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Injustice 3.3: How To Get FREE Arkham Knight Batman//iOS & Android 2020

Hello guys
What’s up i made a new shop injustice shop because the old one got copyright so this is the official shop for my channel and don’t worry about t-shirt that include the cards it’s just to remove the copyright so no worry you will get the characters in your injustice account i hope you like it watch the video to get the coupon code to get the character for FREE
and i put 10 items in stock from Arkham Knight Batman so be hurry before it out of stock, have fun all!
The Shop Link:
for the ppl who made order don’t forget to (make it direct after you watch the video)

If u like to buy your private account or coins or characters its very cheap
Click on the link below

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#Arkham Knight Batman

Reverse Flash

Injustice Gods Among Us
Challenge Booster Pack
Nth Metal Pro Pack
Nth Metal Pack
Nth Metal Ultimate Pack
Gear Locker
Gold Booster Pack
Blackest Night The Flash
Batman Ninja Batman

Video transcription:


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