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JESUS is coming like a THIEF | Part 1

Is COVID-19 a sign of the end times? Is JESUS & the RAPTURE about to happen? Pastor Rodney addresses these questions in our latest sermon series, ‘Thief’.

WORSHIP to the SONGS we sang this Sunday!
0:54 | I Love To Sing Your Praise
5:22 | It Was a Great Thing
10:05 | The Father’s House
17:16 | Jesus

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THIEF | Sermon Series by Pastor Rodney Pearce | Temple Church

#JesusReturning #Thief #TheEndTimes #CoronaVirus

Video transcription:

I'm going to bless it I'm going to give
you the strength to beat itand when you fall if you fall a hundred
timesknow that i still love you preach the
word beloved representing christwell everyone's welcome example that's
what grace isand god says i forgive you i love you
i want to re-establish youover me like a sweetit brings a victoryno matter what i face
through all of my days i love to singyour praise
there's a place inside of my heartwhere a song of thanksgiving starts
because of all of your goodnessoh yeah and the joy you
givelord my praise willeverylove the day of your nameit fills me with peace washes over me
like a sweetno matter what i
through think of my days i love to seeyour praiselord i love to see your skies
when i think a glorious sunrisei love to do in the morning
oh yeah and hearing songbirdsthere's nothing sweeter to me
than to join in harmonywith my brothers and sisters
oh yeah singing praiseover me like a swinggloryno matter what i face
through all of my days i love toisi love to see your prayersit brings sweet decreesno matter what we face we give him
praise praise the lordcome on ladies sing come on put your
hands togetherthe lord has brought me
through all of my sorrowand when i failed him
he didn't cast me awaywell he stood right by me
all of my troublesand when i was gone he didn't let me
go astrayhe tookohit was a graceit was a great thing
that it did for mebeen my doctor he's been my lawyer
my god's been good to meand he's been my friendhe just told meit was a great thingit was a great day for meit was a great thing
that he did for mehe set mewas a free thing daddy did it for me for
meset me free
it was a great thingthat he did for meit was a great dayme
praise the lordwelcome the temple turn to somebody and
say it's good to worship beside youtoday
this is the father's house amensometimes on this journey i get lost in
my mistakeswhat looks to me like weakness is a
canvasfor your strengths my story isn't over
my story's just begun cause failurewon't define me cause
that's what my father doesfailure won't define me cause that's
what my father doeshere isohtodayarrival's not the end game the journey's
where you areyou never want it perfect you just
wanted my heartand the story isn't over if the story
isn't goodisanymoreanymorewe worship you god we worship your sweet
name jesusthank you for moving amongst this lordthemiracles take placeisanymorecause itwe worship you and you alone god
we're waiting on you in this place todayjesus
it's all about you godwe trust you lord move amongst usmiracles take placewhen the is in love is breaking through
love is breaking throughcause it ain't wellagainanymoreamen give him praise templewhat a great place to lay your burdens
down where the father iswhat a great god he is he might testify
by lifting your hands he's a great godhe's an awesome guy
we praise you for your truth jesus weworship you and you alone in this place
today godjericho walls are quaking lord at the
mention of your namejesusstrongholds are breaking at the mention
of your name jesuswe worship you god we worship you lord
we worship you jesusis a truth it's older than the ages
there is a promise of things yet to comethere is one born for our salvationjesusthere is a light that overwhelms the
darknessthere is a kingdom that
foreverand there is freedom from the chains
that bind usjesuson the jesus who speaks to
the sea who stands in the firebeside me
he warns like a lionhe bled as a lamb
he carries my healingin his head
there is a name i callin times of trouble thereis
there is a voice that calms the stormthat rages
and he is jesusjesushe roars like a lion
he bled as a lambhe carries my healinghe roars like a lion he played as a lamp
he buriesmessiahmy savior there is power
in your namethere is power in your namemessiahthere is power in your name
you're my rock andthere is power in
your name in your nameyou walk on the waters
you speak to the seayou stand in the fire
besideyou walk on watermein your hands
there is no one like you jesusthere is no one likecrazythere is none like you lordmessiahmy saviorlet's just say his name right now jesus
say it with me jesusthere's power in your name jesusyou're my rock and
my redeemerthere is power in your name
in your namelet's say his name together again jesus
jesusjesusanybody ever been right in the midst of
the flame in your lifeit was burning all around you and you
had to call in the name of jesushow many can say yes there's power in
the name of jesusthere's power in the name of jesus
you're our rock lordthank you lord for salvation amen let's
give him praise with our hands one moretime
we give you a shout of praise jesusbless the name of the lord amen you may
be seatedhey gary hey yeah i got it for running
the recovery 5kyeah i actually finished this time can't
beat thatno that's pretty cool
hey uh how did you get twoso i ran uh the recovery 5k um
but when you run it as fast as i did youactually get two miles so
oh wow i see you only have one you knowyou knowgo deucesheyoh man thunder and lightning which oneoh okay friday night
a young man 22 years old came up onstage
and uh nine months ago his brother waskilled in a car accident
he shared how god makes all things newin his life he shared the hope that's in
christand as we get ready to do our 5k again
this yearwe'd love for you to get on board with
that all you got to do is go to run theeast and it supports
the ministry that is changing livesafter daniel shared his story
somebody came up to me and said mansomebody very dear to me just tonight
i've been praying for him a long time ayoung man gave his life to jesus christ
