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Welcome back to part 2 of my blind let’s play series of The Dig! Another classic LucasArts point and click adventure game but this time set in space! An asteroid named Attila is on a collision course with the Earth and it’s up to us, playing as Commander Boston Low and our team of experts to destroy it before it destroys the planet! The game runs on the SCUMM game engine, and was the eleventh LucasArts game to do so. A minigame can be found on the communicator menu, consisting of “Asteroid Lander”, a Lunar Lander like game.

In this episode, we start off by headind to Quadrant 3 of Attila and using the Shovel to lift off the Boulder covering the site we need to access! The Boulder flies away and we place Explosive Unit Beta down and use the Arming Key on it! Then we go back to Quadrant 2 and using the Arming Key on Explosive Unit Alpha as well before vacating back to the Shuttle! We radio Borden and tell him to set off the charges and they work successfully! Then we head back to Attila for a surface walk and discover some tunnels in the middle of it! Brink says they can’t possibly be natural and need further investigating! We send The Pig in to provide a light source and find some Projections on the rocks! We use the Zero-G Digger on one and find it’s a Metal Plate!

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The Dig is a point-and-click adventure game developed by LucasArts and released in 1995 as a CD-ROM for PC and Macintosh computers. Like other LucasArts adventure games, it uses the SCUMM video game engine. It features a full voice-acting cast, including voice actors Robert Patrick and Steve Blum, and a digital orchestral score. The game uses a combination of drawn two-dimensional artwork and limited, pre-rendered three-dimensional clips, with the latter created by Industrial Light & Magic.

The game is inspired by an idea originally created for Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories series. Unlike other LucasArts adventure games, which typically includes humor, The Dig took a somber approach to its science fiction motif. In the game, the player takes the role of Commander Boston Low, part of a five-man team planting explosives on an asteroid in order to avert its collision course with Earth. Discovering the asteroid is hollow, Low and two of his team are transported to a long-abandoned complex, filled with advanced technology, on a strange alien world. Low and his companions must utilize xenoarchaeology to learn how the technology works, discover the fate of the alien race that built it, and solve other mysteries to find a way to return home.

The Dig received mixed, but mostly positive reviews, with critics primarily praising its atmosphere and soundtrack. Multiple reviewers said the game’s puzzles were too difficult, and other aspects, such as its graphics, voice acting, and dialogue, received mixed receptions. A novelization was written by science fiction author Alan Dean Foster in conjunction with the game’s development.

The Dig was originally conceived by Steven Spielberg as an episode of Amazing Stories, and later as a film. However, it was concluded the concept would be prohibitively expensive to film. As a result, the idea was temporarily shelved. Eventually, it was decided the story could be adapted into the adventure game format. The initial video game design meeting was held in 1989 at Skywalker Ranch; it included Spielberg, George Lucas, Ron Gilbert, and Noah Falstein, the latter two of whom had created a video game based on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that had impressed Spielberg. Writing is credited to Spielberg, author Orson Scott Card, who wrote the dialogue, and interactive fiction author Brian Moriarty, whose previous LucasArts engagement was with Loom. Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) created some of the CG imagery.

The Dig had by far the longest development time of all LucasArts adventure games. The game’s design team met for the first time at the Skywalker Ranch on the day the 1989 San Francisco earthquake struck. The game was not released until 1995.

TurianShepard is my YouTube gaming channel. I play lots of different games from old classics, to new releases. I’m a huge fan of point and click adventures games and FIFA. If there’s anything you’d like to see me play, drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

Video transcription:

