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Iron Gryphon Studio – Ep32 Dungeon Piles o’stuff (scatter terrain for dnd, tabletop wargames)

Are your dungeons looking dreary? im not surprised, cos theyre dungeons…but not all dungeons need to look boring. Maybe you should add some interesting scatter terrain to spice up those encounters.
Dressing up a dungeon can be alot easier than expected sometimes. So why not add to the ambience with good old piles o’stuff. You obviously wouldnt have the same kind of bits available as I did but here are a few ideas for you to enjoy 🙂

And why not check out Angry Stag Wargaming and find yourself some cool dungeon scatter bits like barrels, crates, treasure piles and skulls and more here

Below is a list of a few links to amazon for the products i use in many videos. Not all of the products are used in every video but they can all be found here for your convenience. Feel free to use these links to further support my channel at absolutely no extra cost to you. Please let me know if any of them no longer work and I can get a new link sorted.

A UK link to Amazon for the Proxxon Hotwire table –

A Uk link to Amazon for the Matt Mod Podge –

A UK amazon link for XPS Foam board –

A UK Amazon link for A Balsa Wood bundle pack –

A UK link to Amazon for Wooden Coffee stirrers

A UK link to Amazon for Vallejo Acrylic Earth texture paste

Video transcription:


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