becauseof that story and that's what this is
all about amen that's what we're tryingto do so
please support this you can runvirtuallyany way you want to do that uh in your
mindum or you can uh come to this track and
run that 5kor walk it push a stroller it's so
important that you come and do thatuh it's something that keeps us going at
uh recovery live and we reallyappreciate that so
much amen all right we're going to askyou guys if you're brand new here to
templeum can we just give a hand to our
newcomers who are here at tev weappreciate you so muchmy name is john i'm the recovery pastor
here and uh if you're new we'd love foryou to pull out the uh
little connect card that's in the seatback in front of you we'd love for you
to fill that out if you don't mind ifit's your first time
the ushers are going to come aroundwe're going to drop that connect card
into the basket as it comesaround or if it's your second time we'd
love for you to fill that out as welland if you're new if you don't mind
right after the service in the connectroom right behind you that says connect
we'd love for you to come back there wegot a free gift for you
and we'd love for you to come back thereand spend some time with us
meet the pastors all that kind of stuffalso we have a mom in me room and a dad
in me room if your child's fussy duringthe service
we really appreciate if you take yourchild back there
we've got a live stream so you can watchthe service in the comfort of the mom
and me room and the dad me roomso glad that you guys are here today
temple family all right thunderthere we gotemple family it is now time to give
upthere you go that's the way we give give
cheerfullyso i've said this performer say it again
there's a lot of places and a lot ofopportunities where you can't go
but through your donations youcan send people it is amazing what we do
in this community through your givingit is amazing the number of lives that
we touchand we thank you we thank you for being
sofaithful in your giving let us pray
father we thank youfor this day lord we thank you for
this day that you've given us anotheropportunity
you always are giving you arealways given the best of yourself you
gave your sonlord that whosoever believeth in him
should notperish but have everlasting life
we ask blessings upon this offering forevery hand and every heart
that pass towards this bucket lordlord let it be used to further your
kingdom in jesus name we prayamen amen how's everybody doing this
morninghow many of you glad to be in the house
of god amenobviously 2020 has been a very difficult
yearfor probably everybodyand the song that is about to be done i
heard it at our youth servicei think it was a couple of weeks ago and
i don't remember but the name of thesong is remember
and i'm not going to say very much atall but i pray that you'll give this
songyour undivided attention because in the
year2020 sometimes we forget
to remember who we're talking to when wepray
sometimes we forget to rememberhow powerful our god
is sometimes we forget the factthat he knows everything that's going on
and there is absolutely undoubtedly areason
he's allowing itso if you want to worship through this
song and or if you just want to sitand look at the message in it
my admonition my advice to youis to focus and remember who you're
talking tothe next time you pray remember who
you're talking tohow quickly we forgethow quickly we forget the power
that's running through our veinsthe kind of power that emptiesgravesthe only one who death bows too
yeah that's the god who works with youhis power can still raise the deadso don't tell me that he's finished
best we not forget the voicethat's holding back the waves
was once the voice that told the skiesto pour them into
let us join the endless song ofeverlasting gracethe only one whoyeah that's the god who works with youand oh myagain
his power can still raise the deadso don't tell me that he's finishedif you broke through the oceans
you can break through these chainsif your word made the mountains
it can move them all the sameand if death fell before you
and it's still on its facethen the power they raise you
it's about to move againif you broke through the oceans
you can break through these chainsword made the mountains it can move them
all the sameand if death fell before you
and it's still on its faceit's about to move againthe only one who didyou know that if he did
power can still raise the deaddon't tell me that it's finishedhe's not finished yetno other king could vanquish the wars
or silence the warriors rage whileriding the lowly back of a donkey
no other king could break the dominionof darkness the tyranny of
evil with a reign of graceand a kingdom of peace no other king
could give his life for the redemptionof rebels
his wealth to welcome the outcastjesus is that king the king of glory
son of the living god not just anotherking
not just another prophet not justanother teacher
he was the one the world had beenwaiting for the one to deliver us from
captivitythe son of david and abraham's chosen
seedhe is the goal of the mosaic law yahweh
in the flesh he is the one to establishgod's reign and rule
to heal the sick give sight to the blindfreedom to the prisoners
and proclaim good news to the poor thisjesus was the creator come to earth
and the beginning of a new creation heembodied the covenant
fulfilled the commandments and reversedthe curse this
jesus is the christ that god spoke of tothe serpent
the one prefigured to noah in the floodthe one promised
abraham the one guaranteed to mosesbefore he died
the one promised to david during hisreign the one revealed to isaiah as a
suffering servantthe one predicted through the prophets
and prepared forthrough john the baptist he is the
fatherson savior of the world and substitute
forour sins more loving more holy
and more wonderfully terrifying than weever thought
possible he is our jesus and there is noother king
like him he is our god our gloryour victorious saviorthere is no other king like himthere is no other kingamenAs I said earlier, 2020 has been a very
difficult yearfor everyone. Who would have ever thought
on December the 31st of 2019we would all be wanting a do-over.