Hi everybody how's it going? Welcome back to The Dig for more point-and-clickadventure game action. We are back where
we left off,we've just placed explosive charge alpha
or explosive unit alpha i should say.Right here
in the second quadrant of the Attilaasteroid
and now we're going to try to place thesecond charge.
Explosive unit beta. So for that we'regoing to have to go down to
quadrant three i believe where theboulder is and i guess we're gonna have
to try and figure out a way of how toget the
boulder out of the way to to do this. Butso far
i'm really enjoying this game. Solet's do it let's do it let's get in
let's play more of it i'm so excitedi love the soundtrack it's so eerie and
atmospheric it's wonderfuli can't wait to see what else is in
store for us with this game right so theboulder here is where we need to put the
charge righti need to plant there's nuke right so
we're gonna have to get that out of theway then
so can we potentiallyuse this as a bit of a lever or a lever
i always say that word differentlyjust to sort of lift it up what's upunder maximum thrust conditions in other
wordswho knows might work hopefully it does
be careful if the handle breaks maximumthrust will smash you right into attila
ohthe glass or the okay hits the stone it
ain't gonna hurt the stonethat's a good saying that is i'm gonna
start using thatfrank if this actually works the boulder
is going to come flying straight at youyes basically get out the wayoh god okay there we go off it goes
hopefully that's not going for thethe tool chest had shuttle shovel in it
my rule isif you can pick it up take it with you
because you never know when you mightneed it
i have the same rule cora but i thoughtit only applied to women in bars
oh my god if you can pick her upcareful ken you don't want to find
yourself getting quoted as the sexistpig in maggie'sthis is really cool uh right so we've
got the surface now so this should begood right
it's where explosive beta should beplaced i love the voice acting as well
it's really gooduh do we have to do the same zero g
digger thing on it toto prep the surface no need the target's
ready for the explosive chargeno we don't okay excellent so let's just
get the chargethe zero g digger is a bit indelicate to
use with explosivesoh well i didn't actually want to use it
with that socan we maybe put that away that could
have gone disastrously wronguh okay let's use it with the surface
then explosive unit betaor beta shuttle this is low
now placing the explosive on the base ofthe asteroid in quadrant three
acknowledged i need another handi get the feeling something's gonna go
wrong i said it in the last episode i'llsay it again
something is gonna go wrong i'm not surewhat it is yet
i'm sure we'll find out shortlyuh do we get the hell out of here then
ori'm guessing we head back towards the
shuttle before detonatingor do we need to use the arming key
what what does that what do we do withthe arming key because we have this
don't wedo we have to arm the yeah actually
let's go back do we haveto arm the the explosives i'm guessing
is that a thinglook at the pretty red light yeah okay
i'd say this charge is armed it's luckywe didn't go back then
remember that from the last episode thatwe had the arming key because i tried to
use it on the pick didn't i thinkuh right let's head back to quadrant two
then we'll arm explosive unituh alpha and then i guess we get to a
safe distance back where the shuttle isbefore we
set off the explosions because we don'twant to be around when these bad boys go
off do weall right let's arm it you guys can
probably head back to be fair thisasteroid has a pair of landing lights
nowstick a fork in us we're done all right
let's get back to your materialcommander
i get it all outactually you get it from the writers of
the game butthat's that's another matter entirely
right let's get back to theshuttle what's that can we no we can't
interact with that it's just stars iwondered if we could
take a look at it or something but wecan't uh
so just head back to the shuttle andwatch attila do the old fire dance
yep there we go okay so far so good thenwe've managed to place the charges we've
armed themwe solved the little puzzle with the
boulder which you know was prettyobvious
because we only had like two items wecould use on it but
uh what do we do now then do wedo we call it in using the penultimate
what's this by the way is this like howwe get down to the surface or something
what the hell is thiswhat is this thrustyou created a new crater on the asteroid
fuel tank destroyed lost 200 kilogramsof fuel
landed destroyeddamn okayoh we have to hold it to do like a frostthing
i'm not really sure what the point ofthis is umreally i don't know if we're screwing
things up by doing thishow do we quit this by the way i can't
actually find a way to quiti'm using like full thrust now to slow
it right downwow it's actually going back up we were
using so much thrust thereokay is this gonna workdid we do it really
what oh my god how do wecheat oh it's a game
all right how do we quit it thoughhow do we come out of the gamewhat how do we come out of the gamehow do we go back i don't want to play
the game anymorei know we destroyed the land there's
simulators are easierwhat how do we quit this what on earth
i'm stuck in itoh god i don't knowokay maybe we have to land it to quitis that a thingwhat do we have to get down to like
literally no thrustis thatthe eagle has landed okay press space to
continueeagle has landedten points received for landing right
okaywhat how do we quit how the hell do we
quit thisthere's pause uh
i literally don't know how to quit thisit doesn't tell me how to get out of
this at alldamn okay i might have to look look
i might have to look this updamnokay mission aborted there we go it was
it was escapeokay god uh jeez all right
well let's umlet's do it thenlet's um exit this
and then we will well i guessset off the charge do we have to ring
miles to do itwhat is it uh here charge nuclear
explosive how can they be so sure thesurface won't be radioactive after the
explosionswell the theory is that without an
atmosphere with so little gravitymost of the radioactive material will be
