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If Foxy Was the Phone Guy (Animated)

For the COPPA, this animation is a parody of game that is rated for teen and over.

“Have you ever wondered what would happen if Foxy was the Phone Guy? No? Well I’m going to show you anyway (EthGoesBOOM).”

Here’s a full version of If Foxy was the Phone Guy, including all 5 episodes. I wasn’t proud of the music so I had to reduce the reverb and replace tracks with software instruments. Don’t worry, there are still real instruments. I hope you enjoy.

Drawn in Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS4
Animated in Flash CS4
Mixed in Logic Pro X
Finalized in iMovie

EthGoesBOOM as Foxy
Design from Toy-Bonnie
Plush Cameo
Original Video

– “Five Nights at Freddy’s” by The Living Tombstone
– “Battle Theme” by Leon Riskin (FNAF World)
– “Just Gold” by MandoPony
– “Noticed” by MandoPony
– Freddy’s Stupid Song” by EthGoesBOOM
– “Stay Calm” by Griffinilla
– “Polka Waltz” by me
– “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home” by Arkady Ostrovsky
– “Don’t Bother Me by George Harrison (The Beatles)

Five Nights at Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon


Video transcription:

Uhh,Hello?Hello, Hello?Oh hi!My name be Foxy the Pirate Fox.And welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.Now I’m calling to inform you of one thing…You’re f**ked!That’s just it.You’re f**ked!I know that you thought you were applying
to be a security guard,to watch over our lovely pizzeria during the
night.But the truth is,you just walked into a living nightmare!My friends Bonnie and Chica—eh, you know the,rabbit and chicken on the stage.There gonna start moving toward your office.And if they get in,they’re gonna stuff you into a Freddy Fazbear suit,which will kill you,instantly.Now I know that sounds like a stressful thing
to worry about on your,first night on the job.But we like to have a little fun around here,at your expense!Ha ha ha ha ha!have fun!Uhh,Hello?Hello, Hello?You’re still alive!?
What the hell!?I thought Bonnie and Chica would destroy you.Well, I guess if you want something done right,
you gotta do it yourself.I’m coming for you tonight.I’m gonna sprint out of my Pirate Cove,straight into your office
and TEAR YOUR HEAD OFF!I’m coming for you buddy.Okay,
this is starting to get annoying!How you would able to stop me from getting
into the office?I’m the might Foxy the Pirate Fox,
that’s it!We’re sending the big cheese after you tonight.Freddy coming for you this time,
Ha ha!And I assure you,you won’t stop him!Oh and uhh,
just a little tip for ya:Uh, you should close both doors,keep booth lights on,and check the cameras at all times.I know that sound bad because you be,
using a lot of power you know,but, it actual fact.We use a little reverse psychology.And using the power is actually the right
thing to do around here.Trust me.Alright buddy,I’ll be seeing you very soon.Okay, it’s night four,
and you’re still alive.*sigh*You know what,
that just fine.We’re gonna be more aggressive tonight,and we’re gonna beat you by the end of this
week.You still got two more nights to go pal,and let me just tell you that–Foxy.Freddy?What do you want?I hear that you’ve been a naughty boy
and you’ve been helping the security guard.No I haven’t,
I’ve been trying to intimidate him.Foxy,you broke the rule.Now you got to pay the price.No Freddy, you don’t understand.Freddy,
what are you doing?Stop it, Freddy!No,
NOOOOOO!Freddy killed me last night.But no matter,now I’m more powerful than you could possibly
imagine.I’m gonna come into that office,and I’m gonna cut your head off,and–Ow!I just stubbed my ghost toe!Are you freakin kidding me!?
I didn’t even know it was possible!Ow, it hurts so much!God damnit!Well, Congratulation!You survived all five nights!Hope you’re freakin proud of yourself!Bonnie cried himself to sleep last night!You crushed all our dreams…Asshole!


ethgoesboom,foxy the pirate fox,bonnie the bunny,chica the chicken,freddy fazbear,five nights at freddy’s

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