Some of us watched the ball drop. We wereat friends, homes and people were at our
homes, andwe celebrated what 2020 was going to
bring.We named it and we claimed it,
only to be disappointedWe're in a global pandemic, which is
magnified by a thousand times becauseit's a political
election year. People are fighting oneanother
like never before. Democrats hate theRepublicans, Republicans are hating the
Democrats, Conservatives hate theLiberals, and vice versa.
People are killing each other. There'srioting everywhere,
looting everywhere, well in many citiesand when you have this kind of stuff
going on in our countryin the world christians love to begin to
talk abouta particular subject a fantastic subject
from the bibleeverybody has an opinion about the end
times the time when god is going to comeback
he's going to set everything straighthe's going to do away with evil and
darkness and sin and the deviland at these times you hear certain
preacherstell his congregation look up your
redemption is drawing nighyou have preachers say get ready jesus
is coming backhe's coming back soon
and although i do not disagree with themessage that jesus is coming back and
every day whether there's rioting andlooting or not
is one day closer to that daybut people have asked me personally do
you think that this pandemic is thebeginning of the end
do you think it's the end of the worldpastor do you think
that jesus return is really really closeand at the expense of being hated by you
theologians out theremy answer to those questions is noand i'm going to share with you over the
next two to three weekswhy i answer those questions no
again every day we get a day closer nodoubt
but jesus gave us signs and things tolook for
to know that that time is extremely nearand i'm going to share those things with
you again over the next couple of weeksgive me a fair hearing and let's look at
the word of godtogether some of you are probably have
anybody seen my new toy herehow many of you have been absolutely
afraid i'm going to sling thatthat ipad out and like a frisbee across
the congregation at points and timeswell they got me something so i am not
as likely to sling it okayit's a tax now and i got to get used to
it because i want to just kind of shakeit off
but i want to ask you to stand with meand let's pray together as a church
about the next come a couple of weeksand what god has for us
let's pray father we thank you for yourmany and wonderful blessings
thank you god for the music this morningthank you for those who are tuning in
onlinei'm so grateful for each and every one
of them i pray that your holy spiritmeets them right where they are in their
homes i pray you protect them from thispandemic
and for those who have it god i pray youheal them quickly
for those of us here father i pray thatyou move in and out of our presence you
move in and out ofevery individual heartand god i'm so grateful to be gathered
with my brothers and sisters in christif there's one here who doesn't know the
lord as his or hersavior i pray that that changes
i pray that all of us draw closer tochrist
whether it's a matter of maturity or amatter of salvation
that all of us grow closerand i thank you god for the opportunity
to be here and to meet onyour day i pray god you will eliminate
wickedness and evil in your timei pray god you will shut the mouths of
thosewho want to destroy your churchi pray god that we are lights in this
dark worldthat we defend you we defend your truth
we defend your churchand we do it with love and kindness and
respectand father for those who are here and
who are watching online who havedeep deep struggles i pray god that you
will minister to themand help them find their way through it
give them strength godgive them strength i pray for those who
have lost loved onestwo very dear people to our church just
over the last weeki pray god you will comfort those
families with your amazing graceyour amazing presence and your amazing
truthfather your word says to die is gain
and they've gone on to be with you inglory
and father you've left us behind for thetime being to do your work
to share your truth and to love othersand i pray we do it well i pray we
represent christ wellthank you jesus for dying for us on that
cross and we love youwe'll always love you it's in your name
we prayamen thank you you may be seated maybe
some of you are wonderingwhy in the world does pastor name a
series aboutthe end times thief well let me show you
it's on the screenfirst thessalonians 5 says this for you
knowvery well that the day of the lord will
come what does it say churchlike a thief in the night but the day of
the lord will comelike a thief the heavens will disappear
with the roar the elements will bedestroyed by fire
and the earth and everything done in itwill be laid bare
now if you look at the end of theseverses you're going to see that at the
end of the worldat the very end god is going to destroy
this worldby fire the first time he did it how did
he do it churchhe did it with a flood right he did it
with a flood he saved noah and hisfamily they replenished the earth
and god said after that he said i willnever destroy the earth
with a flood again and he gave us areminder of that truth and what is it
churchit's the rainbow every time you see the
rainbowafter a light storm or whatever i want
you tofocus on god remember he said i'm never
going to destroythe earth with the flood again he said
next time i do iti'm going to do it with fire we see that
here he says i'm going to purge iti'm going to cleanse it i'm going to
burn it and i'm going to lay it bareand i'm going to start all over but
that's not what i want to focus on inthis text
i want to focus on two statements thefirst one is
what the day of the lord the day of thelord
is a reference to the end times it willbe a day of reckoning
it will be a day of unmitigatedhorror terror and anger from the mouth
