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KH2FM – Cavern of Remembrance Nobodies 3 (Level 1, No Damage)

Ugh, this battle is hard. They saved all of the most annoying Nobodies for the last fight. This battle has Dragoons, Dancers, Creepers, and Sorcerers. Dragoons are annoying because they usually take a finisher to make them flinch and they sometimes turn invisible (perhaps by a glitch, I don’t know). Dancers are annoying because they’re unpredictable and will sometimes counter in the middle of your combo. Creepers… well, they can appear above you and simply ruin a no damage run. Sorcerers are invulnerable to magic and their stupid blocks will kill you if you stay still for too long.

Use Magnega and Thundaga to your advantage and take out the first couple waves with the combo. No enemies here have ranged attacks, so you can use Magnet Splash to stall while your magic recharges. After two waves, a Sorcerer will show up. If Donald is alive, use his limit to take it out. If not, summon Genie and use his Wisdom limit. The next few waves can be taken out Magnega and Thundaga or limits, like always.

Once you’re past the wave with two Sorcerers, you can use limits repeatedly if you brought along some Elixers or Megalixers. I brought along some Megalixers because I needed to keep Donald alive. If you only have Ethers, use limits sparingly by only using them after you’ve almost run out of magic. Use Reflega when the Sorcerers surround you with their blocks on three sides. If you’re right next to them when you use it, they’ll probably start swinging their blocks around, in which case USE A LIMIT. Continue this until the final wave of Sorcerers is finally dead.

Sora: Item Slot
Donald: HP Boost
Goofy: HP Boost

Video transcription:



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