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KH2FM – Hayer/Vivi/Nobodies/Axel 1/Setzer No Damage (LV1 CM)

Here’s all the fights that happen during the Struggle fight.

Hayner: Easy to get a no damage on, I find it easier to run around his two hit combo than to Guard it. Else if you miss him with your attack you’ll get hit.

Vivi: Still easy. His attacks are very predictable. Just watch out for his super attack combo. It can be dodged by running to the opposite side.

Nobodies: Dusks can be a tad tricky in groups of 3 or more, but still not bad.

Axel: Very very easy. Just wait until he gets tired and stops. For his super attack, just go to the other side.

Setzer: Trickiest out of them all to get no damage, but again, still easy. Just make sure you don’t do a finisher on him when his HP is low or he’ll counter attack and that might hit you.

Rating for each, which happen to be the same:

Difficulty for normal win: *
Difficulty for no damage: *


Q: How do you stay Level 1?
A: In Critical Mode in KH2FM, you are given an EXP 0 ability at the beginning of the game. Equipping it makes it so you don’t gain experience. Drive Forms aren’t affected by it, so you can still level those up.

Q: What’s Critical Mode (CM)?
A: Critical Mode is the new difficulty mode in KH2FM. It’s basically slightly harder than a low level Proud Mode challenge.

Q: Hey how come you have (Insert ability here) at level 1 when you get (insert same ability here) at (insert KH2 required level here).
A: In KH2FM, they switched some abilities around and made some where you don’t have to level up to gain them. A perfect example is the Scan ability.

Q: How can you do 2 finishers so early on in the game?
A: Just like with the EXP 0 ability, you’re also given a Finishing Plus ability at the start of the game. So you can do 1 normal finisher + a second finisher.

Q: How come I hear English voices if this is KH2FM? I thought it was Japanese!
A: KH2FM has English voices with Japanese text. Simple as that, I don’t know why people can’t grasp that.

Q: How can I get KH2FM and how would I get it to run on my PS2?
A: If you have the fat PS2, like me, get Swap Magic + a Slide Card. I got the Swap Magic 3.6 + Slide Card deal at I also bought KH2FM at

Video transcription:



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