of a just god amenthat's what it's going to be now where
is the day of the lord where does itstart
it starts with the rapture of the churchnow let me ask you a question how many
of you believe in the bible when it saysthat god can rapture the church you
believe itthe word rapture in the bible talks
about a snatching awayand when the day of the lord begins god
is going to snatch awaythe church he's going to snatch away
christians how many of you believein the miracle working power of god that
he can actually do that do you believeit
because i absolutely believe it hey bythe way i believe
anything the word of god says if i don'tunderstand it if
i don't necessarily agree with it if ican't comprehend it guess what the word
of god says that his ways are higherthan my ways
his thoughts are higher than my thoughtsthe bible says the holy spirit of god
he educates us on the deep secrets ofgod so as i have studied this bible for
20 years the holy spirit of godhas made me a believer in every single
word of it prays to his name amen churchso the rapture is the first thing god is
going to snatchchristians away man it's going to happen
and it's going to happen quickly but letme ask you a question
can you imagine a world where the churchwas not in itlet that sink in for a moment can you
imagine a worldwhere the church is not in it because
let me tell you what the church isthe church is the greatest organization
god has on planet earththe church is the one organization that
restrainsevil do you understand that the church
is the one organizationthat loves more people than anybody else
loves the people that the world hasrejected
the church of jesus christ is the onlything good on planet earth
it's the very one thing that says toevil you are not
going to reign you are not going to tellus what to do you are not going to have
your waythe church of jesus christ is the only
thing keepingthe globe keeping everybody on the
planet from absolutely acting likeanimals if you think the rioting and the
looting in the world is bad nowyou take the church away you take god's
love awayyou take god's hands and his feet and
you take god's mind away and it will beabsolutely completely chaos
it will be a world without love it willbe a world without grace it will be a
world without goodand that's exactly what's going to
happen in the day of the lord and theday of the lord the church
is going to be raptured and it's goingto be followed by seven years of
tribulationseven years of tribulation on earth you
think what's happening now is badmultiply it by a million that's what
you're going to havepeople are going to be unprecedentedly
that's a bad word i think i don't thinkit's a word
people are going to be hurt and hurtingeach other the bible says that they're
going to be in so much painthat they're going to gnaw their own
tongueshow many of you've ever hurt so bad you
actually nod your own tongueit will be hell on
earth the rapture of the church happensseven years of tribulation and follow
and thenjesus is coming back it's the second
coming of christthe first time he came he came as a
helpless babythe first time he came he needed someone
to change his diaper he needed someoneto feed him
he needed someone to protect him and hisparents did that but the second time he
comeshe's not coming as a helpless baby he's
not coming and being born in a stinkingmanger the next time he comes
he's coming as king of kings and lord oflords and he's coming
with the justice of god as his agendaand when he comes at the end of the
seven year tribulation he is bringingarmageddon with him and we think of
armageddon in this major great battlelet me tell you
satan is no battle for jesus christ itmay be like a canoe
on a battleship but when jesus christspeaks
the world is going to die human beingsare going to die and at that time the
bible says the bloodof human beings will rise as high as the
horse's bridle you know whybecause jesus christ is going to speak
and all evil is going to bow at his feetand many of them are going to die
so you have the day of the lord therapture this thing is written weird is
it does it look weird to you guysi mean i feel like a an airplane
conductor up here or somethingwe'll get used to it or we'll change it
we'll do something i don't know what'sgoing to happen yet but anyway
you have the day of the lord it startswith the rapture
then the seven years of tribulation thenjesus is coming back
armageddon and he after armageddon he'sgoing to set up his kingdom on earth for
a period of timeand after the millennial reign happens
guess what he's going to dowhat you and i have been waiting for him
to do for so long righthe's going to take satan he's going to
take the demons he's going to take theantichrist he's going to take the false
prophet he's going to take all those whoare mean
and evil and dark and he's going to castthem into the lake of fire and they will
be there for eternity but you and iwe will enjoy our eternity with our
almighty god the god that we worshiptoday
the god that we bow down and the god whodied for us
for eternity we will worship him and wewill have no more evil no more pain no
more sorrowno more death no more darkness no more
looting no more ridingno more cancer no more of any of those
things we will be with him forever he'sgonna wipe away every tearhe's gonna wipe away every tearthat's what the day of the lord when you
read that in your text i need you tounderstand
that the day of the lord is thebeginning of the end
but it will not happen until the churchis gone how many of you realize the
church isn't gone yethow do you know that duh pastor rodney
duhby the way if the rapture happens you
guys can continue without me okaysome of you don't even realize how i
just insulted every one of youif you continue without me it means
you're not saved and you're left behindhey if the rapture happens i hope we're
