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Jet fighter Highway Landing

Jet fighter Highway Landing is unique game on Play store in which you have to take-off and land your jet fighter on busy highway and motorway with fully manual control. There are many other jet fighter games and jet fighter landing games on play store but Jet Fighter Highway Landing will give you unique game play experience.

Jet Fighter Landing on Highway is not a simple Jet fighter simulator but it includes many modern combat missions, air to air strike, air to ground strike means this free game also has flavour of surgical strikes.
Up skill yourself as a thunder fighter pilot to deal with emergency situations like sky fighter when enemy attacks on your beloved country and some of jets need to take off and land on highway for combat action jet fighter bombing. Complete various challenging missions with objectives like passing through check points or aim and shoot from air to air or air to ground in different missions.
Jet Fighter Highway Landing provides ten fiercer jets like F-16, SU-35, F-22 Raptor, MIG-29 etc. for pilot combat action in modern warfare with 8 different challenging missions. If you want to be a sky gambler than this jet fighter game is perfect for you to complete your jet fighter flying dream. If you are professional fighter pilot, than this jet fighter bombing, aiming and shooting game is perfect for you to master your skills. Download highway fighter jet planes game now and enjoy for free.

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