t need the limit after ha

Dancer grab = death. Simple as that. You’re dead, and then some. If you want to make your life easy, just use Chicken Little here. He’ll magnet, and then you can thunder. If you don’t want to use summons, you’ll want either Trinity Limit or Donald’s Limit.

First wave is dancers, and you’ll want to be careful. Note that a trinity limit here won’t outright kill them, so you’ll need to damage them first. Also, don’t lead off the with X attack in the limit like I did, or else that could happen. If you choose to fight them, that’s fine. Dancers are mildly predictable. However, once you start getting their HP down, you either want to avoid too many air combos, or make sure you are watching them. If the start the grab move while you are in the air and you aren’t paying attention, you can easily land right into one and die.

Second wave is 4 creepers and a dancer. Assuming you used a limit in the first wave, you’ll either want to Ether or dodge. Dodging the creepers is fairly easy as long as you make sure you’re watching them for the teleport. Personally, if your MP still hasn’t recharged, I would absolutely make sure it’s back before you end this wave.

Last wave is 6 dancers. Um, yeah. Be careful ha. I had Donald dead from the second wave, so I had to just dodge around. I did some damage until they started their grab move, and then just played keep away. I could have used Magnet and some attacks, but I just wanted to be safer in the end and just jump around.

Video transcription:


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