all going i hope it's an empty buildingamen church
i hope it's an empty building but thefirst one is the day of the lord
and god says the day of the lord willhappen like a thief
so god compares the day of the lord tothe workings of a thief
now you and i we know a little bit aboutthievery we know how thieves work
so let's take what jesus said by the wayin the bible
jesus often use parables what areparables parables
are earthly things to help us understandheavenly things right
he gives us stuff that we understand sothat we can understand heavenly truths
better right we see it all throughoutthe bible
here is not necessarily a parable but itis certainly an analogy
we understand thieves you i think youhave your feelings i think there's
feelings todaylet me give you a couple of things real
quickly like a thief a thief first ofall
a thief strikes swiftlyswiftly typically when a thief breaks
into a homehe doesn't hang around very long does he
he's probably not going to lounge onyour couch
he's probably not going to turn on your65 inch tv and check out netflix
he's probably not going to rummagethrough your refrigeratorhe's got a job to do and what is the
thief going to dohe's going to get in and out of your
house as quickly as he possibly canso when the bible says that the day of
the lord which begins with the rapturehappens like a thief understand that
it's going to belightning fast let me show you what the
word of god says in a momentin the twinkling of an eye at the last
trumpet for the trumpet will soundand the dead will be raised
incorruptable and we shall all bechanged notice what it says
it says in a moment in the twinklingof an eye now how many of you know what
twinkling of an eyeis how quickly that is jack van impe
who's a prophetic preacher said thistwinkling of i don't know where he got
this number but he said the twinkling ofan eye in his estimation
is about 11 100 of a secondmany scholars say that the twinkling of
an eye is much quickerthan the blink of an eye everybody
blinked one timecan we do that in unison can we do it in
unison on three everybody blinkone two threedid i do it did you just let me do it i
did itdo you know how quickly that happened
that's how quicklyquicker quicker than that is how the
rapture is going to happenthe blink of an eye the twinkling of an
eyeand god is going to take away the church
amenand all hell is going to break loose now
maybe some of you say wellman that's a little bit far-fetched
pastor that's a little bit far-fetchedyou know why that's far-fetched for you
because you don't believe in themiracle-working power of god
if you believe that anything the word ofgod says
is far fl far-fetched then you have madegod to be out out to be human and if god
is humanhe is not worthy to be worshipped
because he's a sinner just like you andme
i don't serve a human being in heaven iserve a god in heaven
and he can do whatever he wants to do atany time he wants to do it
so i believe that if god says i'm goingto snatch people away
and i'm going to rapture the church ihave no problem believing that he has
the power to do itit's the same god who spoke the world
in existence you know the bible saysthat the earth hangs on nothingthe earth hangs on nothing
it's not fastened to a wall with a nailand an anchor
it hangs on nothingdo you know why because he has the power
to put it thereand keep it there the same god that
spoke everything into existencethe same god who took the nation of
israel and parted the red seaso that they could walk through on dry
ground is the same god you and i worshipit's the same god who told daniel the
hebrew boy that loved them he said ifyou'll follow me
then i will protect you and they threwhim in the lion's den and those lions
those hungry lions that normally wouldhave devoured anything that fell into
that dead they were like little kittensand god wouldn't let him wouldn't let
either one of them touch danielit's the same god he looked at me shaq
shadrach and abednego the hebrewchildren he says follow me and love me
and and i'll protect you and they threwthose men they threw those boys into
the fiery furnace man and and the biblesays that god
joined them in that furnace and the firedidn't touch them amen church
and when they came out of that fieryfurnace the bible says they didn't even
have the smell ofsmoke on them that's the god that we
servewe serve the god of the new testament
who said father you have prepared a bodyfor me
he left heaven he wrapped himself inflesh and blood he grew up he taught us
everything we need to know about god andwhen he became an adult and he started
his ministrythat same jesus christ that you and i
love today that same god walked on wateramen church
that same god spoke to the waves and thewind and they did nothing but obey him
that same god healed the death heal thedumb raised the dead healed the blind
that same god can heal you todaythat same god said if you destroy this
bodyif you destroy this temple go ahead and
do it and bury me in the deepestsepulcher because the grave can't hold
me three days later i'm going to risefrom the graveand you and i have a problem believing
that he can rapture the churchyou say well pastor i didn't see any of
those miraclesneither did i but i'm convinced every
one of them happenedyou say well i wish i could see some
miracles todaywell open your eyes and you'll see themdo you realize every time you look at a
baby you're seeing a miracleyou can be given all the resources in
the worldyou can be given all the money in the
world you can be deemed the smartest manon planet earthand you still cannot build a baby
you still cannot build a babyonly god is big enough to do that
only god is big enough to createsomething and breathe life into it
only god how about sitting in thescience
in the classroom of science sitting inthe classroom of science do you realize
if you pay attention you knowif we paid attention in anatomy a little