blasted off into space and almost noneof it will settle in the safe quadrants
but is the theory right hey you're theguy in the cute suit
you tell me when it's all over you'llknow they were wrong if my coffin glows
don't worry boston my baby'smy baby's ready to monitor the
explosions whenever you give him theorder
right okay so we have to give the orderthen uh okayuh boardingcome on back inside for the fireworks
okay we're going back inniceall clear payload all clear
all clearokay off we go i love the cut scenes i
think they're a reallynice touch to this game actually i'm not
always a massive fan of cut scenes inpoint and click adventure games
but it works really well in this one sofar so
i'm all for itokay let's get out of there and set off
the chargesand see what goes wrongwhen do it nowoh they both went offgood or badwhat does houston say againah okay so we can head downlooks like after there surgery
oh be careful kidsattila is more dangerous now than before
we tamed himon earth's new perfectly i'm not making
speeches robertsi'm concerned about keeping everybody
alivecommander i can collect rock samples
laterright now i would like to get below the
surface down into that tunnelwe're gonna do it eventually we might as
well do it nowyou agree robins i'm game for it
i've called the pig we'll send it onahead to light the
oh nice so the peak has a light on it aswell
may collapse at any time that doesn'tsound good
there it goes the pig's very usefulisn't it
all hail the pigwow look at it go this is great
so fari mean i love space things anyway
because as you can probably tell from mymy username for the channel but and the
name of the channel obviously butif you didn't i'm a massive fan of space
things if this is the first playthroughyou've caught and you don't recognize mynameno no it's very ancient yeahthere are some art projections near the
bottom of this tunnel that don't seem tobelong herehuh so there's some sort of tunnel
which doesn't seem to bepart of the like a natural tunnel i
think you're rightthe stone projection isn't naturalthings have got interesting uh should we
make some callsnot playing that game again uh
miles do you know anything about thisi've got some weird stuff down herebut it won't last foreverokay i will uh something profoundbut you're right it isn't the same
okay uh the pig how long will the pighold out as a light source
of time if it starts to run low we canpull my baby up to the surface and let
the solar batteries rechargeokay so it has solar recharging and
stuff that's gooduh can we say anything to bordeni feel like this is probably the type of
game where it's good to constantly chatto all of the members of the
of the crewyeah well i can't tell you how boring it
feels to be up here looking at the sceneall right uh the pig the pigs seem to
hold up pretty well in the nuclearexplosions
yep every now and then the lowest bidderdoes it right
oh god all rightuh and then obviously brink and magia
with us soif we want to talk to them we can just
go upuh the flying pigs down here should we
check on the pig it's the pigapparently he doesn't want to check on
the pigsi've taken pictures of them for analysis
okay uh can we go back upyeah we can all right well let's talk to
robinsonif i clear away these odd stone
formations will there be an articlelater about how i vandalized earth's new
moon within 10 minutes of getting herecommander do you make all your decisions
while thinking about what the press willsay about
i've never had the press with me on amissiontechnically commander i'm not sure we
should call thatthinking that's very rude uh brink
i'm glad we brought doctorhis training is becoming increasingly
importanthe seems to be really enjoying this part
of the missionokay uh the pick everything looks pretty
strangemy dad used to put a flashlight under
his face on halloween and scare theneighborhood kids
it made him look so eerie oldest trickin the book
uh okay let's talk to brink them andthen we'll see if we can do anything
with thisthing down here
can you tell me how stone could be piledup in a tunnel this way
i can't think of any geologicalexplanation for them commander
hmm interesting i wonder if these oddprojections might be covering something
i wish i knew commander yeah thanks forthe input that was really helpful brink
what do you thinkbut she is very capable and she writes
interesting storiessorry we don't have any better light
source than the pig yeah we domy problem isn't lack of light it's lack
of experience with the interior ofasteroids
don't we have our torch or flashlightit's like literally right herecan we do this
you won't do anything okay can we usethe shovel in some way
probably not right there's no way to getleverage with this right okay so we've
got to use the zero gdiggerwell let's see what it iswhatever it isyou've been telling me all along you
just want to be an ordinary member ofthe mission
i've had secret orders all along to lookfor any sign of alien presence on this
rockand now that we've found my instructions
are clearwhat i want to hear from both of you
right now is i understand commanderlo i understand and agree commander
there is nothing to be gained from apremature announcement that's truei understandcome on
you'll receive new communicationprotocols immediately afterwards
oh cool this is like a secret codejust thank cora you're the only one in
congress who knows anything about thishouston says the message is received and
they're transmitting new codesnew codes is them we're getting back to
work down herewell there we go some sort of metallic
platewhich would suggest not necessarily
alien life but someone must have put itthere
um and surely it would be some sort ofalien species so
are we gonna discover aliens living inthe asteroid or something like that
has it come from another world as like aweapon
um is there some sort of you knowbiological weapon
in the metal or something i don't knowit's um it's all very interesting but
that's going to do it for this episodeso as always guys
thank you very much for watching makesure you hit that subscribe button and
the notification bell if you or justhaven't already done so
and i'll see you all next time


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