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We head to Main Event for some tight rope, arcade, laser tag fun!
Go wish Mason a happy birthday!

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shot on 5.14.16

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Video transcription:

– What is up, my clan?Welcome to day 1505.It's Saturdayand today is little Mason
Bevo's 10th birthday.(light music)Yes, it is Mason's birthdayand we are meeting
up with the Bevosto celebrate, have a little funat Main Event Entertainment.How's it going, children?- Good.- [Clintus] You guys excited?- Yeah.- [Clintus] Sierra's never
been to this location.Bryce.
– Oh, we're going to this one again?- [Clintus] Yeah, well, it's by our house.Why would we go
to the other one now?- It's only 30 minutes away.- [Clintus] I was just going to saythis one looks exactly
like the other one, right?- Yeah.- [Clintus] Yeah so Sierra's
going to walk in and go,I've been here before
but she hasn't.Hello, mother.
– Hi.- [Clintus] How are you?
– Good.- [Clintus] Fabulous.Got some new shoes on?- [Tiffany] Yep.
– [Clintus] I like that.Some All-stars.And I'm not wearing my All-stars.Main Event.What's up, Mason Bevo?Happy birthday.- Thanks.- [Clintus] You're no longer
the same age as Bryce.- Nope.- [Clintus] That only lasts
for a couple days, bro.- Five.- [Clintus] You have five days.That's it.- Mason.Mason, I'm going to wait up there for you.(light music)- [Clintus] Here goes
Mason for his first time.Don't look at me.Look at the rope.Everybody got their cards?- Yep.- [Clintus] Let's rock and roll.- Guys, over here.Sierra.Motorcycles.- [Clintus] Four, six.- Oh, great.(noise drowns out speaker)- Nice one.- [Bryce] Yeah.- [Sierra] Nice one.- [Clintus] 630?630.Alright.- Look at.- [Clintus] Anemic, brutal, killer.Alright, Sierra wants to
try and beat her brother.Here she goes.Boom.- [Bryce] What did I get?- [Clintus] You got 599.- [Bryce] No, my first one.- [Clintus] I don't remember.Oh, you hit it wrong.Fail.Boom.There you go.Oh.631.- Beat you.- No.- You got 630.- I got,oh.- [Clintus] Oh.- I definitely know
I can't beat this guy.I'm doing it with
two hands right away.- Don't use two hands.- I can't beat him.- [Clintus] Hey, his hand's too small.His hand's too small.- [Jack] I don't know
if it's going to matter.- Help me, Uncle Jack.- No way, bro.Got him.Oh no, he's coming back for more.- I couldn't even do it like that.Pull.Mason, I can't beat this guyso this is how I'm doing it.Do you want to help me?- [Jack] Help him, Mas, help him.- Push.- [Jack] Cheaters.- Okay, now, do it like this.Mason, do it like this.- [Jack] Poor guy is wrestling three kids.- No, I'm not even pushing.- [Jack] He put up a good fight.- He gets weak after a whileso if you just hold it,he's going to get weakand then you can
just push him down.- [Voiceover] Yes.- See, he gets weak.- [Clintus] What's next?- Laser tag.- [Clintus] Laser tag.Excited, Bryce?- Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah. Mason?Is this your first time?- Yeah.- [Clintus] Yeah?
– [Chrissy] No.- [Jack] At this location.
– [Chrissy] At this location.- At this location.- [Chrissy] Yeah.- [Clintus] Alright.
– Wonder Woman.- [Clintus] We're getting suited up.You're Wonder Woman?- You're Agent 47,- [Clintus] I'm Agent 47.Mom,Tiffany, who are you?- Green Lantern.- [Clintus] Green Lantern.Who are you?- I'm Zeus.- [Clintus] Zeus.And Chrissy, who are you?- Deadpool.- [Clintus] Deadpool.- Bumblebee.- [Clintus] Bumblebee.Alright.Alright, Mason, let's go get them.Bryce is on the other team.We got to find Bryce.Let's go.Red versus blue.Where's Bryce?There's Bryce.Oh, Bryce and mommy are the same team.- I'm using a laser.- [Clintus] Using a laser.- Just stalking.- You're in the corner.You're going to get shot.This is a lot busier
than Uptown Alley.There's a lot more
players in this arenaand I feel like it's a smaller arena.I'm getting my butt kickedbecause I'm trying to vlog.Woo.There's a lot of people in this arena.How was that?- That was a workout.- I love laser tag.So good.Yeah, it's a little crowded
for the size of this arena.- I won some shades.- [Clintus] You won some shades?- [Voiceover] Yeah, you did.- [Clintus] Hey, those
look kind of like mine.They look good.- Ah.My belly's shaking.- [Voiceover] I'm trying to get this ball.- [Clintus] Yeah.Yay.Yes, Sierra, good job.- [Voiceover] Good job, Sierra.- It won't even come out.- [Clintus] It's too big.- [Bryce] We helped her get it.We moved the ball around.- No.- [Jack] Here, move, I got it.Maybe.- Yay.- It was a team effort.Team effort.Good job, guys, good job.- Let me see.- [Voiceover] I really wanted that ball.- Wrapped things up at Main Eventand we're at Oregano's
for some Italian food.Who picked this place?- Sort of us.
– Yeah.- [Clintus] You guys?I'm down with this.- How rude.- [Clintus] Haven't been
to Oregano's in years.- [Jack] Literally.- [Clintus] You just went
with my mom you said, right?- I did.- [Clintus] I missed out.(noise drowns out speaker)I was in one at Tempe.Been to the one in
Tempe a couple times.- Bryce was a baby.When he was a little infant,we went to the one in Tempe.- [Clintus] So Oregano's famous forgiving the kids some dough to play withand so what are you guys making?What are you going to make with it?- Pancakes.
– [Clintus] Pancakes.What are you making?- Pizza.- [Clintus] Pizza.There you go.
Tossing it.What are you making, Mason?- [Jack] Pepperoni or sausage pizzas?
– Smiley face.- [Clintus] A smiley face.Dinner is served.We have pasta.We have pizza.We have Mason. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to Mason Happy birthday to you There you go.There's your candle.Yay.And the children are having
a sleepover with the Bevos.- Mhmmm.- [Clintus] Happy birthday, Mason.- Thank you.- [Clintus] Be sure to give Bryce
an extra noogie for me.- Okay.- [Jack] Yes.- No.- [Clintus] Have fun.Good luck, Bevos.- Thanks.- Well, guys, Tiff and
I made our way back homeand we're going to call it a night.Hope you enjoyed the video.Kids had a blast at Main Event.That tight rope thing,what's it called?The gravity,gravity something.I forget.But lots of fun.Tons of fun.Of course, arcade games, laser tagsome of their favorite things to do.Tomorrow, we celebrate
the boys' birthdaywith the family,both our familyand Tiffany's at
Memaw and Papa's houseso stay tuned.There's going to be food, fun, swimming,some presents,all that good stuff
that comes alongwith being at a birthday partyso stay tuned.We'll see you then.Vlog on.


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