bit more we'd start believing in godbecause we'd say there's no way
evolution produced thatthe human body is too complex listen do
not believe in the foolishness ofevolution
who tries to tell you that we all existapart from god it is a foolishness it is
impossibleto say that all that we have and all the
complexity of our cosmoshappen without a transcendent being that
is a foolish position to takeand make sure you teach your kids that
because the world professors are goingto try to tell them that god doesn't
exist that evolution is how we got hereif you did your studying you would
realize that many evolutionaryscientists many atheistic scientists
have now abandoned evolution they stillwon't believe in god but they've now
abandoned evolution because evolutiondoes not have
a great explanation for all that we haveyou can sit into a you can sit in a
classroomand you can look at the cosmos you can
look look at the complexity of ouruniverse think about it
how many of you know that the earth istilted so many degrees i wish i would
havecould remember this 12 degrees or
something like that i don't rememberit's tilted so many degrees it travels 1
000 miles an hour do you realize thatyou're traveling right now at 1
000 miles per hour anybody dizzywhen you like get frequent flyer miles
on thatwhat keeps us from flying off the earth
a little thing that scientists don'tunderstand is called gravity
they don't understand it you know whybecause they are not open to the
possibility of godwho's incomprehensible so we travel on
the earth that's tilted a thousand milesper hour
do you know that the earth right nowtraveling around the sun
at a certain distance do you know thatwhile the earth is spinning at a
thousand miles per hour traveling aroundthe sun
that the moon is traveling around theearth at precisely
the right pace as precisely the rightdistance
and all of that is happening right nowand if it is off by
one fraction life on planet earthcould not exist so what keeps it from
being off by one fractionwhat keeps it going exactly like it's
supposed to be it isonly godbecause he wants life on this planet and
he wants to have a relationship withtheir life and we are created in his
image amen churchhey let's give god praise church come onso when he comes back he's gonna be like
a thiefthe day of the lord the rapture of the
church is gonna happen number one it'sgonna happen quickly number i'm swiftly
quickly whatevernumber two it's gonna happen
unexpectedlyunexpectedly there are times when you
don't think a thief is going to breakinto your house right you don't think
he's going to break in if you're homeand you've got cars in the driveway
and you're sound asleep in your bedright you even turn on the little
nightlight outside and there's no thiefcoming in here tonight
do you know how many burglaries happenwhile you're lying asleep in your bedthey come unexpectedly well pastor i've
got an alarm system yeah that'll surekeep them outthey know how to disable the alarm i'm
not saying alarm systems are bad i'm notwell i got a dog in the backyard yeah
well he knows how to manage that dog ami scaring anybodyyou see a thief oftentimes comes
when you don't expect him and when godsays
i the day of the lord is like a thief inthe night he's going to come quickly in
the twinkling of an eye but he's alsogoing to come
unexpectedly he's going to come at atime
when you don't think he's going to comeso let me ask you a question
why is everybody running around sayingthat jesus is going to come back at this
date he's going to come back at thattime
why is everybody doing that when thebible says i'm going to come when you
don't expect itanybody ever had a jehovah's witness
knock on your dooryeah let me go ahead and tell you and i
don't mean any disrespect at all toanyone
jehovah's witnesses that is a cultthat is a cult they do not believe the
same things you and i believe in thatbible the major
the major difference is they do notbelieve that jesus christ is god in the
fleshi don't even need to know what they
believe after that because the biblesays he that has not the father has not
the son he who has not the sonhas not the father there's no doubt in
my mind that the word of godpreaches that jesus christ was god in
the fleshhe performed the miracles of god but you
know why i mentioned jehovah's witnesslet me just say this first
i'm not asking you to be disrespectfulto anybody but when you have a jehovah's
witness show up at your door if you'renot very very
very grounded in your faith and youdon't know a little bit about what they
believethen the best thing you can do is
politelysend them on their way because they are
trainedto deceive you they are trained to trip
you up they are trained send them to myhouse tell them that i'm lost and i'm
strugglingand that i i need some help go and send
them to my driveway all right becausei'd love to talk to themyou say we're pastor but they're so nice
and politeyes they are but nice and polite doesn't
meanthat they're not badly wrong
and some of them don't even know thatthey're wrong they believe what they
believe i get all of thati'm just telling you the bible teaches
usto not encourage those people to not
invite them in our homes if we are notprepared
to debate with them in a civil way thenyou need to politely send them on their
waybecause i'm telling you when they knock
on your door the devil is knocking onyour doorand you need to send them on their way
and i will say that unapologeticallyi love them i've had a couple at my door
just a few weeks ago andanyway i do love them the reason i
mention them is thisthere are several reasons why i would
never never evertell anybody that the jehovah's witness
faith is okay several reasons one themain one the deity of christ
they reject hell they reject hey theydon't even celebrate birthdays man
no blood transfusions they don't evencelebrate christmas
