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“I’ll Remember Next Time” synth jam featuring Moog Matriarch and Make Noise 0-Coast

#moogmatriarch #synthjam #fakejazz

I spend time sound designing and writing various part ideas at the same time. The tone to me, suggests the part. Get a basic form in my mind of maybe where it’s generally headed, and then improvise my way through that. Writing a “B” section is something I like, so I usually have that ready to go to when the timing feels right but in this case, I thought the weird little “B” section I had come up with would also make a good intro. So this piece starts off in F minor for the B section build, then drops down to E minor for the most of the tune until I bring that B section back where it felt like it needed change.

There’s a lot more playing in this jam than I normally do (is this some kind of hypno-synth-jazz?). In fact, I try to be conscious of balancing actual playing with sound manipulation (i.e. knob twiddling) because I find that too much of one or the other gets boring to me as a listener. But in this particular instance, it just came out being more playing oriented.

I’m really trying to understand the gear better and figure out how i can bring my feel to it, and that’s been the point of doing these. To challenge myself to think outside of my normal approaches and to improvise inside a vague framework.

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Video transcription:


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