holidays they don't go to war i can goon and on about what they believe
but in keeping with what i'm discussingright now do you know on at least three
occasions in the jehovah's witness faiththey have prophesied of the return of
jesus christand they have given the very date the
very day that he was going to come backand guess what
he didn't come backdo you know what the bible says about
anyone who prophesies something thatdoes not come true
the bible says that that is a falseprophet and the bible says in the old
testament you ought to kill themnow i didn't tell you to go kill anybody
i need to make that real cleardon't kill anybody
but when somebody starts telling me thatchrist is going to come back at a
certain time and then he doesn't comeback first of all i'm going to reject it
right from the beginning because thebible says no one knows
it's going to come when you least expectit secondly and then thirdly
i'm gonna know that there are falseprophets when they prophesy something
and it doesn't come trueso number one swiftly secondly
thief in the night the day of the lordis going to come unexpectedly
and i have to hurry the third oneis going to come strategically a thief
will often case your placeright he's going to find out what your
patterns are he's sitting across thestreet in disguise you don't even see
himyou'll see what time you let your dog
out he's going to see what time you goto bed he's going to see what time you
leavehe's going to strategize when he's going
to come back and he's going to come backat just the right time
let me make something very clear to yougod
is going to come back at just the righttime not one minute early
and not one minute late you and i have ajob to do and the bible says we must
work while it is day the night comeswhen no man can work
we have to work for god and when hedecides to come back then he's going to
come backnow having said all of that it's very
importantthat i let you know and i'm going to do
more of this next weekbut jesus did point to some signs
that we can see and look for and when webegin to see
those specific thingsthen we will know that his return is
getting closerand closer and closer but you and i have
to be very careful especially uspreachers
in telling our churches that the lordjesus is coming back this week
that the lord look up your redemption isdrawing not you and i need to be very
careful because i think oftentimespreachers
i think they confuse the sheep more thanthey help them
that is what this sermon series is aboutit's about
educating you on what the return ofjesus christ actually looks like
and when we can i want to say expect itbut it's when we least expect it right
but we can certainly look for the signslet me give you these verses and i'm
donei'm asked philip and uh jen if you will
come on they're going to do the songagain they did earlier
philip your go ahead and start playingthat would be great matthew 16 2 and 3
says thishe replied being jesus when evening
comes you say it will be fair weatherfor the sky is red and in the morning
today it will be stormy for the skiesred and overcast you know how to
interpret the appearance of the skybut you cannot interpret the signs of
the timesmatthew 24 33 says this even so when you
seeall these things you know that it is
nearright at the door
so here jesus tells us when you seeflowers
and the first of the years start tobloom what do you know is comingwhen you see overcast what do you know
is about to happen chancesare and jesus we got a lot of rain
latelyjesus said there are certain things
that when you see those things begin totranspire
you know that the day of the lord isgetting closer and closer
so yes it's okay to say that it'sgetting closer
it's okay but here's my here's myproblem when people start saying those
thingshave you even looked at the signsand that's what we're going to do as a
church we're going to look at the signsthat jesus is talking about
and we're going to draw a good and afair conclusion
about how close the return of jesuschrist is
now everything that's happening in ourworld today
everything is important and everythingteaches us something
i agree with that but let's have someknowledge about who god is let's have
some sense about usbecause some of the things that we say
are awfully confusingto those who haven't surrendered to our
christ our savior yetamen church i want to ask you to stand
with meman it feels like i just started wowi got nine minutes left
evangelistically speaking i got 25minutes leftbut this this morning as we close this
servicei pointed to this song after the
offeringand part of the song says remember who
you're talking toremember the god that the grave couldn't
holdremember the god that raised the dead
healed the death the dumb the paralyticthe epilepticthe one whom cried out
be still and the waves and the windobeyed him
and the one who walked on wateri want you to come this morning and
worship that godbecause that god loves you and that god
is going to come back one day and he'sgoing to rescue you
you may die before the rapture of thechurch the bible says to die is gainbut if you feel in your heart that you
have a god that loves youand that is going to protect you know
the beautiful thing about thetribulation if there is a beautiful
thingi'm not going to be theregod's going to rescue me from all of
that hellhell on earth i want you to think about
this morning as we close our servicewhat the god in heaven has saved you
fromand how good that god is
and if you ever comprehend how good godis
your natural response would it be goodon your knees
and worship him your natural responsewill be to get on your knees and say
thank you godso i'm going to leave it right there
todayremember who you're talking to
remember who you're worshiping rememberthat none of this has caught him off
guard remember that he has not abdicatedhis throne he's still there
remember that all things work togetherfor good for those who love himwill you remember that god today
by coming to the altar and getting onyour knees
and worshiping him who wants to justcome and say thank you god
when i think of the horrors that aregoing to come when i think of those
horrorsgod you're going to spare me from every
single one of themfather i for one thank you god
for who you are i thank you godi always want to remember who i'm
talking tothe god in whom the grave could not hold
the god who walked on waterthe god who hung the stars
on nothing the god who keeps everythingin check
so that life can be sustained the godwho said to the waves and the waters you
can gono further than thisthe god who created every baby and have
has breathed life intoevery childthat's the god we worship that's the god
we come to this altar today and saythank you
you're the god who loves me and i thankyou father
thank you for loving meif god has spoken to you today will you
step out from where you areand come to the throne of grace come to
this altarand simply say thank you god who would
do it todaywho will come to the altar and say thank
you god the altar is nowopen church remember who you're
hey guys thank you so much for tuning into our live
streaming service this morning you couldhave chosen any church
in this county or your county or even inthe world
to listen to but for some reason youchose us and for that we are
extremely grateful i know that i am ipray that you enjoyed the service
i pray that you learn something i praythat you felt the presence of god
wherever you are if it's in your caryour living room your bedroom your
kitchen i pray that the presence of godthat we felt right here in the building
is being felt wherever you aremore so than all of that i pray that god
is doing an amazing work in your heartright now i pray that he is prompting
youto give yourself to him i pray that you
have a desire inside of youto leave the life you have behind to
leave the ungodly friends you havebehind to leave the world behind
that's trying to pull you from god andto get on your knees and surrender
to him it will be the greatest decisionyou have ever made
jesus christ while he was walking onthis earth said that he had come
to give us life and to give it moreabundantly for over 20 years of my life
i have been enjoying that abundant lifeof god he has
healed me he has made me a great man agreat husband a great father
he has done some amazing things in mylife and i give him all the glory
whatever it is you need maybe you needhelp being a father or
a mother or maybe a friend or maybe youhave an addiction or maybe you have
depression or whatever the problem iswhatever the struggle is i promise you
that if you willfully surrender your life to god he will
help youwith that struggle and you can start
right here todaymake the decision that i have made and
hundreds of othersin our sanctuary today make the decision
that has changed their lives in my lifei would never go back i would never go
back and change that decision it was thebest thing i have ever done
god has saved me from hell and given meheaven but he's also
given me great life here and he wants todo it for you today
so if you feel god speaking to you ifyou feel like this is something that you
would love to doif you feel like this is something you
need to do bow your heads with me rightnow
and i'm going to lead you in what iscommonly known as the sinner's prayer
and if you pray this you can pray itsilently in your heart
or you can pray it out loud doesn'tmatter what matters is that you mean it
what matters is that you are sincere andthat you are earnest as you pray
if you feel like you need to receive godinto your life right now will you bow
your headand pray this prayer after me
dear godi want to begin today by admitting that
i am a sinneri admit that i've done many wrong things
in my lifei've heard othersloved ones i've hurt myselfand most of all god i've hurt youtoday i say i'm sorryand i ask you for your forgivenesstoday god i want to start overtoday i want to repenti want to turn my life away from the
worldaway from ungodlinessaway from sin and evil
and darknessand anything and everythingthat tries to pull me away from youand i turn myself god over to youi receive your free gift of salvationi believe jesus died for mei believe that he shed his blood for my
sinsand i believe he's the only way that
i'll ever get to heavenfrom this moment forward god
i receive jesus christ as my saviorand i will strive to live for you every
single daybut i'm going to need your help
and when i stumble along the wayi know god that you stand ready alwaysto forgive me to wipe me cleanand to give me another chancethank you god for saving me todayamen if you have just given your life to
jesuswe want to hear from you first of all
i'd like to say congratulations to youwhat an amazing decision you have just
madewhat we would like for you to do is
please fill out the salvation card foundin the link below
and send an email to the address on thescreen and tell us what god has done for
you here todayemail us if there's something that
myself and my staff can be praying foryou we pray
all the time we love to pray we believethere's there's power in prayer
we are here for you and we want to hearfrom you we pray that god blesses you
and your family this week and we lookforward to seeing you again here next
weekat temple live or maybe right here in
the building we would loveto have you coming if you do make sure
you walk up to me and introduce yourselfalso
like our page on facebook at templerepresents subscribe to our youtube
channelto help us get out into the world to
impact more people for christwe've enjoyed your company today and
look forward to seeing you again i ampastor rodney pierce thank you and never
forget god loves you and sodo we have an amazing day


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